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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: How to WIN the Mr Beast $100,000 Challenge!”

  1. The best way to spend 100 grand. Bribe the bank $100k to add $100k to your account. You didnt put it in the account. You SPENT it into the account

  2. Steph is just like me when someone from Montana.

    Me: "Did you know so and so is from Montana?"

    Friend glares at me

    Me: gasp "I'm from Montana!"

  3. and dont buy diamonds beacuse some weird sience machine create them from the carbon in air
    buy gold. gold is fun.

  4. This is completely for comedic purposes only.

    You are indirectly hating on MrBeast cuz you put this video on Game Theory instead of film theory (which is more suitable because youtube videos almost equal films) and you're saying that MrBeast giving crap away is a game and games are fantasy/fiction. So in your head, you think all of MrBeast's vids are fiction. How dare you hate on Jimmy.

  5. I would just invest it in the bank, then take it out an hour later, then i would have the time to think…!

    By the way im from Europe (UK) and im able to watch memes =/

  6. I'd buy my my self a tiny house, solar renovate it, stock up on food for my cats, and use the rest on pressents.

  7. on all of your streams I'm gonna bring up mr beast and North Carolina now and I knew the best would be investing

  8. Yea but to my fellow artist

    We all know the way to win would be to buy 1000 copic markers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. You could win by buying something that costs about how much money you have and then once the challenge is over you can sell that

  10. Before i watch this i Just want to make my own step by step Guide to win:

    STEP 1
    buy a shiton of Designer cloth (The really expensive stuff)

    STEP 2
    wait for the one hour to Pass…

    STEP 3
    Go Back to the Shop, return it and get your Money back

  11. How about gold? That seems like a pretty stable market. I mean it’s what all currency is based on so it must be a good option right?

  12. with 100,000 ,i would Put Matpat into a big Cage with a PC inside and domesticate him until He become a Mat-pet . Unluckly i can't afford me that right now

  13. The thing that scares me is some how Jake Paul has more subs than u but I guess u got more views so who’s the reeaaall winner

  14. If mr beast gave me that money I would just raid target, hot topic, Apple, and the rest of the mall
    I wouldn't care if I won 😂I'd have awesome stuff

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