Crikey mate. Good day. Ah, nature. Ain’t it beautiful? The circle of life. How one being flows into the next to help and support
it. Everything connected. Well I’ve made a fantastic discovery. The circle of
life in one of its most amazing examples ever. You see, when people are in need they get help from nonprofit
organizations. But where do nonprofit organizations get help from? Well mate its Funds2Orgs. That’s right. Funds2Orgs. They’re the integral part of keeping the circle going. You see Funds2Orgs delivers proven fundraising
strategies and programs that provide real, relevant and engaging events. Making it easier than ever raising funds for your
organization. Oh mate, get a load of this. Your
organization can collect gently worn, used and new shoes and get paid cash for them. Then the gently worn, used and new shoes are collected by Funds2Orgs and used in developing nations for micro- enterprise operations that offer micro jobs to those that are hurting. So that’s just wonderful. But not only that
mate. Mother Earth is also helped out by keeping these
used shoes out of the land fills. Talk about a
win, win, win. Check ’em out now for
yourself mate.

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Dennis Veasley

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