SOUTHERN PALM BEACH COUNTY. THE U-S-T-A NATIONAL CLAY COURT CHAMPIONSHIPS WILL BE PLAYED AT DIFFERENT SITES FOR SEVERAL DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS. THE 12 AND UNDER GIRLS COMPETITION IS TAKING PLACE AT THE POLO CLUB IN BOCA RATON. 128 OF THE BEST GIRLS IN THE NATION ALONG WITH 64 DOUBLES TEAMS ARE COMPETING FOR A NATIONAL TITLE. AND WHAT BETTER AREA TO HOLD THESE CHAMPIONSHIPS IN THAN WHAT IS QUICKLY BECOMING ONE OF THE TENNIS CAPITALS OF THE COUNTRY. 3 Jean Mills – Tournament Director (:15) – The impact is many many of the players end up moving to Florida because they see the courts, they meet the coaches, they understand the academy’s and they understand the opportunities that you have in Florida that you don’t have anywhere in the country. The best players in the United States are training in this state. 3

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Dennis Veasley

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