GARY GULMAN: So, I was big. I was big, and I was sensitive
and soft, growing up. And when you were big,
back then, you were encouraged/harassed
into playing sports. And I– I didn’t want to play
the footballs, the hockeys, the contact sports, that was not for me. I fell in love with basketball
almost immediately, because– Because basketball just fits
my personality. It still does. Basketball is the only sport
you can practice by yourself. -(AUDIENCE LAUGHS)
-I… spent a lot of time practicing
basketball by myself, and basketball also fits maybe
because it’s the only sport where if somebody so much
as slaps you on the wrist, -they stop the game.
-(LAUGHTER) Stop the game,
separate everyone, and let you make two easy shots
while everyone else is forced to watch quietly… (LAUGHTER) …as if to say,
“Think about what you did.” (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE) And I was– (SIGHS)
I was automatic… from the free-throw line,
because, free-throw shooting is a direct function
of childhood loneliness. I have this carnival skill. If you tell me you were a good
high school free-throw shooter, you can give me your high school free-throw
shooting percentage, and I can tell you what time your single mother
got home from work. (LAUGHTER) I shot 94 percent
my senior year. My mother
was a night court bailiff. (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE)

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Dennis Veasley

5 thoughts on “Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh (2019) | Basketball (Clip) | HBO”

  1. 'If you give me your high school free throw percentage, I can tell you when your single mother got home from work'. Good lord this man is incredible. The life you have to lead to create a gag/statement like that. He's peerless.

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