Hi. I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite.
Every day I hunt down a different huge deal for the wonderful people like you who subscribe
and keep me employed. The deals I find are not often items I share on TV or USA Today.
And the deal which I found today which is not a paid product is a one day only deal
Wednesday April 29th – Nike Shoe Bargain Blitz. Now if you’re watching after the fact, at
the end of this video I’ll show you how to subscribe and get my big deals in advance.
Yesterday or the last time you saw me here I had these 80% off JBL docks for $39 so I’m
constantly finding big deals. The deal that I want to show you right now is an all-encompassing
Nike sales price drop. You’ll save anywhere between 40 and 60% with free shipping across
the board. Let’s start with these Nike zooms… 60
percent off and 41 dollars down from 104. This is for women with different size options
and free shipping. The flex runs… one of the most popular designs
is 40 down from 80 also with free shipping. And since I tweeted this next deal… it’s
attracted a lot of traffic. The Nike free run 2 for guys… 45 down from 90.
Most sizes available at the time I’m recording this video. Foot locker is selling the exact
same shoes
for $110!! Even something like the lunar eclipse 3’s
are 59 percent off and 55 dollars down from the 135 original price with free shipping.
All of the deals that I just showed you are located right under this video window. I have
a bonus deal listed there as well. What else can I tell you? At least while I’m recording
this, there are many size and color options available. That will change. If you’re watching
this later in the day, this deal will deplete. If it does, I’m sorry, I wish I could control
the sale but I will hunt down big deals like this for you moving forward. If you like what
you saw, feel free to give me a thumbs up. That helps me more than you will possibly
know. Also, which shoes did you like? What else do you want to save money on? Tell me.
I’ll improve. Thank you so much for watching and as promised, here’s how to get all of
my big deals moving forward. Click that subscribe button. There’s also a wheel beside that subscribe
button. Make sure you have “send me updates” checked. That will ensure you get an email
notification every time I post a huge deal right here!

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  1. Love this channel!!!!I've bought a few deals because of you, and they've all been great!!! Keep it up!

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