Oh, stop me! He’s in, right? – You’re crazy!
– He did it.( music playing )If you’ve ever watched
unboxing videos on YouTube, you know how fun it is
to watch people open boxes. But what you don’t see
is people inboxing. This is YouTuber and
contortionist Sofie Dossi. – Link: Oh.
– Oh, gosh. Now, I’m told
that you can get in stuff. – Yes.
– Can you get in that? – Yep.
– Okay, let’s see it. Ooh, that way? – What?
– ( laughing ) No! What? – Oh, my goodness.
– Okay, that’s better. Are you hurting? Sofie, muffled:
Nope, not at all. Golly. Well do you
wanna come out? Because– – Sofie: Sure, why not?
– Okay, yeah. Wha– What? Gosh. Oh, wow. Feel like I should
be in sweats or something. I am having sweats. Can you get in this? Oh, she’s backing over again. You know, you could’ve
just squatted. All right, get the hose
and the Betta fish. We have a pretty simple process and can you get out of that? She’s alway–
she always– she always does that. Just boop? Doesn’t feel like
the most efficient way, but… Your toes are still out. I’m not trying to be picky. Oh, gosh, look at what– – Link: Yep.
– ( Rhett groans ) There you go.
She’s still smiling. – I don’t understand.
– That’s part of it, man. Okay. This is actually the drum case for the drummer
for Whitesnake. You wanna travel
with Whitesnake? – They’re great.
– She just can’t hear you. – Oh, oh.
– I can’t really hear that– – Have you heard of…
– ( together ) Whitesnake? No. ♪ Here I’ve been again
on my own ♪ Oh, goodness, okay. Can you get in that? It’s a nice–
It’s a nice shopping bag. We can zip this one closed. ( Link groaning ) There it happened. That one over there
and then put it together. You wanna go to IKEA? ( muffled )
Yeah. Wonder if we returned her
to IKEA, how much money we cold get. We could take her
to LL Bean, but they just did away
with their whole
return policy. Right. Oh, she’s doing something new. – Oh, gosh.
– Her foot is… She’s still alive. Oh, wow, she did it again. I mean,
I’m just being real. I think I could’ve done that. Now put your arms back. – You can do it, Link.
– And lean back. You’re like–
You’re 17% of the way there. ( screams ) Ow, stop me! He’s in, right? – You’re crazy!
– Yeah, he’s in. There’s an easier way. ( groaning ) ( Rhett grunting ) Link:
No! No! ( screams ) – Mm.
– Mm. All right, here we go. We put a yoga mat in there ’cause we wanted this
to be comfortable. Yeah, so it’s a nice flight. Yeah, because we are– yeah. We are sending you somewhere. Oh, gosh,
she’s going sideways. Oh, yeah. – Okay?
– Yep. Here we go. Better to be much easier to… You got any special requests? Any place
you’ve been dying to go? Uh, Costa Rica. Be sure to follow Sofie
on Instagram and Twitter @Sofie Dossi. She’s going to Costa Rica now. ( Link grunts ) Sofie: Okay, bye! – Bye, Sofie.
– Sofie: Bye. Keep watching because we’re
gonna help a young man check off a bucket list item.This black GMM mug
is sleek and smooth
like a flirty hairdo.Get yours at mythical.store.

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  2. I'm positive they had a safe word, but even the thought of them not having one made me SO nervous, ha. Even knowing this is something she does all the time I got anxious seeing them zip up the bags! Super cool episode! definitely one I couldn't use to fall asleep, haha.

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