This is Devon They called Devon a miracle child He survived a rare birth defect that almost cost him his life In grade school he was bullied because of a hearing impairment He used sports to express himself in High school davonne only weighed 140 pounds, but that didn’t stop The kids got heart And this is Marshall Marshall was always playing sports going up and loved to ride a board or two In high school Russia became a football star He would be he was prone to do had an inner feeling or Devon balled out at Central High School in Baton Rouge But no one offered him a scholarship Instead he walked on a Southern University where his dad played Russia was Allstate in Florida had colleges lining up So he chose judging where more creeks and the dogs had an opening Kick after Keith he was automatic By seeing you Marshall was one of the best kickers in the country and unlike other kickers rushar didn’t shy away from contact Devon didn’t start in college it took every chance to prove himself especially in the big games like going up against Georgia in 2015 That’s when I met Devon And that’s how I’m in Washington I just seen this guy I heard the band playing I Was thinking I have to get up my team need me I have to get up But nothing was budget, so I was just laying there Southern flaire on the field in the Georgia athletic training staff first once there the near sideline to look after Exit saw the blow happened His first one there as to what was going on and he said he couldn’t feel anything or didn’t move I couldn’t I couldn’t move anything, but my hands That’s a scary feeling collision on the return Right side your screen number 33 meets up with number 13 collided at the end of the play with the guy Who’s been the best tackler on Georgia’s kickoff coverage to the kicker? Marshall Morgan Once I started talking to the sideline. I look back and he’s not getting up. That’s when I started kind of freaking out Things are going through my mind like it could have been this this what I hope he moves like because I first he wasn’t moving at all Devon gales sophomore from Baton Rouge out of Central High School Mark Richt has made his way over Scary moment yep Broadcaster came on and said that we have Devon Gill Southern University wide receiver number 33 down on the field Of course my heart dropped to See my son laying there on that field Helpless not being able to get up. It was it was heartbreaking I Felt the pain hurt because I wasn’t there and they’re gonna cart the young man off the field our prayers go out that everything’s okay with Devon gales I was around 5/8 158 so out pretty small, but I was still being in the heart It was a freak accident I Actually hit him I See Devon she’s running towards me and so in my mind I’m thinking this guy’s coming to lay me out So I just tried to get a good base and just kind of almost absorb it I wasn’t looking to lay anyone out the way we collided It was this tragic I mean right at the point of impact Devon actually lowered his head down and soared the blow and the problem with that is when you lower your head your spine becomes straight and his source of force like a column so we knew he had significant spotters at that point I Would just telling myself, I’m gonna be okay, I’m gonna be okay, but my parents. I lose they were worried about me The doctors told me I was paralyzed One side of me wanted to cry the other side gym one stay strong for my family He was able to move his hands. He wasn’t able to move his fingers, but at the same time nothing he couldn’t feel anything from his chest all the way down to his toes the doctor told us that there was a 50-50 chance that he could walk again, I had to get a metal rod the back of my neck with screws I Started here. He could be paralyzed. I was like. This is way too serious like this can’t be happening I’m thinking you know his parents are gonna hate me that everyone’s gonna think I’m I’m the guy that just just Paralyzed the Vong kind of thing right then I was like I need to go see this kid and I need to go see his Parents, and I felt like I’d uh like apologize The next day he was undergoing some surgeries at the time I Go to the hospital And I kind of walk up and I see his mom we wrapped our arms around each other and just started crying I’m trying to hold this big guy up and I’m like okay, baby. You know it’s okay. You know I just kinda had to comfort him and let him know that we don’t blame you for any of this and I don’t want you to blame yourself some families it could have been the totally opposite and they’re just the most loving and Forgiving and I mean what’s welcoming family ever This is just something that happens in football well That’s a heavy burden to carry and as much as I could have spoken to him in his ear I knew that he still had that blame on himself you Know he had concern If you’re in the middle of a play like that you can’t help, but be affected by it in some way It could have gone either way. I wish it didn’t happen either of us Yes, yeah Because of the Vaz injury the Gaels family life actually changed just like that Around my neck Hey, what smell my brick nope Here’s a guy that’s been through a Rough injury that you know him and his family probably gonna need some help Financially and there’s an opportunity to do that and I’m I’m calling all dogs to do that coach, Richt He said regardless of the color of devons jersey right now. He’s one of us or whatever you need he said You have it Bad news didn’t have a spine injury Hospital and talk with everybody we felt stronger this Shepherd was the best facility for him in the nation to go to We’re forcing us right down the street from the University of Georgia, so it was a nice fit I have my little moments Every day I just wish I’m up and doing something like just to do You say dad I’m a walk again, and I gotta believe it I can’t help daughter my child and and not me and my wife believe that he will I Miss football a lot I Had one day not like man. I wish I’d I wouldn’t hit Marshall But you can’t redo what’s been done? After Devon was injured I would always talk to Marshall just to check on him because I know once You’re involved in the situation we heard someone is gonna. Go through your mind you could tell that it weighed on him a little bit all the stuff that was going on in my mind I Was still thinking about Devon? As I ride the season out I’m getting updates about Devon recovery Every time I get an update it’s more positive. There’s just a big motivator like I was playing for him I Wanted to make him proud George Allegiant You know he really wanted to get a chance to meet Devon face-to-face, and you know it’s Justin ended his talk to him We decided to invite Devon his family down to one of our football games That was the first time I met washing impression Giggling in real life isn’t that your phone? That’s when to kill the blame kind of just switch From there. I was always trying reach out to him and you do the same He wished me. Good luck before games. It was just nice to be able to talk to him. That’s really what started this relationship And you just hit it off from there He wanted to Be there with me to his journey Because it’s not just mine as he is too He’s strong as now I don’t know if I’d be able to be as positive as he is Him going through one of the toughest things that a human could go through A lot of times people visit, but then as time goes on you know they sort of drift away But Marshall will kept in touch with the family, and they developed a strong friendship When something happens then that magnitude you you tend to get to know people a little bit more because you’re living through the pain and the corporal victory in the end And I just like hanging around him hanging out with them He’s just inspiration I’m here for you. You’re here for me Just like a normal brother would do for your liver They bonded with this injury. It’s something that we may not understand, but it’s something between the two of them Other than my wife’s family you know my first invites Madison nas wedding was Devon They’re meant a lot to me And washa was like can I push the bunny, and I’m like dude you’re getting married You’re supposed to be standing there waiting to walk in oh no no I want to do this myself. I Got to push him down, and you know let people kind of just see how he is family I Felt a part of the family I am part of the family I posted a video of devons first time being in a set of robotic legs Davonne always said he will walk again. I said even if it’s not on his own. Just yet. This is just a small stepping-stone When it first happened that’s kind of what I was praying for it to see that he couldn’t move it all much at first and to see him like that that’s unbelievable I Totally believe I’m gonna walk again in time better than I welcome before Davonne kinda made me realize that you know there’s more to life than football Really, it’s about relationships He is the most positive Inspirational person I’ve ever met I’m grateful that I was able to have a bond with him Fate brought us together B-but another life until my future It made us brothers You

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100 thoughts on “Former Football Players Devon Gales and Marshall Morgan Find Friendship in Tragedy”

  1. I had the opportunity to meet Marshall in Athens years ago and he is as kind as could be. Let's all pray for Devon to accomplish his dreams

  2. Made me cry this happened to me Thursday got hit head to head I couldn’t move for a solid two minutes scariest moment of my life thank the lord nothing happened and I prey he walks again and has a life

  3. Football is already a dangerous sport and if u let a guy that is underweight with a bunch of buff guys u goin to expect something bad…

  4. Bro I love this video so much so inspirational and amazing and a amazing bond between those too I love it this is what sports are about bringing people together even in rough times all my prayers go out to Devon games and marshall Morgan❤️👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  5. My brother laid Devon out because we were playing his high school in football one year my brother put the fear of god in that boy

  6. Such a beautiful story and what great people they are. Devon were all praying for you and a full recovery. This is how many people will attend Devon and Marshall’s funeral

  7. a racist white supremacist paralyzes a black kid, and we're expected to be grateful??? no fuck that white kid he intensionally did this to him, he owes him for life!

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  11. Your family have time begging people to love you after all that showing people that you set a people have love if it was the other way around it would have been vengeance forever you have time to waste please

  12. When will people realize that the color of your skin or the color on your jersey does not matter?
    I was crying the entire time.. I hope that he will walk once again.

  13. I love Devon's attitude, his heart and his smile. Praying for his complete recovery. Bravo to Marshall for being such a good friend and encourager.

  14. It’s 2019 I still watch this video all the time because I have a spinal cord injury myself and my injury is very similar to his we lost the same movements and have gained back the same movement it’s actually crazy how similar it is but I watch this all the time because his story gives me a lot of inspiration to get better I’m going to try to find him somewhere and try and reach out to him 🙌🏻😌👌🏻😌🙌🏻

  15. Watching these videos brings me to tears. I was in a huge wreck after a 94 year old ran a red Light leaving me on full life support for weeks months in the hospital and broke my neck, back, shattered pelvis, nerve damage down both legs, left side of my heart quit, lung collapse, broken ribs, spleen severed, kidney and liver failure and when I woke up from my coma I had a trach in my neck so couldn’t speak or move and I hated life. I went into the hospital weighing 194 when I left the hospital I weighed below 120 and I begged for death every day I wasn’t able to speak for over 3 months had to learn how to swallow and everything again and completely gave up on the idea of walking again. My dad came to me and told me the wreck wasn’t my fault but me sitting in bed is my fault even tho I’m in constant pain and had two caitheters I tried but lost hope and now almost two years later I’m officially out of my wheelchair and as of last month put my walker in my car and now use a Cain for very short distances

  16. You can tell that Marshall felt very bad and guilty about what happened. He tried to be helpful and include Devon in anything he could.

  17. I got to meet Devon this past football season because he played football at the same school I did and came to visit the team during week 6. He is one of the realest people I’ve met.

  18. Imagine if Devon moved his head a centimeter up before the hit his life would be totally different from what it is today. Even though it did not I am so glad they were really able to make the most of what happened

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  21. This is why our coaches tell us to never lower our heads . This is so emotional , hurt himself for the sport he loves the most

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