Roger Federer just doesn’t stop winning
does he and his title run in Rotterdam also saw him reach the world number one spot
after an amazing five years and 106 days Beating Baby Fed in straight sets, this was Federer’s third title in Rotterdam and his 97th overall.
100th to come soon? meanwhile let’s take a look at how the
ATB top ten shaped up this week looking at this we can surely say old is goal
what a comeback for petra kvitova who is now on an unbelievable 13 match
winning streak the southpaw has now won 22 WTA titles and this was a first
back-to-back title win since 2011 surely a contender for grand slams to come this
is what the WTA top ten looks like following Kvitova’s victory. too close on the top it was a good last
week for Dominic team and Kevin Anderson as they both won titles in Beunos Aires
series and New York respectively. Thiem is now set to play the Rio
where he is the defending champion whereas Anderson is to participate in
the Delray Beach opener can they keep the good form going with as many as five
tournaments taking place this week and that too in beautiful locations our
number of top ten players on both the men and the women site will be seen in
action the WTA event in Dubai is a premier level event taking place on hard
court while the ATP went in Rio is an ATP 500 played on outdoor clay some
exciting tennis of this week that’s it from today’s edition tune in tomorrow
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