coach obviously I know uh not the
outcome you wanted but a great year here for your kids yeah we’re we’re gonna you
know obviously it’ll be sad for for the loss but there’s a lot of things to be
excited about we had great fight today and in you know
it just shows that we can do anything when we want it but sometimes just gotta
fight a little harder but we know that this will leave a little fuel in our
belly for next year and get after it more how much did a big win like that
yesterday when you had to really battle and come back to win that and how much
did that take out of your guys coming into this yeah I mean obviously you know
it’s tough when you have those emotional you know highs the day before and being
able to refocus but I think we were I think today we ran to a team that is a
very good team but also they played really really well they played at the
top of their game and and maybe we didn’t play at the top of ours but we
were pretty close and so we still we still fought so I think that we’re not
gonna use yesterday as an excuse we’re just gonna use today as a learning
experience how much does it change going from playing outside yesterday to having
to come indoors here today with the cold temperatures in the ring yeah it’s a
drastic difference it’s a lot easier to go from inside to outside going from
outside in the courts are so much faster so your timings a little off but I still
think that we handled you know you know the difference is well it’s it’s just
tough when you’re playing on someone else’s court and and getting used to the
atmosphere and playing in a dome for the first time this year so it’s tough but I
think we you know we we competed as well as we could up today maybe talk about
your seniors at the top of the lineup and what those guys have met bowling
tennis yeah I mean Stu Sal and nerdy Milan and then even counter Douglas
who’s also via you know a senior you know all played an important role this
year you know it’s never easy to play the top spot and Stu you know really you
know takes a lot of pride in being up there and it’s tough because you’re
playing with other schools best player every week and he really you know he
really goes out there and leads by example and he’s such a class act on the
court so I think that that really you know
rolls downhill to everybody else and then nerd deem today was just fantastic
you know it tough lost but he fought so hard and really played some good tennis
against you know kid the last year won the ITA regionals so I mean it I think
they all you know play an important role in Connor and ho Connors had a very good
season you know it took some years off and came back and you know just just let
our team with this energy that you know always you know kept the team very
excited obviously those guys have had a chance to play in a lot of postseason
contests what does it mean to get back here to a regional final for these guys
the fourth straight year yeah I think it’s awesome I mean being in this
position and having the opportunity to maybe make the sweet 16 is exciting and
and the guys were excited you know we came up short but you know they know
that the other in the past have done it and they know we can do it in the future
we’re just gonna have to work extra hard and then really put in the time and the
hours on the court this summer and I think they will I think we’ve got a
great group of freshmen coming in next year that you know you can’t replace you
know the leadership we’ve had with the seniors but I think that the freshmen
coming in at a great group that are really you know push our upperclassmen
to work hard also coach thanks to know congrats on a great year I thank you
very much you

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Dennis Veasley

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