I say invest in this machine. Because it is definitely going
to allow you to do other things, with those monies that
you were using to spend on balls to be able to do some other things
like 10 and under program. My name is Harold Conway, I am with Frog Hollow
Racquet Club in Lansdale PA. We run a 10 and under programming
as well as a number of clinics, adult clinics, junior clinics,
private lessons. Pretty much the full gamut. Now when using the machine we actually
feel like we are going to be saving at least one ball order per year [$5,000 per order]
and hopefully maybe more. And still be able to maintain
the quality of our program. Both hard and clay and
we actually have a rotation schedule where we use the machine. And it’s allowed us to get,
almost another 4 or 5 weeks, out of the balls out of the
baskets after they become dead. We get another 4 to 5 weeks after we put them through the machine. That’s a savings for us, and it is
important as a business owner to, you know, cut the expenses down and still maintain quality
within the program.

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