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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Why You CAN’T Beat Super Smash Bros Ultimate!”

  1. Is case anyone is still not understanding after this episode (who am I kidding)
    (Ok I’m to lazy to do the rest someone else do it)

  2. META KNIGHT! I luve playing as meta knight! Idc if this was a long ago but meta knight is my fav…and samus… and sonic…..and last fox…

  3. 0:47 Like if you are of the opinion that Goku would ROFL-Stomp everybody in the roster if he was included in Smash.

  4. Y̶̧̢̫̥̖͚̪͓͙̣̪̘̣̟̌̏̕É̷̝͙͎͂͂̎̈́̔̌͗̑̅̚ͅS̸̢̡̹̺̫̣͉̦̟̗̍̾̓̉̾͑̈́̏͗͑͑̕͠͝ͅ

  5. I know this comment is like… 10 months late and that I haven't played neither Smash on the Wii U nor Smash Ultimate, but Brawl at least allowed custom matches, pumping up the amount of possible match combinations by a ridiculous number.

  6. not every smash bros stage and item are here
    74 characters um no or least not yet
    (edit) I'm a idiot forgot echo fighters

  7. Items and hazardous stages are banned in competitive play because it becomes player vs game instead of player vs player. Speed running does have randomness, but it’s player vs game. FGC is always player vs player.

  8. It's sad because at the time of me typing this comment piranha plant was as a added DLC so the 75th character wasn't waluigi it was a walking plant

  9. MatPat, even though SSBU is released and Waluigi is not playable, there are actually 75 total characters in Ultimate (The DLC) which makes your predictions amazingly close to max player matches. However 2 of the DLC are unconfirmed, and one is currently unreleased (Banjo & Kazooie), but they still count!

  10. The second he said satan it turned to 3 am and someone knocked on my front door this is 100% not N E G O C I A B L E

  11. Nope, it's not Goku.

    You're right about the 666 and Satan, but you're thinking in a different direction.
    Satan commands Demons and what famous shotgun firing badass kills Demons?

    Doom, Doomguy.

  12. bowzer because of grip
    rosalina because of majic
    samus beause of gun
    zero suit because shes pretty
    and greninja because of speed

  13. What about DLC characters
    MatPat you might have to remake this video after the entire character pack is released

  14. i think that the anime theory is correct and there is a character from an anime but not Son Goku or Satan. the character is Joker

  15. Do you take requests? If so, then the relationship between the Caps from Mario 64 DS and the Crown from NSMBU Deluxe.

  16. anyone want to explain the Oh God Why that appeared in the close captioning before the intro?
    is the marioplex scientifically accepted?
    and holy jeez! that ie an insane amount of matches!
    MattPatt, remeber to breath during saying your numbers.

  17. When you come to revisit this MatPat, there are…
    DLC Characters/ Stages
    Pokeballs/ Masterballs
    Songs during fighting
    (Don't bother with Stage builder or Custom Miis)
    Character colour schemes

    You know what. Just look at LumberPickle917

  18. We need to include the different times and stocks. Don't forget spirits and different costumes and….
    AAAAAAANNNNNNNDDD custom stages. LOL 😂🤣

  19. Those numbers were terrifying I was actually thinking when does he get to a number I recognize! I am not even able to remember how big that number was.

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