today for the very first time I am going
to watch a live game in a stadium and you are coming along with me
it’s Saturday beautiful sunny day but you know when you wake up late and then
you have to go for a game you need a lot of energy which means you have to have a
breakfast and I have one hour exactly to get out for the game but so I thought I
can show you how to quickly and easily put together a wholesome breakfast
together I would start by literally digging in the pantry and the fridge to
see what is there to put together and hold some breakfast for the first thing
I always look up for are fruits so let me see what foods I’ve got. Avocado
then I have an apple and some oranges I have some blueberries so tip number
one always have fruits at home, whenever you’re hungry or you wake up late and
then you just want to eat something fruits are always a good so store your
pantry or your fridge with fruits so I have some mangoes which I’m not gonna
have now. some apples some avocado, some oranges and some blueberries. so I’m
gonna make a milkshake that’s like the best and the easiest thing to do and
its wholesome, a milkshake with avocado apples and oranges we’re just gonna eat
them as it is and blueberries as well I’m also going to link here another with breakfast that
you can do which is like french toast pancakes and coffee you can watch that
video if you want to do an extravagant breakfast when you have more time but
this video is about a quick breakfast so I’m going to do the milkshake and then I’m
going to show you an omelet which I really like and we always have omelet
with herbs really healthy and delicious okay so onto the milkshake here’s another breakfast tip when you
get up in the morning it’s good to avoid hot drinks I know it’s a regular
practice so what we do is when we wake up the first thing that we drink is just
plain water there’s nothing more refreshing and healthy than plain water
and drink a good amount of plain water that can just replenish your system in
the morning it’s refreshing and it’s good for you doesn’t do you any harm
this milkshake is for my husband I’m gonna have a lemon turmeric tea with
ginger why because I feel like I’m catching a cold so when you kind of
sense like you’re catching a cold it’s good to avoid milk and raw food food
which aren’t cooked yeah so that’s why I’m not gonna have the milkshake but I
will otherwise I would have I love an avocado milkshake I usually do it with
coconut milk but then I ran out of coconut milk so I’m using regular milk
so this is heavy cream so I’m just gonna put a little bit of cream and the rest
water oh I had to pause it because my husband
just asked can you put some ice cream in it for me too
so I we have ice cream in the freezer that’s his thing cuz I don’t like really
ice creams so I’m gonna put in some ice cream as well
I remember when I was a kid we never bought ice cream at home why cuz my mom
used to make ice cream and she loves ice cream and she would make them so as a
kid yeah I got so used to homemade ice cream that when I grew up a bit and I
started eating ice cream from outside I it just tastes different and I never
liked it because of which I don’t like ice cream probably the only ice cream
that I’ve eaten from out and I thought I really liked might be the tender coconut
ice cream that you get in India when I am on my next trip to India I’m
definitely gonna go have tender coconut ice cream he wants three scoops of ice
cream that is three blobs so this is chocolate ripple ice cream
avocados and chocolates it’s a good combination actually and yeah it’s it’s
it’s a mix of vanilla and chocolate and that vanilla adds extra flavor okay so that’s ready. you know breakfast
is the time the meal that you can eat good sugar so it’s good to have sweet
stuff for breakfast than having too much of sugar at supper which is a common practice so we eat more sugar for
breakfast and then we eat for supper the next easiest and quickest thing you
can put together for breakfast is an omelet
now omelet is so easy to make and it’s super creative you can do different
kinds of omelet like if you have nothing and just it just salt and pepper will do
you can put herbs you can put tomatoes and onions and it becomes an Indian
omelet with little pepper in it it would meet you can put a lot of stuff in
omelette and trust me they all come out super good so today what I have with me
is just eggs and some perps so I’m gonna go fetch some herbs from my little tiny
balcony garden and I’m gonna come back wow what a bright and sunny day I will
start with I’m gonna put some fine rosemary and a winter savory have some fresh oregano which I got from
my friend’s mom. back to the omelet now just the egg some pepper black pepper and some kosher
salt with an omelet this tastes better than the regular table salt then you mix
it all up and meanwhile I’m gonna put the pan on the
stove while the pan is getting hot and I’m running short of time for the game I
have to quickly make my drink for the morning so that’s gonna be a tea with
turmeric ginger and lemon the pan is hot so I’m gonna pour some olive oil.
omelette and olive oil was really well together especially when you’re adding
in different herbs it tastes really good if you don’t have olive oil
you can use coconut oil or you can use butter but I like make sure the pan is
well heated spread it let the oil heat up and it’s time to put again meanwhile the water is boiled for my tea
I have ginger in my cup I’m gonna put the water directly and then I’m just
gonna keep it there – the omelet is ready so that the ginger gets infused
well now I’m gonna put in some turmeric just a bit like tiny bit stir it
and now the lemon juice next tip is always store nuts and dried
fruits in your pantry which is filling which is healthy which makes your entire
breakfast very wholesome so we have some walnuts some peanuts some cashew nuts
time to refill if you dig your fridge you are sure to
find leftover food from previous day that can save a lot of your time and I
found this yesterday we had some chicken wings and I have those two pieces left
more than happy to have leftover fruits the next day morning so we’re gonna have
that as well then bread we have some performs then start with my tea perfect
temperature very refreshing Oh but we’re gonna do our breakfast really
quick and then head out to the game in ten minutes we’re gonna leave the house
and the rest of the video will be shot at the game so don’t go away stay tuned
subscribe to the channel and I shall see you in a bit okay here we have some red black fans do
you guys have anything to say Bon Appetit hey I’m here! so I’m back from the game
it was so much fun and a lot of yelling it feels like I have played the game and
I’m back am having another cup of turmeric tea.
redblacks even though you don’t win you have a new fan and all of you don’t
forget to subscribe to this channel for more updates and more videos see you in
the next video bye for now

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  1. Hi everyone, I took a break from youtube for a month and am so happy to be back 😊 Being a new youtuber can be stressful!!! I really appreciate your support and hope to bring you more awesome videos of my life here in Canada and am working on more yummy easy recipes perfect for a City Life. Hope you subscribe, that would really encourage me. Thank you 💜 Also super excited that my channel is reaching 10K views.

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