Music Hey guys It’s Brooklyn and Bailey And this weeks video we are going to be showing ya’ll Homecoming 2016 because ya’ll enjoyed 2015 homecoming video so much I’m going with Parker again and I’m going with Connor and we are going to just be showing you guys all the activities we do in school the whole week of homecoming! Then we are going to show you the homecoming football game and the homecoming dance So let’s get started! Hello guys! It is Monday, the first week of homecoming dress up week and if you guys could guess what todays theme is? That’s right its Americana! Merica Monday! (Cheering) So Faiths got the flag going, she’s got the cute shorts and the pants. Switch out to Brooklyn! She’s got the cute stickers, show off the stickers… and the outfit (cheering) This is my outfit. So cute! And there she is! What’s up!? The one and only Mason Taylor! Tell us what happened this morning I got asked to homecoming! By? Ryan Ellen This is Ryan! Tell us your channel name “Hello it’s Ryan!” And check out his Americana outfit I love the nation! (Laughing) Are you excited? I am soo excited! So pumped! I’m a good best friend because I kept the secret! Uh… Yeah! Im very impressed for two whole weeks! That’s me! It is day two of homecoming week and dress up days is Twin Days! and Parker and I match. So Bailey is going to show y’all our outfits It’s adorable! This is what I get for letting him go to the store! I sent him to get matching tee shirts and this is what he came back with! hats too! Let’s just do a little pan here Cute! It’s Where’s Waldo! Except I’m Wenda and he’s Waldo! How many people have come up and said y’all are couple goals? Everybody, literally everyone and I get a lot of there’s Waldo! And where’s the second Waldo? Looking for us in the hallways and stuff You’re suppose to twin with your date but our dates don’t go to this school So we all matched So we all twin together and I’m gonna have one of my friends show our outfits Hey guys! It’s day three of homecoming dress up and today is Mathlete vs Athlete day Bailey is our athlete and we’ll show you her outfit Looking good looking good Parker is also a mathlete. Check out the couple! Pose for us please So cute. Mathletes at their finest just chillin in the hallway with the football helmet and go long! go long, go long, go go go go go Whoo and touchdown! It’s day 4 of homecoming dress up and it’s Powder Puff today! Powder Puff is when the girls play football and the boys coach So like the whole school comes together and every grade goes against each other so basically it’s insane and so much fun So, basically, juniors wear white today. So we did this stuff and wore white so I’ll show you everybody’s outfits We got Brooklyn Victoria McKnight check out the cute eye decor and her outfit ow ow Woo! I went plain today, Look at this cute face and outfit cuuuuuuute My girl Bailey cute as always cute cute look at my eyeliner she looks like an angel Let’s go win Powder Puff! Go Juniors! (cheering) (music) Hey guys it’s Bailey and it’s Friday which means tonight is the Hoco football game. we just preformed at the pep rally and it’s time to show y’all our mums for this year and if you guys don’t know what mums are you guys can refer to our last hoco video where we kind of explain what they are A big texas tradition for homecoming. So Faith’s first. Mine is really really big I’m going with two of my bestfriends this year so we just kind of got each other mums. It’s longer than me, I had to cut three inches off! Okay Avery’s turn! Beautiful, gorgeous and then my turn I’m small so it works perfectly Parker’s flaunting his garder, it’s so cute, and I have my mum at least it’s not long so I’m not dragging it on the floor, so that’s good. So this is the set up for the dance tomorrow night Were going to London! (laughs) And we got our *laughs* as you can see we’re setting up for the dance we’re ready to go So we eat and then we get the mini majestics which is like all the little baby girls that come we teach them how to dance and take them on the football field and then we preform half time and then we just hang out at the football game and then go home Hey guys it’s Bailey and we’re at the football game right now and I’m gonna show y’all what it looks like to come to a Texas homecoming game Hey! There’s danger Dan! And the process begins The homecoming hair process I only have foundation on so it looks kinda funny. We just finished my hair and I’m in love with it I have little flowers that match the color of my dress and everybody else is getting ready in our room so I’m just gonna go see what their up to I think their doing like hair makeup there’s like three girls here so I’ll show you guys what their up to May tay looking pretty and Andy lookin pretty and bailey is doing her hair too Almost ready Now it’s time for me to show my homecoming look! So these are my silver and gold heels which I got from Nordstrom and I was excited because they match my dress And this is a chi chi London dress which I found at asos like I literally felt like a princes the whole night I was wearing it which is amazing so you can it’s got some really cute gold detailing and to add to the gold detailing I have these Barrett’s which I got from urban outfitters and just stuck them in my curled hair I also have so gold ear climbers which is from Nordstrom and this gold ring to top it off from forever 21 Instead of wearing Converse this year I wore doc Martens shoes with dark Marten laces and I paired it with a Black and Tan dress from asos of color and vintage feel and to stylize it a little bit I added silver jewelry my bracelet is from Aldo’s and my earring is from Nordstrom and then last but not least I am wearing the cgh crown braid which I’ve decorated with some purple mums from a local flower shop to give it a little pop of color and a vintage feel (music) Thank you guys so much for watching this video be sure to give it a huge thumbs up if you want to see a prom video this year don’t forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right over here and if you want to see our last years homecoming video click the button right over here and then last but not least if you want to see the rest of our videos click the button right over here we will see y’all next week love ya’ll!

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