That worked well Oh We’re team edge we’re about to hit some fruit with some golf clubs, and it’s about to get messy But make sure you stick tuned like Brian says stick tuned we are gonna be teeing off on some fruit We got a strawberry cucumber orange apple and watermelon so we’re gonna be doing a couple rounds But the first round there’s gonna be two people going and the person to destroy the fruit The most wins that round the best all right guys so for this round we’re gonna have two people go But I’m gonna ask them two questions the first two To get it correct get to be a team the first question is who is the person in the dinosaur costume in search-and-destroy? What we all had the move yeah, but in the thumbnail Oh? Connor! Brian Brian is correct Brian is correct so Joey I made the thumbnail yeah second question who is in the thumbnail for don’t break the ice Matthias your answer All right gunner and Joey are gonna be on a team and Marvin and I are gonna be on a team But we’re not gonna go this one. We let them destroy All right so the way, we’re gonna be scoring this one is we’re not get over it all right let’s do an Orange I’m gonna use my hybrid iron now. Hopefully this doesn’t Bend the shaft or hurt me in some way like how they got the most Okay that worked well Got a little strawberry in it what oh? That’s your eyes is your hybrid to your hybrid club for that hybrid fruit this one is gonna explode apple juice apple jack o Don’t tease us like that Okay, which way should I hit this it go right down. Yeah, right down the middle like that right down the middle Oh Smokes well you guys are gonna. Have a fun time cleaning this up. Maybe you guys should I don’t know watch out? okay Well that worked well Why is it when watermelon is always destroyed it tastes better apples bye-bye appy Oh Joe three two one oh It’s in my hair Does my voice sound weird right now yeah, it does it always sounds weird. It’s the watermelon. Are you allergic? I’m allergic to watermelon. Why did you eat it because I haven’t had it in a long time How do you feel not great? This is Gunners lost challenge Okay hurry before your throat closes. They don’t soon as this video You were supposed to catch it It’s still falling I feel a mist Are you guys ready for this? Don’t hold back I’m not holding back, I want to capture it. I know I’m ready for it That went well oh my gosh might as well eat more watermelon since you’re already reacting to it, no I’m not good Surprise What guys make sure you subscribe to this channel because we upload Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays at 4 p.m.. Pacific Standard Time Also, you should click the bell icon because that means you will get notified of our uploads every single time We upload you’ll get a little notification on your phone. That says Team Edge uploaded so go check it out Gunnar and I are gonna be picking random objects out of this bin right here for Bobby and Marvin to hit with their golf clubs the person that gets closest to the flag over there wins I picked these ones all right Bobby you get the Rubik’s Cube oh, yes Bobby gets the Rubik’s Cube he gets BB8 too bad BB8 Okay that just exploded have you ever wanted to see what’s inside of a Rubik’s Cube. It’s that Bye BB8 alright BB8 he’s putting him on the head oh that’s smart very smart super smart Oh Brilliant good try All right, this is gonna explode a lot Wow that did not go as expected no Wow All right, I’ll pick Marvin’s wish who’s gonna fly farther Well it went over the wall, so it looks like Bobby won that one killing it ping-pong ball You gotta hit it hard wow that was actually not as bad as thought it was going to be So not swinging over the over the wall now hit the black one We’re gonna be playing a little fruit golf we have strawberries and grapes. I’m trying to get those into Gunners mouth I’m on a team with gunner. They’re on a team together. Let’s see who can win all right. We get five shots Starting now Dive for that Dude that almost gave me a fat lip that was a perfect one so There’s leaves on that still It’s so tiny you ate this one this is my lunch Gunner I want to see I want to see a diving catch, I ain’t diving in none of this dude there’s probably like sharp objects You got it. I caught it what? He got that piece of it That’s already 0 for 2, bro 0 for 3 Bobby it was something. I’d like to request a new teammate All right Alright Bobby let’s go. Ready? Let’s do it! Ready Bobby That was so good they caught it on his hand hey, I’m a baseball player, okay Oh, you got some on the wall over there Hey Bobby. Yeah, do you think you can hit that into Marvin’s mouth first try if I give you $100 yes first try I’m not actually giving you $100 Guys I won make sure you go check out the boom boom balloon challenge giant style That’s where we did that board game where it’s like. You don’t pop the balloon but it’s gigantic. Also don’t hit the human food edition That’s where we had to all right peace

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100 thoughts on “Fruit Golf Challenge!!”

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  10. My mom is allergic to eggs but says shes can have it once a week. Thatโ€™s not how it works mom…

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