one and a half weeks have passed since we installed the front system in Mo’s car We also installed an amplifier, as well as the head-unit What we will do in part 2 now is the complete trunk compartment installation It won’t be a “show” installation but one that will make use of the complete trunk but suitable for everyday use Now I’ll show you what we will install into the trunk and we will think about a little concept for that Mo! Last time we have already installed your whole front-system and we just put everything loosely in here for now so that your front system can settle in Now we will take everything out again because we have to install two 12″ subwoofers 2 amplifiers, 2 capacitors and a sound processor so let’s just start to uninstall everything When uninstalling cables, it is important to label everything properly so you know exactly which cable is for which speaker. Especially for fully-active installations Of course we’ve had a thought or two about this and have chosen the appropriate cables for this purpose But so you don’t run into troubles whenever something needs to be uninstalled – e.g. in the workshop – everything should be labeled properly Here we have TT for the woofers HT for the tweeters and MT for the mids Like this or at least similar is how the arrangement in our trunk will look like The arrangement is somehow predetermined due to the fact, that we need the volume of the spare-tire section and everything will have to be raised as well and well be encompassed into a single floor in order to have a big even surface top in the end which will be up here approximately You then won’t be able to see the installation unless we take out the top board. Then we will be able see the whole system So for now we have to have a look how much volume we have and how we have to build the enclosure so we are able to position the subwoofers properly and then “dock” the amplifiers to both sides But first: the volume! Mo! We will now visualize everything on our nice blackboard I will start by sketching what we are going to construct We have our trunk here. I’ll try to do it in a 3D view Basically it looks like this as far as the surface area is concerned and then here we have our spare-tire compartment which’s shape has these roundened sides What we will do now Well yes, this the lower side with the floor of the compartment and this is where you would screw the spare-tire in We will now build an enclosure out of wood, which will have these base dimensions Well this looks a bit strange – it’s supposed to be a 3D view In this area only the magnets will extend into, so we basically have an enclosure I have measured the maximum depth which are 12cm meaning we will build side walls with 12cm height I don’t know! Can you recognize this somehow? Yeah something like that! This is the wooden box with … the floor where we will cut a hole here to get a bit lower There we will just install a piece of wood on top in the end which will be properly screwed and glued so everything will be nicely sealed By this I have left out this little mound And now we will build one board which is on top of all this and that will be the floor of the second part of the enclosure that we will construct and then there will be another board on top of the whole thing where we will installe the two woofers, once here and another one here and the magnet will extend into here And here we then have our first volume – I’d say approximately 15 to 20 liters but we need 60 liters for both subwoofers approximately 30, 31 or 32 liters for each sub an we will get the missing volume from the top part of the enclosure Depending on how high we dimension the upper sidewalls of the enclosure we can vary our enclosure’s volume In the end we will install the amplifiers Here we will have a gap to the side wall of the wheel-housing and here as well. Here we will install the amplifiers we will construct a bracket so that they are angled a little bit, so it looks cool Then they’ll just lie in there like this Also the cabling will be routed beneath everything, or at least beneath the top board where the subwoofers will be installed and then we will also construct a top board which covers the whole installation so everything looks clean and you don’t see any cables just the installed components which is cool And then we will have another board which really covers everything just with two holes so the subs can “breathe” properly to keep the trunk suitable for everyday use You can put beer crates in there, no matter how It will be exactly like you were used to up to now And when you are somewhere and want to show people what you have. You just take the top board and put it aside Everything is awesome and nicely layed out So let’s get to work! We have now finished cutting the parts for our trunk subwoofer enclosure I can now show you how this is going to look once it’s finished We have our hole here for the cutout of the mould in the spare-tire compartment We will close that at the end Here we have all our sidewalls Mark will screw and glue them properly afterwards Then we have the lower – or actually middle – board it will have the actual heigth of the trunk floor There will be one big hole so it works a combined enclosure volume and then we have our sidewalls of the upper enclosure part which will be mounted like this And this is then the board on top of all of this It will get two big holes for the two subwoofers And then we have our corpus with approximately 60 liters for our two subwoofers The box is completed so far we will now do some detailling work If we have two woofers in there, there is one big oscillating surface we will have to silence that And we will do so by putting these slats in there to stabilize everything We will glue those in with Ponal which gives a strong connection Then this cannot oscillate so much anymore And also – because the surface between these two holes is also very narrow – so it cannot break And additionally we will seal the enclosure from the inside, just in case there is a narrow gap that we missed so far so it is completely sealed Because these is a sealed enclosure It’s called sealed enclosure because the enclosure really needs to be sealed and enclosed In there the two subwoofes will play really nice and firmly We need to rotate it a little more Ok this needs to be removed on this side as well Apply spray glue to the whole surface once on the carpet Done! And then once our “corpus delicti” While it is still wet Wait a minute! We have to do it this way! Directly on top and then apply it avoiding bubbles or wrinkles Voilà! A subwoofer enclosure which we will now put into the car Now we will probably have to flip the back-seats If this doesn’t fit Oh, we forgot to check one thing! We are idiots! And we actually got really fortunate. How lucky can you be Back there we do not have to add something. I said at the beginning that we need to be careful there And now this actually fits like a glove. everything where it should be Yep! This looks clean! Doesn’t it? At least for now Now we have something neat. We are going two install two Rockford powercaps and in order to have them perfectly visible in a “show” state we have built a small “shoe box” where the cap will be installed and the adapter board is going to be placed on top of this and the cap is just perfectly fitting and lying in there The cables may exit to the left and the right This will all be painted black afterwards and I’m sure it’s going to look “tasty” once it’s done Now we already very far in our progress We have already installed our side parts The whole bass enclosure is already installed properly which we have already carpeted This is how our “foundation” looks like. Already quite neat! We have properly adapted the wooden side-parts which will enclose the caps. Like this one already in there. And an amplifier will also be installed on the side. Where do we have an amp? Thank you. That’s the 1800 which will be installed here It will be installed on the side like this and of course gets a nice mounting bracket That’s a bit of a tight fit And this is how it will be positioned once we are done And also the black painted wood below already looks kind of neat. Just like it’s supposed to be this way We are now building the cover panel for the actual show installation. We will just open up a few spots to make each component visible Where we will add another board on top to hide everything This is actually a sh*tty adapation process right now. There’s nothing ready-made available for that and also no template so you have to adapt that step-by-step. Copy contours and so on. You might be able to use the original trunk carpet as a template But the original trunk carpet is sitting lower and we are going farther up with the trunk base level and then we have completely different contours than we had before So there is no “recipe” for that other than small sh*tty adapations Let’s cut a bit away right there We will have to cut away a bit right here. It’s already quite hard behind as you can see and once we have carpeted this piece afterwards the carpet will cover a whole lot Meaning you can easily get away with a little gap right here Once the carpet is on there, you won’t see anything of the gap An we will now trace the contour here and cut this away then this whole thing will move a little more to this side and I think we then should be quite near the end result There we have to remove a bit and also here And once more! Well there it’s still a bit tight. We can cut away another piece because once the carpet is on this will add another 2mm per side and then we would have a hard time taking this piece out Well actually you only take this out if you have to access your installation The other plate won’t be as big as this one But you can already see that this is going to be suitable for everyday use Hey now this thing slips in easily. Oh my god! It’s almost perfect. Look at this! Over there it’s not quite as how I would want it but… 16.1 48.6 That’s our center point And now it’s about getting this… It’s somewhere back there I’m already very far up. Have a look where the sub is! I have to keep this small. I have to make a small cut, so you can see everything but I have to keep in mind that there is a perspective to this meaning that I will see nothing of the first membrane or the suspension but I will see everything of the other meaning I’ll have to go back a bit with a smaller cut It would look cool if the board is sitting right here on this spot so it’s cut out exactly here Because then I don’t have the effect if my board is farther up then I get some perspective. It would be zero if it is directly overlying So let’s just try to get farther down with this to directly rest on the other board That’s what I just wanted to do. The other board was resting directly on top just now. On these pieces If we cut that away… I need a screwdriver… flex, saw… Well. Let’s see how this looks! Once the woofer is cut out Oh boy. This is fiddling to get this in! Damn! This goes on top of that So, now we have… Essentially it’s fitting OK it even fits on the outer line … … even though we went 1.5cm to this side it still fits well not exactly but this wasn’t the correct distance I hope it’s clear to you, what this is about. Now we just do some detailling work We aren’t as far away from the suspension as I had thought we have to expose the suspension otherwise it will hit the board when playing Therefore the circle has to be enlargened bit by bit It won’t be that critical contour-wise once the carpet is on there You can slowly approximate to the right spot It will still look awesome, no matter how detailled you work this out well actually it’s already kind of fitting. If you look at it like this that’s another cm we don’t have to go as far over there but afterwards you’ll have the problem.. ..this problem is always there when you look at the trunk from behind and you have a distance to something than you’ll see through somewhere below and it looks like you made a mistake when cutting it out, when in fact it’s perfect. Just the perspective is different But we don’t care. Mo has already cleaned up everything. We will call it a day now! That’s what it is! Day #3 at we are still working on Mo’s special installation and we are already quite far in the process actually it’s only day two and half. We only worked half a day today and this is how our trunk looks at the moment we have positioned the caps nicely here on the side the Rockford caps are also in the corners We have attached the Mosconi 6to8 processor and we have installed our woofers here nicely What we now need for the small “show effect” Olli has grabbed something out of his bag of tricks for that And I think I needed round-about two and a half hours. Right Mo? Two and a half hours! For this board It looks easy but it has to be adapted on each and every corner and once more adapted, cutted and grinded And now it looks like this. I’ll show you right away why these parts down here are now there Because, once we lift this inside .. let’s put it in .. then it looks like this and we now have here the cut-out for the labels of the amps, maybe you can see that, and see what’s below And now we have the second right below here so you can’t see below the subs. We now have a clean finishing and this looks awesome now also all the contours are now perfectly fitting We now have to do the carpenting And below there and there we will install some LED lighting and the same thing on the other side and then this looks awesome as hell! For detailling the surface, we will round the edges of this ring, where you will then see the subwoofer We’ll do this using a router With a big rounded router bit, that will remove exactly this shape along the bearing meaning with the bearing – nothing bad can happen – and we just route this along the complete edge for both rings then this looks nice and round once we have put the carpet on And now Mo is coming with the vacuum cleaner and off we go! Turn it on! Now we will do the carpeting of our base board using our Würth power spray glue First we do the acoustic cloth Then we can place the upper side directly on top nothing will stick by it’s own and then we spray the whole surface For now we really just care about the surface and all the angled edges which we have cut before We don’t need to wait for a long time This cloth really is “breathing” actively simply lift the board up flip it and place it on top Centered! Done! And now we apply glue to the inner parts from the other side Making sure we have enough cloth and glue in there and also all the other edges we will just fold everything over here Then we can really pull the cloth it will then fit into all the corners here and can be pulled in here then we don’t have to cut edges Now we can then fold this over to the inside and pull everything And really pull firmly Up to now I haven’t made a single cut! I just pulled the whole cloth to the inside I will just cut the whole extra cloth afterwards This is how it’s supposed to look! This needs a bit of force but It looks awesome afterwards And what do we do now? Now we will cut the edges with approximately.. .. 2 to 3cm distance from the edge Then it looks like this! You can already see how good this spray glue does it’s job! Power spray glue from Würth! You can buy this in our webshop! and the spray glue this stuff is really amazing I wouldn’t save money on that! You hopefully just glue this once and then it stays where it’s supposed to be! so therefore I really pay attention to use high quality products And now we have cut around the frame Now, how do you make such incissions? We don’t want to get any wrinkles or something like that! We now do the following: Push it away for once! Then we stretch it and pull it back in afterwards! Now I have a lot more material to work with I almost have all the material in the sides here! And I’m already flush with the backside Now I will cut it from below and then I can.. ..pull this the way I need it cut that right here a little then it wraps around completely It’s just important to don’t cut any further than.. ..than you can see from above. If you can see the cut, this looks stupid! We are pros! So we will do it in a way that it doesn’t look stupid! Pull! Pull! Pull! Now i have the cloth all over the edges. You won’t be able to see anything afterwards And now we cut a bit more here and pull it over Done! The same is the case for all the other openings For the big openings.. we just simply cut a cross in here and then we push everything slowly upwards Because this is has a round cut, we have a lot more material to work with on these openings From above it looks like this! But we can really do everything from below and we cut a little bit here as well but never cut directly to the edge and then we can pull it to where we need it You can leave a few longer lashes if you want because after all they are holding the whole thing together If i cut it too short I will lose the adhesive force And then it looks like this! And then we can install this once – just for fun! Give it a try! That looks really neat for now! You can recognize everything nicely. The Rockford labels. This is visibile.

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    mfg Dennis

  43. diese Videos sind immer wieder sehr geil anzuschauen… der Olli (die anderen natürlich auch 😉 ) scheint richtig Ahnung zu haben von dem was er dort tut…und die generelle Verarbeitung von den Dingen gefällt mir auch richtig gut!!! 🙂

  44. In der 8 minute sprachen Sie vom Abdämmen der Basskiste, meine Frage dazu welchen Mittel benutzen sie dafür?

  45. Ich glaube nach dieser 3D Darstellung das der Olli nicht so gut in Geometrie war haha, trotzdem gutes Video, daumen hoch

  46. Könnte man anstatt der Oberen Holzplatte die zur Abdeckung dient eine Plexiglasscheibe benutzen? Oder ist diese zu instabil oder könnte diese unangenehme Geräusche verursachen ?

  47. Hallo zusammen erstmal tolles Video 🖒 will mir genau das gleiche in mein golf4 selber nachbauen, habe aber noch ein paar Fragen dazu.
    Habt ihr noch die masse für die bassbox?
    Wurde die bassbox an der Karosserie befestigt wenn ja wie ? und muss man zwischen Metall und Holz was zwischen machen um klappern Geräusche zu umgehen?

  48. Geht das nicht auch mit Glasfaserplatten? Würde einiges an Gewicht sparen. Das Holz wiegt sicherlich einiges.

  49. Guten morgen

    Habe da mal eine frage was sind das für Subwoofer Durchmesser und wo kann ich mir am besten das Volum berechnen welchen Programm.

    Mfg Sven

  50. habs mit untertiteln geschaut und bei 22:20 fast vor lachen meinen kaffee verschüttet. zitat "da kann eigentlich gar nicht mehr passieren und wir ziehen jetzt einfach eine nase" wahahah

  51. Hi olli ich habe eine frage zum boden: wie habt ihr das mit der unebnen reserveradmulde gelöst? Reicht da wirklich nur ein Loch im unteren Boden des Sub gehäuses?
    Lg chris

  52. Hallo ihr lieben, vielen Dank für dieses Video, es erleichtert mir mein Vorhaben sehr. Eine Frage habe ich dann doch noch… kann man am Ende die Öffnungen der Bässe die den Blick von oben auf den Woofer frei geben mit ner Plexiglas Scheibe wieder zu machen? Oder einfach noch ne Holzplatte oben drauf schrauben? Mir geht es nur um einen guten sound, ich muss das Zeug nicht jedem Zeigen. Ich hatte sowas schon ein mal in meinem S3 bei dem sich immer wieder Kleinigkeiten in dem Bass angesammelt hatten, oder ich Probleme hatte meine Einkäufe ein zu laden, ohne dass was auf den Woofer kommt. Oder Braunen die Bässe dann Die Luft nach oben um ordentlich zu drücken?

  53. Nice job and very well explained, it is good learnig lesson for absolute beginners and for enthusiasts with some experience too. Thank you ! PS luck there are subtitles available 😉 Cheers !

  54. Hallo ich möcht gern im Lkw etwas mehr Sound haben mit einem oder zwei aktiv wofern ist dies möglich wenn ich von einer Batterie Strom hole

  55. Hey ARS 24, wenn man noch eine Abdeckplatte über die Subwoofer baut ist das doch schlecht für den Bass bzw verursacht starke Vibrationen auf der Abdeckplatte oder? Da der Sub ja die Luft in Bewegung versetzt? Oder sehe ich das falsch.?

    Eure Videos sind echt Super danke das ihr euch dafür so viel Zeit nehmt 🙂

  56. idioten vor dem herren muhaaa ihr habts echt drauf hauptsächlich dreck auf der kniescheibe. da frag ich mich doch warum andere sich so viel mühe geben um eine box zu berechnen und ihr macht das aussem ff. naja facebook is ja zur unterhaltung da gut gelacht

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