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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Girl playing basketball impaled by Middleton fieldhouse court”

  1. this happened in 2016 ? I couldn't care less. What happeend in 2018? anything as exciting as this droll news. poor jock who cared?

  2. News:the wood is guarded by two trash cans untill the wood peace is replaced.

    Trash cans:we will guard you Mr.wood until you are escorted out.

    Me:wow those are the best guards ever.

  3. happen at a hall i was like 20yrs ago kids was sliding on their knees and shins and a kid got impaled the same way while on his knees and shins

  4. this was like 3-4 years ago but i just gotta say, the way she stopped sliding when she got impaled….

  5. and if the boards had been sticking in her organs then they just pulled her off it and cause more damage. wow so smart. what a bad story telling job u stupid news channel.

  6. This is why I didn't sign up for basketball because in my district we have this kind of wood and straight up a few of the boards broke

  7. I am guessing the school was saving money by not having the floor resealed each year. It looked painful I hope she is okay.

  8. Saw a story many years ago about this same thing and the board penetrated so deep it cut the guys artery and he bled out and died, right there on the court in a few minutes.

  9. Yeah right, that girl was a vampire, and the basketball court floor was possessed by Van Helsing, and he was just doing his job.

  10. Thats it …..try playing on a pitch mixed with sharp rocks. Our courts in trinidad are deadly. They're basically a bumpy road

  11. I was Impaled by a branch on my bottom left part of my stomach near the abdomen I had stitches idk how many when it was over I couldn't even remember what was happening I blacked out.How it happened was I fell and slipped of my theas tree and luckily I got a grip on something so it didn't go to deep to come out on the other side and I was 4 or 5 at the time but It didn't stop me for climbing trees I got hurt lots of times but I continued and when I told kids this they called me stupid and I felt sad so I stopped climbing and now I'm 11 I have not a lot of food so I'm often very weak and can barely walk around I still put effort to doing some of my daily thing just not my love for climbing

  12. If that happened to my kid, I’d be furious, He’ll, any of us would. Her mom was the coach & I imagine she feels pressure from her employer to not seek legal action & that’s sad because I imagine that plank on the floor had been a neglected problem for quite some time.

  13. Well if no one else wanted to impale her atleast the floor was kind enough to give her that wood she craved

  14. Talk about a Final Destination sorta situation…just not as Rude Goldberg-y.
    But I'm glad she's okay and doing well.

  15. Reminds me of when are school needed to redo the turf on the football field because people were breaking ankles

    The way she slides across the ground only to came to a fast halt, is an image burnt into my head, that I don't think I'll ever be able to wash out!

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