hahahaha nope! did you get it in? hah! Welcome to team edge we’re in the edge space and today we’re playing Up-Side Down basketball We got a couple rounds for you guys today We’re gonna start off with the game of knockout and then we’re gonna end the challenge with the game of Funky Fresh Basketball Basketball so this is how you play knockout if you’re not familiar with the game. I’m gonna start it off I’m gonna take a shot if I miss it oh All right, so this is how you play knockout if you’re not familiar with the rules I’m gonna start off I’m gonna take a shot if I mi- Hey Bryan from now on when we play try to miss This is how you play knockout I’m gonna start it off. I’m gonna shoot it if I miss it I have to try and make it before Connor if he makes it before I do I am out. three! two! one! go! Connor what are you doing? send it to me! send it home baby! hey no no no you cant do that! What the heck!!! Yes, you’re out This is Connor for like five shots. Give me the ball Alright moving on to round number 2 If you guys like these pointful challenges Make sure you click that big ol ‘ subscribe button down below because guess what? Once you click that big ol subscribe button down below a new button appears. What’s that new button you asked? It’s a button that looks like a bell. What’s that bell button dude? Icon guess what it do it rings when you click it because when we upload it rings your phone And what happens when it rings your phone you get… known Your underwear is long dude. This is a … a.. I’m modest All right Matthias if you get this question correct you get an edge in round four what was the first video Marvin was in guys make sure you click that Pole Conners mom shaves his back Click the pole right there yes guess which video Marvin was in first all right. All right let’s go. Here are the rules to the game We have one minute to dip our nose into that Vaseline run over there pick up cotton balls with our noses drop them off in This bowl here whoever wins this round wins a point for their team for the overall score three two one Go! a little bit went up my nose Put it on the ball Like maybe that’s two or one our minds is process like you’re cross-eyed Brian get up There you go Connor stick your face in it cotton bunny Wait did my bowl.. did my plate fall off the table? Wait write another job why I want to take this moment to really like say, this is the pinnacle of Team edge Here’s the highlight. This is a highlight dude highlight of my life here, so I’m really proud of you guys. No. I’m not really Let’s see how many cotton balls we have so conner has eight successional I saw Bryan grabbed some with his hand yeah, I saw one wait I didn’t even see that did he actually do that yeah He did he did here’s Bryan’s seven but he picked up one so that doesn’t count so that means Connor wins by one cotton yeah We’re moving on to the next round which is upside down basketball no back shaving Matthias. Yeah, we asked you a question. What was the first video? Marvin was in it doesn’t matter because he’s not gonna be anymore The point Bryan if you can answer that I’ll still get you guys the edge giant billiards Bryan is correct Oh, yeah, all right Brian your edge is you get to start with the ball for this round? That’s a weak edge. If it goes through and out that’s 1.4. Goes through and comes back in and scores again Let’s make that two points, but it has to pass through Foley like this Dribbling the ball is the opposite of regular dribbling you have to dribble it like this So there’s no traveling easier if you stop dribbling Yes Just stand here, oh it didn’t go Throw something at me Connor you’re doing a very specific job get out of the way Walls are in right the walls are not in vowels are good and upside down all right Hey Twice my wingspan it’s reversed. No, this is upside down From there Connie you can do it Oh Oh Your rings no. No he drilled into the ground. Oh, yeah He dribbled it to the ground yeah, Jim into the garage. You can’t do that guys coming down below 15 since max I didn’t have possession of I did not see it I literally trash talk to you so much when you weren’t around nice what it’s late. Then we take my crotch Wow He’s traveling is traveling you’re in this thing’s like Your knee if you kneel oh you’re holding you’re holding you needs Body was behind the group so nine Hey guys we just won the punishment is gonna be tennis ball firing squad Three two one go oh you don’t think they’re even gonna be able to hit us no Your loving mother guys make sure you check out hoverboard basketball, that’s where we play basketball in hoverboards Also, go check out team edge gaming the video we did on there was big head basketball That’s where we play basketball on the video game, but we had big heads Sounds so funny. It’s so funny peace

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  1. Hey guys! Let us know what other games we should play upside down! What is your favorite part about this challenge! Have you seen our GIANT Hockey Challenge? Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFVYEOC_d84&t=366s

  2. ya just want me no se no no nothing is ok with me and my friends with me no se no no se is no fun for you to go with you guys

  3. could you shout out my youtube im tryna grow and I liked commented and subbed my youtube is coltefontaine

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