Good day to everyone! Today I was playing and testing Gewo rubber EL Pro 53 Hard This is the best series from Gewo and Therefore it’s made out of the best components, materials and I’d say that it’s really a good quality rubber I didn’t find any flaws that it could have. From the first time I was really suprised by the equipment we got im terms of, it was really high quality, good performance speed, spin I was really suprised in a pleasant way The first thing I’ve noticed that it had some kind of springy sponge with kind of catapult effect and with really good spin I didn’t have any problems playing anything I want In comparison to the rubbers I usually use, at daily basis i would say that I didn’t find any differences in terms of speed, spin I played like with my own racket, my own rubbers that I use normally. Let’s talk about control I had really fun time and it was easy to adjust to every ball, even during the play I was able to correct my play and put it on the table, so I didn’t have any troubles (Producer) says that it’s hard. It’s harder than normal rubbers, but I wouldn’t say it’s like chinese hard rubbers In comparison to previous reviews it’s much softer but we tested chinese, classic, hard rubber I think this rubber is a bit of way more? and you can to feel it on your racket but maybe it’s just my subjective opinion I would say that this rubber is overall good performing equipment and you can use it for whatever purpouse Of course we all are offensive players, attackers but i didn’t have any problems blocking, pushing short, pushing long with service or receive. Top spin was really lot of fun Like I mentioned before, at the beginning, in terms of quality I didn’t find any flaws and kind of the same with playing, it performs really well, maybe I should have tested it for a week or 2 weeks or a month and then see how it can withstand abuse of training everyday or even more So Gewo please, send some more samples 🙂 If you want to play on a really high level, use the whole power of the rubber on a better level of proficiency in table tennis I would recommend it if you look for a something that it is a bit of a pro rubber definitely choose this one I tried to play on my both sides and acually i wouldn’t say it’s strictly made for forehand or backhand but I’m kind of overall, allround player so I had really good time playing backhand flip so it’s just up to you whatever side you will choose for this rubber lots of control, lots of spin with my service basicly from the first touch, perfect Receiving the ball, didn’t have any problems Try to play push long, push short, flip even top spin from the first, service yeah, just perfect. Open play top spins, counter top spins, blocking It’s a really well made rubber for overall playing, offensive therefore I didn’t have any problems yeah, I’m sayng it all over the video but really it’s the truth This year I play in superleague in Poland if I got some announcement someone can give it to me I would definitely play it practice with it, train and then compete on the tournaments and in league I would choose it for me. I think that overall quality and in every aspect of play it performs well therefore the game is really enjoyable and overall it’s just allround rubber really fast and spinny sometimes you can feel it like it’s an old rubber glued with a fresh glue so lots of fun It you want some more content just check out our channel, see other videos that you like and of course if you feel so please leave a comment, thumbs up, click the thumbs up button under the video share with friends, teammates and yeah, have a good day and keep on playing table tennis

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Dennis Veasley

2 thoughts on “Gewo Nexxus EL PRO 53 | review | Super League Player”

  1. I tried El Pro 48 but didn't like it so much. It was crazy fast but the feeling was a bit strange. Honestly, I'd rather prefer typical normal sponged rubbers such as EL-P, MX-P or Bluefire series.

    I think if this new concept of thinner topsheet&thicker sponge is a real advantage , then every brand would aim at that technology, however Thibar released Aurus series (Select/Prime) and they weren't really successful. So, their only new released at 2019 was another version of classical MX-P sponge with same topsheet but harder sponge at 50°.
    In the end I guess every has been invented.

    Don't you think it's a

    Don't you think it's

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