What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we’re playing Giant Table Tennis! 1 set to 11 Loser has to crawl under the table Let’s go Good luck! 0-0 Wrong way! Wow! That was pretty nice! What was that serve!? That was a bit different! I wasn’t expecting that. Wow! Nice! So close! Well guys, thanks for watching! Subscribe right here There is also a ball You should probably also go under these The viewers want to see you go under one I don’t think they do!

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Giant Ping Pong”

  1. Get about 45 more tables like that, dismantle the legs, and use bigger balls and rackets and there you go. I think I’ll call it ‘tennis’

  2. Otto: Well Played

    Miikka: Wins the Match at a Regular Match

    In Giant Ping Pong

    Miikka: Good Luck

    Emil: Wins

  3. How do i know that u two are not giants from alternate dimension who brought lawn tennis court to play table tennis🤔

  4. Haben wir auch einmal gemacht. Ich denke, das ist auch eine gute Übung für Anfänger, die Fehlerquote dürfte doch nicht so frustrierend hoch sein. Bin natürlich kein Trainer, vielleicht sieht ein Trainer das anders. Auf jeden Fall macht es Spaß, wir haben viel gelacht.

  5. Ебать, подарите мне 1 ракетку и пару шариков, теннисный стол у меня есть)

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