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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Why Mario is Mental, Part 1”

  1. luigi maybe older by a few minutes than mario right that might be possible
    luigi is just marios twin
    because he just is for the sake of this comment being simple

  2. When people are good he convinces that they are bad
    When they are bad on the other hand they for some reason are good,
    Like if u had the same idea

  3. One, you take too many details from old, raw, unfinished, and low quality games as points!
    Two, note that you have to hurt the enemies because they will hurt you too!
    Three, brutal things of Mario killing Yoshi, this is not Mario’s choice, it’s the player’s
    Four, things in old games were early choices, design choices, and low quality designs
    Five, as many times as I have to say it, Nintendo does not do deep lore

  4. Fun fact matpat
    Mario isn’t hitting yoshi, he’s pointing to tell yoshi,plus peach is the one who closes the balloon

  5. well… counter therory and dont laugh lol… mario dident do any of this TECHNICALLY all of the was us controlling him through a screen playing a god who givews no free will…but thats just afact A REALLL FACT

  6. I think this was the point where I realized Game Theory had begun to make these videos for clicks without doing the proper research.

  7. Lowkey I remember watching this years ago and I was so into it and still am but now looking back Matt makes an oddly big deal of a lot of things even if it is justified lol

  8. Luigi is my forever character whenever he's an option because we have one thing in common:we are the player 2 to our older brothers

  9. 10:03 what if their talking in the game in italian so theres no point in nintendo putting on what their saying. Plus its a sprite game.

  10. Sorry my bad but you're kind of wrong a lot like somebody already proved you wrong I've even have both videos here https://youtu.be/wL9pfLHMPUE


  11. This is without a doubt the worst theory on the channel, (even worse than sans is ness) at least all his other theories try and account for other facts. but he straight up ignores certain facts that prove MARIOs innocence or exaggerates all his points.

  12. PETA, LawSuites, Foster Parents, Mario & Luigi’s Parents, Yoshis, Bowser, & Goombas would like to know Mario’s location

  13. Mario wasn't punching Yoshi, he was pointing his finger out and saying "Go".
    Also, the player is forcing Mario to jump off of Yoshi into a pit. THE PLAYER!!

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