Matt: Ben catch this Matt: Ready? Ben: Oh god, OH MY GOD! Toby: You idiot! Matt: You’re glad I can catch aren’t you? Ben: La da da, da da da da… Matt: Ready? Matt: Come on! Ben: Oh god! Matt: TOBY!! Daniel: Catch it Ben: Oh my god! Ben: You idiot! Daniel: Are you recording this Mordecai? (Expletive) Matt: That actually hurt! Ben: (Coughing) There’s wifi here Matt: Let’s do it with your phone now Ben: NO! nah nah nah Ben: You see mine’s a Huawei Ben: Not a Samsung or a Nokia or anything strong so you know, you get the gist Toby: Nice of you Ben to drop his bike over there where someone could steal it Matt: Ready Toby? Ben: Really? Ben: I think having 3 over here is a bit more obvious than the 1 over there Matt: Ready? Toby: Don’t Ben: WOOOW Daniel: (Expletive) Matt: Ahh Daniel: Toby let me have a shot at yah Matt: Ooh I haven’t looked at Snapchat today! Ben: I might put this on Youtube, if I do I will probably get told off by Youtube Matt: Why? Ben: Cause you’re playing music Daniel: OH MY GOD! Ben: Alright I’m going in for a shot Daniel: Wait don’t Daniel: BANG! (Expletive) Toby: Great shot! Ben: It was fantastic! Ben: Who’s Snapchatted you? Matt: No one Ben: Oh, aw poor you Daniel: I can get this off the ground so easily Ben: Oh god here we go again! Matt: I’ve got it (expletive) Ben: Where is it? It’s there! Matt: TOBY! Ben: Let me know if you break it anytime soon! Daniel: It’s indestructible! Ben: What kind of phone is it again? A Samsung Galaxy Something? Ben: S4? Matt: What? Ben: And he’s just throwing it in the air! Daniel: (Something about Toby?) Matt: Dan let’s do it with your phone now Ben: Ahh! Daniel: Toby pass me those back Matt: We need to do it with your phone now Daniel: Nah I’ll be alright Matt: Toby we need to do it with your phone Toby: NO Matt: They’re both Samsung Matt: Just mine is a Note 2 and yours is an S4 Ben: WAY! Daniel: Oh (expletive) Ben: What was that? Matt: TOBY! Matt: Yours isn’t going to break Daniel: Toby give me a volley Matt: Mine’s a Note 2 and yours is a Toby: I know, no I don’t want to Toby: You’d probably nick it then I would have to go after it again Matt: (Expletive) hell have you heard him? Matt: He went you Daniel: Oh (expletive) Matt: Mine’s a Note 2 and his is a Samsung Galaxy S3 and he went “You’re gonna probably nick it!” Matt: When I’ve got this bad boy! Ben: Wow I’m on Matt’s awesome, more expensive bike than mine Daniel: (Expletive) Ben: Wahoo Ben: I’ve got no brakes, wahahahahahaha! Matt: Toby you’re gonna have to take this somewhere it’s not working! Ben: AHH watch out lads I’ve got one hand and the brakes don’t work Ben: WOW no hands, like a boss! Daniel: Ben DOG! Ben: AHH DOG! Matt: Why? (Expletive) Daniel: Ben behind you dog! Ben: I’VE FALLEN OFF THE BIKE! Matt: Don’t you like dogs Ben? Ben: I don’t mind dogs Matt: Why are you going ah (expletive) then? Ben: I didn’t know if it was one of those that bark constantly forever Matt: BEN A DOG! Ben: AHHH Daniel: No what is wrong with this guy? Matt: Here Toby! Ben: Everything Daniel! Daniel: Do a nice volley for me! Matt: Don’t bother! Ben: So elegant Matt: Here Toby Matt: YOU (EXPLETIVE) IDIOT! Matt: Here, here Daniel: Ah (expletive) Daniel: Try and do a volley someone Matt: NOOOOO Daniel: Toby go long, go high! Matt: TO ME! Ben: Ah my tongue! Ben: What the hell! Matt: Again Toby Daniel: Matt, you gotta let it bounce! Toby: DOG Ben: DOG! Daniel: Ben behind you! Toby: Dog literally! Ben: Dog, there is a dog! Ben: Hello dogie, how’s it going famalam? Matt: Hello,hello Ben: No idea who’s dog this is Matt: Ooh I would like something to (expletive) on! Ben: WOW GOD! Ben: Thought you were gonna throw the massive tennis ball at the poor dog! Ben: How’s it going fam? Matt: Let it bounce once Matt: Fricking hell! Daniel: Bloody hell! Ben: Oh my god! Daniel: They got a class of them Ben: There’s about…erm…10 dogs Ben: There’s about a million dogs there! Ben: We’re getting attacked by dogs Ben: Look there’s millions of them! Matt: Last time! Matt: Last time! Daniel: 11 Ben: Yeah, at least 11 Matt: To me Toby Toby: Somersault Ben: Somersault? What was that? Daniel: And again Matt backwards Toby: Into the net Ben: Oh god here come the dogs Ben: Who let the dogs out oh, oh oh oh oh Daniel: Where was the volley Daniel? Matt: Is he just going round in circles? Ben: I swear to god that guy on the bike is going round in circles Matt: He’s gone round like 3 times Ben: He has hasn’t he? Matt: Go on that’s perfect, you wont snap your neck at that speed Ben: Ah I fell off the bike again! Ben: No not mine no no no Matt: I wont break it Daniel: You’re on his bike Ben Ben: So Matt’s on mine, and I’m on Matt’s and I’ve got no brakes Ben: But my bike has…and Matt’s on my bike Matt: What’s wrong with your light? Ben: Everything! Matt: It wont stay up! Ben: The little things that go in the middle to make it fit, I lost them Ben: WOW that’s my bike doing a wheelie! Matt: They’re where? Ben: On the road somewhere Matt: What about the back one? Ben: Oh that one’s fine Matt: TOBY! Ben: WOW! Ben: Yikes! Ben: God! Toby: Would you please remove it? Ben & Matt: What? Matt: Show me Toby: I’ve no idea Matt: SHOW ME! Ben: What have you uploaded? Toby: Nothing Matt: Pass it here Ben: He’s just messing about with you Matt: Oh it’s Ross taking the (expletive) Ben: It is Matt: I’ll tell him to (expletive) off Ben: Well you’ve said that to me a few times today Toby: Cause you were threatening me! Ben: I DIDN’T THREATEN YOU AT ALL Toby: You were tricking me to go out on my own Ben: He did it not me! Daniel: I did what? Ben: Tricked him into thinking that we were going out even though we have gone out! Daniel: How was it me? It clearly said Ben Mordecai, NOT Daniel Coleman Ben: It’s called going on someone else’s account, it’s very easy I did it to Darcey’s Don’t whack the bike cause it’s mine! Toby: He’s mugged my phone, call the police! Ben: Don’t worry I’ll catch him (siren noises) Ben: (Siren noises) I’ve got no brakes I can’t stop after him Ben: Oh god! Ben: Did the gear change or something there? Ben: (Siren noises) Ben: I’m gonna get you Matt, I’m the police officer Matt: High speed pursuit! Matt: I’m gonna put on Toby’s only song Ben: Toby’s made a song? Matt: I’m gonna put on Toby’s ONLY song Daniel: Oh my god! Ben: Oh no officer has lost…erm…suspect Ben: He’s there! He’s there! Matt: This is Toby’s only song Ben: What is it? Ben: I can’t even hear it, oh the Samsung song Ben: I’m in hot pursuit, oh my bike! Ben: I’ve fallen off of Matt’s in all Matt: TOBY! Ben: I better had got that on video Daniel: Ben if I had scored that then Daniel: TOBY! Ben: AHHHH!! Daniel: Shot! Matt: Toby, Ross wants a word with you Ben: Dogs everywhere Ben: I’m in the wrong gear and I’ve got the wrong hand to change the gears Ben: Ahh (expletive) Ben: Just casually riding around in circles on my bike? Matt: NO he wants to speak to you don’t end it! Ben: That went straight off the wheel and the disc brake and the lot! Daniel: BEN! Toby: You idiot! Matt: Ben look what he’s done Toby: Wrote (expletive) off to Ross Matt: What do you mean it weren’t you? Don’t lie! Ben: Do a trick Ben: Do an endo Ben: Or is my brake not good enough for an endo? Matt: An endo?! Matt: (High pitched) An endo?! Daniel: (Something about Jack?) Ben: No idea what he’s on about Matt: Come on Toby ring him then! Matt: I know what to say Toby: You did something! You (expletive)! Toby: NO GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE STOP RECORDING THIS! Phone: (Vibrates) Ben: Oh no my phones ringing!

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