good evening and welcome to the annual
tailgate party here at Forest Hills Forest Hills is playing Bishop Carroll
tonight and this is the first year that the tailgate party is going to be held
in this location obviously I think we’re sort of standing on the location where
the old high school used to be and as you can see there is a huge crowd behind
me here lots and lots of vendors which would be all of the schools clubs and
organizations trying to sell their their food and different wares to collect some
money for their a great cause to support their organization or club so we’re
going to take a look around here and see if we can speak with some of these
people and obviously we have to try some food too right already has the hot
sausage in the pizza and it was out of this world
so take a walk with me and let’s go join a few of these people all right we just
stopped by the I believe this is the marching Rangers booth right and this is
one two web wander web is what so what do you do in the van Wanda treasure and
I’m a parent who supports me and we’re doing walking tacos for our general fund
for their trips their meals that we feed them on Fridays before the games and
whatever else we need flex music are you planning on any going anywhere special
this year you said trips well we are going to the collegiate band festival in
Allentown October first and then we’re starting to go to far accounts for our
2019 diss each other Wow fabulous are you participating in the band festival
in Allentown or are you just going to watch going to watch see all the talent
we sure hope you raise a lot of money here tonight it looks really good over
there I must say my belly’s full now Wow yes thank you Wanda thanks for joining
us and right next door to the marching Rangers we have got the forest hills
boris and mr. field par la who seem to interview you every year because you’re
just here just an easy interviewer here sounds good
hi we’re here selling mostly baked goods here we got some fudge we got some
cupcakes brownies cookies of muddy buddies all kinds of stuff zucchini
bread that’s new this year and we are raising money for watching a college
acapella contest in Pittsburgh in the spring that’s something we always seem
to do getting the bus is expensive so we tried to fray the cost with our sale
here at the tailgate and the kids love getting to see it actually as last year
we went and we saw one of our own force I’m competing in the acapella college’
contest at hit I was one of the chaperones and it was awesome it was so
much fun yes I was it was a wonderful experience
and that was surprised I didn’t expect to see our alum there and it was just it
was just great the kids who went there absolutely loved it we heard a fabulous
group that placed a second in the world as a feature group there so we’re
looking forward to going back and make sure I’m a chaperone I put a plug in for
my brownies these are the best brownies right here these chocolate ones with
peanut butter chips they’re really really good I think those foods should
be charged like five dollars apiece you’re so cute Thank You Phil I
appreciate it it’s really smoky back here and it’s burning my eyes but with
us right now is mr. Boyer shakes a senior Holden okay so so this is Rick
golden and and he is in charge what what are we swear were sellin what Frank and
toss pizzas for Spanish Honor Society and we made handmade them and made the
dough and everything and they’re delicious check it out many of them and
they’re gonna be delicious and there won’t be any left I can guarantee that I
will say that I had one and it was really really good and let me say one
thing I was in Spanish Honor Society and the only thing I remember is my llamo
Paco that’s it Paco me llamo Paco that’s it e tu como se
llaman llamo Ricardo Oh see that okay Senor golden thank you so much we hope
you make lots of money okay so right here hi Love Bug right
here is I think it’s cross country right cross country and they are painting
faces as you can see this is rose right now I am doing her face paint so I’m
gonna do a little dot so she can show some range of pride and we’re also doing
braids and cool Ranger are tattoos it’s fabulous
so what’s your money going towards dear it’s gonna go towards our boosters
because we recently lost our Invitational that we do and so this is
gonna be our new fundraiser that’s right because he used to beat the old junior
high oh so sad so we hope you make lots and lots of money let’s check this out
look she’s braiding hair yes who you really do you make money braiding hair
no I mean I do my friends hair sometimes think I could do that get a close-up of
this check this out I think you should put like green and
gold beads in there too okay I will good job sweetie pie it looks beautiful
so far very nice look who I found this is my niece’s Kayla scarf and tonight’s
a special night for the cheerleaders I understand what’s going on Kayla
they invited all the alumni that come back who are cheerleaders to honor us so
we are going to get to go out before the game and make a tunnel with the current
cheerleaders and welcome to football players on the field and then at
halftime they’re gonna call us out by decade and honor us and go over all the
national championships that have been won okay so did you bring your old
cheerleader uniform are you putting that puppy on we’re not doing uniform but I
do have my throwback jacket here I think you should have worn the uniform Oh know
that now did you did you bring trophies or anything else trophies nope just
myself in my jacket I do expect a full pyramid at least maybe seven layers high
tonight we’ll try for it I’ll try to get that on on film whenever I’m doing a
sideline reporting okay so make sure you come down my way so we can get the big
pyramid will do will do thanks Kayla and joining me right now are two members of
our marching Rangers this is Kaden and Ashton so tell me all about your um your
halftime show it’s been really fun and amazing to
perform with all of our members of Forest Hill and it’s just a fun
experience to go through what we’ve been going through and Forest Hills is the
best place that you could possibly go to I’m not so sweet
I’m glad you enjoy it honey that that’s that’s a huge huge thing that you enjoy
what you’re doing right so what do you think you’ve been practicing for quite
some time right yes we have we’ve actually got like Van
Camp over the summer and it’s for two weeks straight so and then we had
practices after school so it’s been a lot to go through but it’s really fun in
the end so and tell me what your theme is this year I think I know what it is
but you can go ahead and tell me it is the Beatles I love the Beatles
love it what’s your name sweetie Caitlin Cameron England well thank you
all so much for joining us I wish you the best of luck tonight during the
halftime show I’m sure you’ll just kill it so proud of
you already thank you all right so I’m glad that I was able to
give you a little tour of the first tailgate party in in the new location
if you can look behind me obviously we’ve got the new school back there and
this is the first full year inside that building and if you haven’t had a chance
to come down and check it out at some point please make sure you do that come
and see this new beautiful building that the Forest Hill School District has for
its students and for the community so I’m going to actually put on my mic and
I’m going to head back over there and I’m going to grab a little bit more to
eat and I will see you a little bit later on the sidelines we’re going to
take us out to Jim and Scott up in the press box
good evening Ranger fans welcome the gh Miller stadium for the site of tonight’s
Laurel Highlands matchup between the Forest Hills Rangers and the Huskies of
Bishop Carroll it’s always a great scene here at Forest Hills when it’s when it’s
a football night tonight even a little bit more special I’d say we have four
honoring a lot of community tonight we’ve got youth football players here
that will be announced prior to the game at halftime we’re honoring some
cheerleaders past present and future my left we have a big tailgate party that’s
an annual event here at Forest Hills or where we have vendors selling food and
drinks and it brings a lot of people in with one common reason to celebrate
Forest Hills football here with Jim lijinsky my father it’s always an honor
to do a game with him and just talk about football so it’s more on tonight’s
matchup I’ll hand it over to him thank you Scott good evening everyone tonight
we have what on paper would look like a mismatch with the three no Forest Hills
Rangers and the : three Bishop Carroll Huskies as we spoke both coaches before
the game both reiterate that the game has to be played
neither teaches T neither team is giving anything away to the other one horse
toes is expecting a big matchup and Bishop Carroll is as the coach said
they’re ready they’re always ready to play Forest Hills he said I’ve never
seen a Forest Hills team is afraid to hit
we’re looking forward to tonight’s battle and we’re here to hope we bring
you the action on channel 182 the ranger station thank you good evening once again ladies and
gentlemen and welcome to gh Dora field for the Forest Hills Ranger versus
Bishop Carroll Husky game you see the Rangers are getting ready to come onto
the field we have a beautiful night for a football game here in Sidman yes it
sure is a nice crowd on hand here this evening as well we’ll get into some of
the festivities that went on but as you see the Rangers run through this tunnel
it is an extra-long tunnel but our youth football guys out there some u2
cheerleaders a wonderful night for the community here in Ranger country here
they come the Forest Hills Band as is tradition welcomed them through the
tunnel and the Rangers are on the field ah the energy is just wonderful down
here guys I can like it right nothing like a Friday night Sidman look at all
those future little Rangers running off the field they’re looking up to their
high school heroes right now and wondering someday they’ll be able to
bond the green and gold of Forest Hills in a varsity game the officials are
getting the captain’s now to go onto the field
the officiating crews from the Altoona chapter headed by a head referee John
Garrett a no umpire Zach helmet Hallman linesman steve winter stein line Judge
Jeff Fink sigh judge bill Krauss and Phil Judge Frank Garrett a know John
Garrett a knows brother the Phil the toss of course was held before the game
and this is just a ceremonial toss as we’ll find out the toss was won by
Bishop Carroll and they opted to defer no seller to the second half they’ll
have their choice in the second half for stills then had the choice to go on
offense or defense and they of course took the ball and Bishop Carroll will
kick from the scoreboard towards the Fieldhouse and defend the scoreboard for
the beginning of the game and the players are lined up for the ceremonial
Laurel Highlands sportsmanship handshake that occurs after the ceremonial toss of
the coin and actually guys if I could interrupt you for just a moment if you
wanted come down here to the sideline I have
with me and mr. Joe jaronda he is our athletic director here at Forest Hills
and there is a special award in his hand he’s going to tell us a little bit about
that I can’t yes last week our boys were awarded the wjc team of the week for
their 29-28 victory over John’s found this is the black that WJZ presented to
the team that is awesome actually I saw that on on the news this morning I
believe congratulations to the team fantastic thanks Joe for sharing with us
back to you guys thank you thank you mister jaronda for sharing that
presentation with us and it might touch on that throughout the broadcast last
week’s game was just an instant classic between two outstanding Laurel Highlands
football teams captains tonight representing the Rangers is number 10
John long number 67 Jensen Bowen number 75 is Nick parrot
inand number 24 is Eric Elgin for Bishop Carroll we have sat borer number 14
number 21 is Christian Stoltz number 24 Shane Seymour and number 54 Noah kenick as mr. Garrett Anna was showing us
forest hills will receive and defend the build us it’s kind of anticlimactic with
the ceremonial coin toss when did they start doing the the coin toss prior to
actual right before kickoff it was designated that the coin toss is going
to be done a half an hour before the game it was probably instigated about
six years ago okay and you know this is something that’s a
little different than a way it was a long time ago but you see the Rangers
are on a huddle there and they’re saying the prayer but you notice the coaches
aren’t there the coaches aren’t allowed to lead the
team in prayer any longer and it has to be done by a player or players and it’s
sort of that’s what’s happening right now on the field and looks like both
teams are ready to go we’re anticipating a very exciting Laurel Highlands
football game absolutely so what we have here is a three and OH Ranger team
coming off an outstanding performance as we said last week against Johnstown
right here in Sidman where the Rangers prevailed 29 to 28 after I believe six
lead changes occurred in that contest kind of came down to who had the ball
last type of outcome but there were huge plays made on both sides of the ball so
you know you come into a game any game following something like that and you
wonder about emotions of the team and mindset of the team are they are they
able to get back up to that level of intensity to come out here against the
Bishop Carroll team that frankly has had their struggles this year we’ll talk
about their arrow may be trending upward a little bit but it’s still a young team
and it’s still a team that just doesn’t have the numbers that Forest Hills does
so I’m interested to see the the emotional mindset of Forest Hills can
you come out here with that intensity with that enthusiasm when you know
you’re playing what should be on paper a lesser opponents poured the kickoff for
Bishop Carroll Trevor hug we’ll be teeing the ball up kickoff to the deep
man from Forest Hills or number five Brad Madigan number 10 John long and
number 24 Eric Elgin so we are looking forward to the beginning of the game you know you just wonder if a team that
has been down might not come out with something a little strange to throw
off-balance who knows maybe an onside kick or something like that let’s see
number 32 Trevor hook will do tease the ball up at
the 40 short kick taking the 35 yard line
Seth Richards I’m Seth to the outside you need to block from John be careful
that’s still fighting down to the 30 35 yard line 35 to the 35 we got a 30-yard
return there by Seth Richardson short kick and taking it found some blockers
up the middle turn to the outside call the ball spot it at the 36 yard
line yeah great start number 10 John long
kind of leading the way in front of Seth there for a minute
kind of got close to a push in the flat in the back but wasn’t called
quarterback Adam Caesarea brings a team up gets the ball in John John Long’s
hands immediately breaks the tackle picks up a first down we’re gonna hear
those two names a lot as we’ve already heard them a lot throughout this young
season Adams to Syria to John long these two yeah they’re remarkable athletes
with the timing and chemistry that they’ve worked on throughout the
offseason is evident when you watch a ranger game – Cerie again forced Holt Woolfolk
number 21 catches that pass just picked it up off the ground
bring up a second down and about four hey Adam got the nose of that ball down
a little bit like to hit him between the numbers and give Forrest a chance to do
something with it after he catches it nonetheless it’s a six yard gain second
down and four Eric Elgin dot CI into back film three
passes in a row by Caesarea thus one out to number fourteen
yep that’s haven’t cut and run another Ranger first-time three similar passes
aren’t they just that quick one two step drop get it out of his hands quickly and
so far the Huskies aren’t covering that short flat pass a little dog route to
the receiver I wouldn’t doubt we’ll see soon a play where he’ll pump faked in
one of those short routes and the receiver will go deep or another another
one deep yeah get those defensive backs and linebackers creep it in a little bit
and you can pump and go it’s first and goal now elgin with the
ball and hard run and he scores i got across for the touchdown number 24
eric elgin in for the first touchdown of the night two for play drive after the
nice return by Seth Richardson 36 yards in four plays thirty six and four couple
quick passes from Adam to three different receivers so we go four plays
four different people handle in the Rock and Elgin gets rewarded with a touchdown
we’re going to kick the extra point here with number 35 that’s Josh Jones kick is
up and there’s the signal it’s through with 10 minutes and 27 seconds remaining
in the first quarter Forest Hills gets the early lead 7 nothing over Bishop
Carroll Shaw Jones is ready to kick it off after that first touchdown here for
the Rangers back for Bishop taro is number three jarred Grove he’s the deep
man Jones it elects to line up from the left hash mark the kickers option
anywhere between the hash marks nice company to have an eight-yard line nice run it’s a nice strong return from
Jared drove broken several tackles to give the Huskies fill position right
around the 35 yard line 27 yard return up through the middle of the Rangers
special team defense take our first look at this ranger defense tonight you
notice number 12 Adams the serie is not out there as he typically is he’s
obviously the the quarterback for the Rangers and suffered an early need early
season knee injury it is available to play defense but coach Bailey has
decided to see if fum see how these other guys respond without Adam out
there low snap was bobbled in the Carroll backfield and picked it up
number 32 ran the ball and advanced it number 32 is Trevor Hogue and maybe half
a yard game bring up a second and 9 not sure what you’re gonna see as far as
formations go from this BC offense coach Billings was talking before the game but
they’ll come out in multiple looks depending on what the defense shows and
try to expose some weakness good hard run there from number 32 and it’ll bring
up a third and five Trevor Hogue is is kind of the bell cow if you will for the
Bishop Carroll Huskies leave the team in carries yards yards per attempt most
major rushing statistical categories so look to see a steady dose of him cut trips going out to the left for
Bishop Carroll and information as coach Billings told us before the game they
will spread out and show you many different looks well the option there maybe two will
bring up a fourth down fourth and three or stills is sending back John long we
can assume a punt but like you said you never know when a team is back is
against the wall what they’ll try out would safe to say early on here try to
stay in the ball game on it away in her acknowledge enjoins John long and deep
receivers for Forest Hills I don’t think the Rangers are taking anything for
granted here as far as a punt there have their defense ready kind of a base deep
look just with two really really deep safeties short punt takes a relatively friendly Bishop
Carroll bounced and filled down it at the 28 yard line 28 our land flips the
field somewhat for them necessary leads not in the huddle he’ll going into this
week Adam Caesarea was the fourth leading research on sorry fourth leading
quarterback passer in the area and considering that he missed that’s goes
as far as yardage is concerned and considering he missed the last three
quarters of the first game that’s quite impressive he drops back theat he’s
looking deep throwing long to Long John long has got the ball not gonna catch
him I’m not gonna catch that I’m gonna catch him wow what a play we called it
he said last Drive they’re gonna go short short set up the deep bomb yeah
and when you get John long running free sorry you’re just gonna see the 1 0
running away from you and I got moving he can move probably the fastest guy in
the field he runs track and does a great job in that aspect
now John long was the coming into this game the third leading receiver in the
area and a game like this mate just Jack came up a little further no statistical
categories we’re talking I believe 72 yards on one play yes
Oh boink kick hit the left upright and his no guns
so with 7 minutes and 53 seconds to go in the first quarter Forest Hills takes
a 13 nothing lead all right we’re ready for another
kickoff here in the first quarter Josh Jones is back down the left side last
time it does it again all right another top front Mallis be
down around the 35 yard line again another good return chain Deedle on the
tackle there in that kickoff return look at Bishop Carroll coming out of the wall
offensive huddle and they have they have some size up front looks like some big
strong kids early deficit here though shut gun formation a host of Rangers led
by Erik Elgin and number 22 Jake Delic on the stop
Trevor hug with the carry off the pitch from the 14 Zack borer is the
quarterback for Bishop Carroll so it’s second down and nine now after that
minimal game once again we have flankers of twins out
to the left and we have a whistle on a play yet the quarterback has also
flanked by two backs it’s the first penalty we have on the day it is what do
you think formation something guys on the line offsides on the Rangers
I have a dead ball and track infraction someone had crossed into the neutral
zone I don’t be a five-yard penalty brings up
second and four see if they come with the same formation with a different
distance it looks the same or gets a snap against it once again to Hoag short
gain give them one I think we’ll call it third excuse me yes third and three long
334 excuse me two for him back to pass gonna take a deep
shot down the sideline overshoots his man he’s going for number 24
Shane Seymour was Bishop Carroll’s first pass attempt he threw an ice ball over
through his receiver John long was defending on the play on long was back
there 13 Dillon fie off was back there as well
fourth down and two looks like the Huskies are coming out punt formation
once again Eric elgin and john long are back deep for the Rangers the the punter
takes a little bit of a soccer-style run at the ball before he kicks it and this
time I’m gonna run and keep it I think he got a first down
got the yardage on the fake punt ah there’s what we talked about not to be
wary of everything and I think the Rangers were not shocked by the call as
I said before they’re kind of in a base defense look they’re just with extra
deep safeties to receive but sorry the punter Maverick fair ball got to got the
snap looked like he was gonna punt and then took off and he has some nice
blocking around the outside picked up a first down yeah Huskies approaching
midfield guess who Trevor Hogue again up the
middle minimal gain there maybe give him one take Delic on the stop for the Rangers
assisted by a couple other green shirts second down and about eight Ruben Lee number 13 flanks out to the
right option to the right falls on the ground and hugger he covered his own
fumble she did loss in a play brings up a third and long about third and 13
coach Billings told us this they could they could give us some option looks
quarterback moving to his right that’s two should be the easier pitch to make
there and look pitch looks solid but when you have a couple defenders bearing
down on you sometimes you glance up and don’t catch the ball cleanly it takes
just one little peek and next thing you know it’s a six yard loss we got third
and 13 now as the Huskies get behind the chains again three wide receivers left
and the ball is on the ground and it looks like the Rangers got this one yes
they do a number 67 from Forest Hills up with the recovery that’s Jensen Bowen
Forest Hills takes out her first and 10 at their own Bishop Carroll 40 yard line
with a relatively short field good field position for the Rangers speaking to the
coaches before the game both teams are coming in relatively healthy
both teams of course have some Nicks and bruises but they both both coaches felt
that they were in pretty good shape physically for the game yeah Jensen
Bowen got to be a captain tonight it’s a fumble recovery here in the first
quarter have yourself a day Cirie rolls out the pass to his right finds forest
running down the right side run Forrest run number 21 for schools hook fakes the
ball down to the bottom 7 yard line it looks like from here there’s forest
coming across that formation kind of a little bootleg or waggle action to the
right and hits forest and stride everybody getting involved in the
offense for the for the Ranger so far so Seri really spreading the wealth I Cirie
and coach Bailey yes I believe that Caesarea has not missed a pass yet and
everyone has been completed to at least four different receivers they line up
the ball is on a six yard line that trips to the left the series gonna keep
this one and head up the middle he makes a move dives towards the end zone over
the ends he is across the goal line for the touchdown 6 yard run Adams to Siri brings the score of 19 nothing now a 404
remaining in the first quarter Rangers are rolling extra-point pending
Josh Jones again there you see athletic director Joe Tyrande his head
is always down but I promise you he’s not bumming he is very very active on
social media during not just football games but a lot of Ranger athletic
events to keep Ranger fans that can’t make a contest up to date on what’s
going on you can just follow them on Twitter Paul of course tells athletics
and you get great updates usually from the hands of Joe Tyrande who’s very
dedicated at keeping everybody posted it’s a great a great addition to what he
does Josh Jones his extra point kick was good makes the score 20 to nothing with
404 remaining in the first quarter forced Hills on top I have to say guys I
follow Joe and for Stella’s athletics and he does a great job with all the
sporting events actually he does my phone was going off last night late
after some of the games and it’s great great to have him I’ll tell you it
really is he’s a great benefit he’s a great asset to our school the voice you
just heard was our girl Kim Hostetler on our sideline reporter and camera
operator Kim has been working with the ranger station of Forest Hills Network
for since its inception big job I love it anything for the kids or still ski
kickoff is taken by number four bishop track 24 Bishop Carroll that’s a nice
tackle there by number 28 Jace Hudson Shane see more on the return I love
watching these guys on kickoff return or excuse me on on kickoff team it’s a lot
harder than it looks the kids have to stay in their lanes not just fly at the
ball but once they see an angle where they can make a play and make a hit you
got to go after harden and boy Hudson made a nice solid form tackle there
Forest Hills head kick has kicked off now three times twice Bishop Carroll
started on the 35 yard line now at the 34 yard line
you mix it up a little very consistent blitz by the Rangers and au loss on the
play Nick parrot and on the stop to Forest
Hills for a two-yard loss brings up second and 12 for Bishop Carroll Nick
parrot mr. reliable senior been doing it for a long time you find the ball you’re
gonna find Nick parrot and somewhere near it anchors that line does or at
least you know one will make up his man or be double-teams to the linebacker and
come up and make the play cherry consistent player trips left for Bishop
Carroll and they give inside again hope takes the ball and powers up to the 35
yard line Bowen on the stump for the Rangers I don’t want to say anything I
don’t know if I’m gonna be a jinx or not but Bishop Carroll has not cross
midfield into Ranger territory yet and things like that sometimes in a lopsided
game can become a source of pride for a defense Jana set many goals to keep the
edge and stay sharp and I wouldn’t doubt if there’s guys out
there talking on defense they don’t cross this line they don’t cross that
line just to stay focused and intense high snap
pressure Oh Nick Paton been on stop for another loss brings up fourth down and
11 and we talked about coach Bailey coach
Bailey is has been a legend in the Forest Hills area
this is his it believe it’s his 44th season 45th season something like that
he coached one year of junior high out of college here at Forest Hills not then
work out for him no because he became the head varsity coach next year has
been here ever since get back to that little bit of his
statistics in a minute right now the Rangers are in deep putt receiving
information and the soccer style kick this time is shanked a little to the
right and goes out of bounds at the 49 yard line
Moore good field position yeah that one just didn’t come off a sport right kind
of kick this to the side maybe a fake punt would have been a way to go again there’s Ranger band playing one of their
favorite tunes staple and Sidman on a game night festive atmosphere this
evening I was talking to a few of the band members prior to the game out at
the tailgate and they said their theme this year is the Beatles ah the Beatles
yes first and ten at the 49 yard lines – Cerie back to pass looking to go deep
uh-oh his receiver number three Richardson fell down slipped on the play
right and that’s the first incompletion I believe for Caesarea tonight yeah and
I was watching Adam instead of the rout run by Richardson and it didn’t see if
he slipped if there was some contact out there in the secondary but certainly
there was no one home or that one landed III pretty pretty sure he slipped on
them on the cut second and ten this is very under center this time and
quick out to join long in space Wow Wow roaring down isn’t he oh he is number 75
for Bishop Carroll Steve Morris made the push a yes touchdown saving tackle but
not after a big game by John long boy where stills takes the ball down to the
32 34 yard line I’d like that make play callers look
good don’t they just a quick screen get your super athlete the ball in some
space and let him go to work looks a lot like Antonio Brown for the Steelers way
to get the ball to him quickly yeah Eric Allen to carry brought down by three
Huskies after gain of about two he earned there’s two yards that’s for sure
yes yeah the host of Huskies there to bring him down we’re nearing the end of
the first quarter here inside of 40 seconds to go so where there will be at
least one more play barring an incomplete pass or first down something
along those lines this will be the last play of the quarter Adam rolls out to his left squares those
shoulders let’s it rip down the middle little behind John long that time as he
was coming across the formation to the near sideline and the play was also
broken up by the Husky defender so there is that incomplete pass which does stop
the clock with 16 seconds to go and then we have a penalty we have a personal
foul roughing the passer penalty on Bishop Carroll it’s gonna give for
stills and first down inside the 20-yard line personal foul as you see a referee
roughing the passer on Bishop Carroll you know the first game of the year when
Adam Caesarea got hurt it was on a personal foul penalty when he was hit in
the knee in personal foul and then I’m against Westmont right and guess what’s
what and it you know that’s a key player like that it taken out of your offense
although Coonrod the backup quarterback did an outstanding job that day it’s
tough to lose a three-sport star like Adams – Cerie
– any kind of an injury Evan did a wonderful job filling in you’re right
now what does we see some him later this evening taking some snaps oh we’re gonna
have a penalty on doors – okay speaking of Evan Coonrod we just saw him on the
receiving end of a touchdown pass there but like you said it’s going to come
back adam was over the line of scrimmage when he threw the ball I believe so
we’ll have an illegal forward pass if my guess is correct I think it I think
you’re accurate there looked like he was passed it seemed there’s a signal an
illegal forward pass so I lost it down and that would be a five-yard penalty
from the spot he threw the ball so is the loss of down and we’ll bring up a
second down and about well should be less than 15 he was over the line when
he threw it all right okay second 14 now we’re not kidding this might actually be
the last play of the first two or 29 seconds on the clock Adam rolls to his right has John out
there he’s gonna keep it himself her – a man heading down that right
sideline he jumped over Christian kenick and she took the ball down to about a
third and five situation there over somebody up through the tackle there he
went in low so items said I’ll just go over the top and it’s 20 to nothing
Forest Hills at the end of one quarter we’re gonna flip the field and be back
right after this short commercial break all right we flipped the field here to
start the second quarter there’s coach Anthony Brezza Vic it’s nice they let
him participate in athletic events okay here we go
the serie brings him up for a third down five to go for a first down around the
15 yard line nine seconds on the play clock Oh trouble choosing to go down
finally dragged down by a couple of Huskies I think led by number 56 Wyatt
kosecki there with a lot of pressure he wanted John out to his left coverage was
solid you just couldn’t find somebody that brings us to a fourth and five I
imagine the Rangers will just go for it here rather than attempt a field goal Nik parroting over the ball getting
ready to snap it necessary and we have a whistle field we have time out for stew
horse pill that’s the first taken time out of the first half maybe some
confusion on the formation like one of the receivers coming into the trips here
on the near side was getting there late maybe unsure of the play call so first
one burnt here early in the second quarter P I double a rules state that
when you have a timeout the coach the coach can go out to the center of the
field and talk to the players there one coach or the players can come over to
the sidelines and it’s supposed to be from the numbers to the sidelines and
all of the players can be talked to by all of the coaches so many times you’ll
see the players come to the sidelines in case a line coach want to address the
linesman and the backs of back coach the backs right there you saw assistant
coach Justin Meyers was out there along with coach Bailey making sure we get
this fourth down play set up the way we want it John longest wide right trips to
the right having Coonrod and Seth Richardson flanked out there also so
Sarah rose to his right looking for those receivers you don’t see that often that ball was
moving and had a little mustard on it but it did go through the hands of John
long right near the goal line would have at least been a first down but maverick
terrible I would defend it on a play hit John just as the ball did a nice
defensive play by the Bishop Carroll cornerback hey Devin terrible definitely
took had some role in that in that ball coming free but you just get used to
seeing John make so many spectacular plays you know we mentioned that Adams s
eries a three sports outstanding athlete here at Forest Hills besides football of
course he is an outstanding basketball player for the basketball team and he
also is an outstanding baseball players matter of fact he’s made a verbal
commitment to play baseball in college at Wake Forest Lake Forest and
outstanding baseball school now you watch him play the quarterback position
here and it’s hard to believe this isn’t is isn’t his best sport I guess Nick
paraffin busted into the backfield held on held off on rushing the passer
because he had a man out in front of him and he almost intercepted that ball
great read seeing that guys sneak out and instead of just go for the ball kind
of sniffing out to play there and putting a stop to him we just see coming
up the stands here Rob dill who was last night hired as the assistant elementary
principal at Forest Hills congratulations Rob flag coming in on
the play they’re usually in the area of holding chop block excuse me I’ll block on
Bishop Carroll chop block a curse and it’s a dangerous situation waiting to
see that a player is engaged with a blocker hi and then another blocker
comes in and hits below the waist that’s a chop block and it’s a dangerous thing
it’s a good thing that they have a penalty for that it’s a big penalty also
but in this case it’ll be half the distance to the goal penalty yeah that
is dangerous for a players knees measure second and 17 long snap count oh that’s
another big hit that’s jake Delic and eric elgin on the stock brings up a
third and 17 something we go option to the left this time
another hard run by hoax stiffs arm stiff arms of man finally brought down
then by Jake Shope for the Rangers and the Huskies will be forced to punt which
has been somewhat of an adventure for both Bishop Carroll and Forest Hills low line drive kind of wobbly kick now
Rangers would be best served just to let it bounce which they do and that ball is
down about the 45 yard line 43 yard three yard line already in husky
territory the Rangers will take over with a 20 to nothing lead Eric Elgin a big run Eric Elgin takes
the ball down to the 26 yard line first down Forest Hills nice burst off that
right side 32 tackles and roof 16 yards on the play where they do a lot of
different things with John long now he’s the deep man in the backfield
Eric Elgin the up back right hand off to that up back it’s Elgin again they’re
gonna feed the beast he’s peein home hung on to buy his jersey up by the the
horse collar area there up right by the helmet slowed him down for a little bit
but he broke free that one gained another Ranger first down ball is at the
14 yard line first and 10 Carter Vitas comes out of the game right
now for Forest Hills and Evan Coonrod is flanking way out to the right pitch goes
too long he cuts it right up the middle boy he gets those gold shoes are moving
and it takes it right across the goal line puts one foot on the ground makes a
quick cut and a decisive cut you know no dancing around sees a hole and explodes
through it raid your touchdown 14-yard touchdown for John long Kim what do you
think of those gold shoes down there you get a look at those they are really
snazzy I must say I’m try to get a close-up but these guys are sort of
everywhere right yeah they’re actually shiny they are when
they pastor do you think they had some definitely sass so looks like certainly
extra points up and good from Josh Jones it’s 27 nothing
Rangers about eight minutes to go here in the second quarter Jones ready to kick off for the Rangers
802 remaining in the first half ball is kicked deep number 54 returns the ball
for Bishop Carroll that’s Noah couch yes and they’re going to start a little bit
further back than they normally do on kickoffs they’re gonna be about the 28
26 yard line I guess it is first and ten for Bishop Carroll you know this looks
like with with a win tonight and I’m going to guess that Forest Hills
will win this game this sets up a great game next week at Beijing Park between
the undefeated as of right now and 50 in a row win
Bishop guilfoyle yeah against the undefeated Rangers that will be a test
and must-see high school football game a saint complete there Zack borer kind of
came up a little short there it could be the game of the year in the Laurel
Highlands it would go a long way you think yeah and deciding the least
conference champion absolutely right now with the three and OH record and the big
win the Forest Hills had last week over Johnstown Forest Hill sits the top of
the district rankings in the triple-a category
Bishop Carroll sends trips out to the left on a second and 10 option to the right excuse me to the
left nice tackle there blue you watch a play developed there’s good old Nick
Barrett and again and his job covering that option he’s hit the quarterback
even if he pitches the ball if you think he’s gonna pitch the ball there’s a guy
that has the running back and there’s the guy that has the quarterback Nicky
hit the quarterback he did he put him on the ground and you know that’s that’s
such a tough iffy situation for the referee to decide upon because if the
quarterback is clearly out of the play that is an illegal hit but the
quarterback is has the ball he may run it may take y’all back exacts that fakes
that pitch and you and you you know don’t hit him you’re in trouble you got
to go through with it and make the tackle
Rangers mixing in some new players on defense here we’ll try to get some names
for you hon other great hit I’d say Herc Elgin I thought so I wanted to be sure
before I said it he came up and really cleaned up that play with a solid solid
tackle that running went back running back went backwards and we have a hold
on Bishop Carroll on that play now that is interesting it would have brought up
a fourth and one I think Forest Hills will take the yardage because Bishop
Carroll quite frankly is having a hard time picking up that yardage and that’s
gonna bring and they take it from the spot of the foul of course so that’s
gonna bring up about a third and 15 it’s been a relatively penalty-free first
half a couple couple miscues either way but we haven’t had a shower
of flags which is always nice to say it is trips left again for Carroll when we 0 here to the left sideline Oh a
great attempt by heaven Coonrod tried to do a little toe drag swag there on the
sidelines but and his feet were out of bounds and no doubt about it but he did
catch the ball brought it in made a nice grab but no one was gonna catch that
ball in bounds where anyone was going to it was gonna be Evan and he did catch
the ball but yeah how do violence brings up a 4th and about 15 4 for Bishop
Carroll Huskies once again John long and Eric Elgin back to receive the punt they’re about 30 yards from the line of
scrimmage down there the Carroll’s punts have generally been short man in motion
on this punt play and snap is bobbled but it is returnable on long with a
block elgin gets the corner nice return down to the 32 yard line of bishop
carroll eric elgin makes a nice return in that ball about the 20 yard return
and pushed out of bounds by number 32 Trevor Hogue – so with 6 minutes and 23
seconds on the second quarter clock for stills up 27 nothing Cirie’s still in a quarterback telogen
along behind him Vegas too long gonna throw back too long that screen is set
up gets a block from paracin he turns on those Jets the gold shoes are tapping
into the end zone one more time a 32 yard pass and catch from Caesarea too
long for the touchdown I got to get a pair of those shoes squad I don’t think
I’d help you sorry anything’s worth the drive you need a
pair of John Long’s legs now I don’t know if I can afford that
John long a 32-yard touchdown catch from Adam so Sarah brings up an interesting
point here the score is now 33 nothing Forest Hills is lining up to kick the
extra point the reason I say this is interesting is because they missed an
extra point earlier if they would go 4-2 and convert it would potentially set up
a running clock in the second half but they’re going to try to kick the ball
see if we can set the score at 34 nothing and Josh Jones kicks kicks it
and it is good I won’t look nice right after the very
nice oh we got a flag down right in the flame kind of late right a little bit I
guess it was I think it was after after the kick not sure what we’re going on here but it
came came from the side the line judge territory Hawaiian judge Judah flag officials are discussing this will see
with John Garrett Anna the referee has to say
preliminary signal is a dead ball personal foul on Forest Hills the extra
point will be good the penalty will be assessed on the kickoff so for stills
instead of kicking off from the 40-yard line we’ll move it back 15 yards they’ll
kick off from the 25-yard lines now I wonder if Bishop Carroll will be able to
cross midfield with this little advantage penalty is now being stepped
off official takes it back to the 25-yard line
Jones will have to kick it from there that moves the heat meant for Bishop
Kerr all the way up to around the 35 40 yard line it’s a nice-looking kick build it about
the 31 yard line and it’s brought out near midfield up to 49 gr Grove was on
the reception of that kick and took it back nicely well Scott they have not
crossed midfield yet here’s the kinks you were the jinx they didn’t cross when
I said it fight nice boys now wait a minute he’s
still have two yards I don’t know if they’re gonna make it which is just a
credit to our defensive course when a direct snap number 21 for bishop
carroll christian Stoltz gets law and runs it around the left side for a nice
game brings up second down and about six at the 46 of course tells of Forest
Hills and spokes taking snaps now
something a little different throwing a little wrinkled at Forest Hills here
instead of traditional quarterback Bower being back there for excuse me number 14
number 21 Stoltz has been taken the direct snaps you see if he can find some
Running Room number 42 Shane bellick on the picture-perfect tackle got the
shoulder grin around a waist and drove him back
very nice job by mr. Delic third about six another option placeand bailed on Eric
Elgin again on the stock before stills along with number 42 Shane Delic those
true that hit the quarterback the helican Elgin the running back hits the
running back what did what did coach from Bishop Carroll tell us before the
game excuse me coach Sean Billings he said all the years playing against
Forest Hills coach against Forest Hills I never met a team that wouldn’t hit you
that didn’t like to him and boy she’s been kind of proving that correct
tonight the Rangers defense is bringing it so coach Billings says coach now for
nine years at Bishop Carroll two of which have been is as head coach he also
played for Bishop Carroll back in the days of when they actually went to state
championship games and won no I think they’ve lost in a Finals I think they
win one I don’t think a fact check five-yard loss brings up fourth in about
ten once again John long Eric Elgin back for their ages
and punt receiving formation when he runs with it a while before he
winds up and kicks that soccer style kick no fair catch called by Elgin he
just receives the ball and then receives the heads but it doesn’t seem to bother
him with the the punter there I think that the coach almost gives him an
option on that you know he runs out to his right to kick the ball and he has an
option to be running with it we’re kicking it depending on what the defense
is doing what times you talk about you hear RPO run-pass option on plays he has
a run kick option I think you’re right and you know one time we saw it work for
a first down he denied to keep it and I think you know you flirt a little with
danger when you’re doing that because at the last second you decide I’m going to
kick it and it may be a second too late but it’s been working out fine for them put pass out to that joke there number
five turns it on he gets the first out gain of 11 I’d be interested to know because I
don’t know how to figure it out and even if I did I probably wouldn’t get it
accurately but now it’s the series quarterback rating is for his
performance so far tonight very what do you have one incompletion
all I can remember so near perfect whatever that number is in prose is 150
I oh there it goes Elgin gets a block on the outside he’s off to the races one
man to beat okay get him what a run folks AK yeah
that’s the guy we’ve been calling on defense all night making those big hits
usually see him pounding the ball up the middle on offense I’m gonna tell you
what he can’t run to me is a big man that can move he turned on the Jets
usually does the heavy lifting for the Rangers when it comes to getting the
short yardage but that was a 60 yard run check on that we have with us Paul berry
AK from the Tribune Democrat here excellent reporter and we’re gonna check
with him what he has for the distance on that kick on that return Jones his extra
point is up and good Paul would he say how far was that
how far was that run 65 yard run by Eric Elgin for the touchdown so you talk
about the running clock now to clarify it has to be in the second half correct
any time in the second half a team gets a thirty five point lead
there’s Nephi 35-nothing it can be in 42 by seven so wearing a score by the
bishop carroll huskies here the second half we’ll start under those
circumstances exactly we’ll talk a little bit about
the rules as far as the running clock going in the second half if we get to
that situation but for now we have a second we talked about the community
involvement tonight at Forest Hills and that’s going to be very evident at
halftime what I don’t think they’ve ever done
this before at least that I can recall they’ve got the Alumni cheerleaders
rounded up and I want to find the number but they supposedly got a great turnout
and responds to their call and they’re going to be recognized on the field I
believe before the bands perform at halftime every part of a ranger football
game is is big and important to somebody for some reason or another and Horst
Hill does a great job at honoring all facets of that Jones again to kick off from the 40 this
time grounds this kick taking around 2:20 return to the 32 yard line I
believe you know speaking of the the cheerleaders at the tailgate party
before the game I actually saw a cheerleader wearing her jacket that she
had when she was a cheerleader here at Forest Hills and the year on it was 1977
Wow so she had her I wasn’t even born yet I’ll be quiet how about you can you
wear like your Letterman’s jacket from high school yeah but it was blue and
white I still have mine Dave yes I do inside handoff goes up the middle
tackled by about three or four Rangers after a short gain I’m not a nun
actually it’s a nice ski and a five yard there was right Jenson Bowen on the
tackle for Forest Hills to 22 on the turning clock 41 nothing Forest Hills missed tackle an unusual and a nice run
for Bishop Carroll is in the first down one of their few first downs takes it up
to the 47 yard line of Bishop Carroll number 58
that’s Mason Rogers with some nice penetration into the backfield just
couldn’t quite get off his block quick enough to to make that play that would
have been a tackle in the backfield but that nice run for the Huskies first and
ten from the 47 yard line handoff goes to number 21 he turns to
the outside he’s close to another first down because he was out of bounds
issue Carol’s getting chunks of yardage now another first down or close to first
down yardage let’s see where they place the sticks they’re over our chain crew
headed by Trevor Birkett and the guys from Forest Hills saw a brad sonic on
the chains over there also guys do a great job and doing it for a while sir second and short
not a yard to go and you see a little mixture here on the Rangers defense of
some starters but also some guys that you know may be in and out of the lineup
looking to get some reps referee John Garrity no is approaching the sideline
here is discussion with the officials about something that’s going on let’s
see what but we’ve got there’s any signal or anything like that I think
they want to check the time they want to put one minute and 31 seconds on the
clock and change that from 125 they add six seconds to the clock and the ball
was the run took them out of bounds to stop
the clock so Bishop Carroll has a little more time to put the ball in the endzone
in the first half at the 44 yard line of Forest Hills again a run and again good
positive yardage for Bishop Carroll running very hard as Christians folks
love to see that he kind of take the scoreboard out of play here and you just
watch student-athletes playing horn no matter what and you know credit the
Bishop Carroll Huskies yep they have been down for years they’re real
rebuilding they only have I believe five or six seniors on the team right there
they may be down big-time on a scoreboard they have a noventri record
but they haven’t quit they’re running hard they’re trying to tackle hard and
they’re doing well for themselves an option play it out to the right again a
hard run to pick up a five yards oh god to the right see them coming back to
that option they’ve been punished on it a couple times but it doesn’t mean that
they haven’t gained a couple of yards so Bishop Carroll will call a timeout right
now just dr. Bach with fifty eight point eight seconds on the board well we have a minute here
we’ll do a real quick recap of the scoring the first half
first of all Eric Elgin at a 9-yard run Josh Jones kick set tone and score at 7
nothing it’s a serried along on 72 yard pass play 13 nothing the kick was no
good necessary anna 6 yard run set the scored 22 nothing Josh Jones
again ticklish good John long got a 14 yard run 27 nothing Forest Hills Jones’s
kick set that score wrong on a 32 yard reception from Caesarea 34 nothing after
Jones’s kick and finally Eric Elgin had a 65 yard beauty a run 41 nothing after
Jones’s kick right now 58 seconds left in the first half second down and about
six quarterback draw he takes tackler
tackles beautiful run by number 14 though it’s like Foxtrot down may be led
by cleans may they’re number 23 and then some other Rangers joined him but the
Huskies are ripping off some chunks now and you said another first down
Zack borer on that quarterback draw very nice play Rangers have been substituting
liberally here in the waning minutes of the second quarter with a score of 41
nothing and 35 seconds on the clock along a pass down the middle
incomplete would show up on the defense there on that play like he had a shot at
that little too high for him 32 Hogue for Bishop Carroll was I’m breaking over
open on a little bit of a post route on this side
finally opted to go to the right try to fit it in a tight window second and 10
32 seconds on the clock Bishop Carroll has the ball on the
23-yard line have to see these new guys mix it in for the Rangers keep this
shutout alive in you stacked up for maybe about a five yard game clock is
stopped again by Bishop Carroll with a timeout give them one left in the first half
third down and eight 25 seconds to go you know we talked before a little bit
about Don Bailey’s record as a coach and his longevity here his tenure at Forest
Hills has been outstanding his record way to hear his record he has 358 wins
to go against 115 losses that’s a 76 percent winning percentage he was in ur
inducted into the Pennsylvania Coaches Hall of Fame this past summer and now we
go with third down and eight shotgun formation passed down the corner
incomplete brings up a fourth down little slant route ball was a little
high and a little hot for number three Jarret Grove here we go fourth and eight I would expect to pass probably towards
the end zone because the time and distance right now are dictating a yeah
a longer type Pass course a first down pass would stop the clock for Bishop
Carroll pass is to the end zone and it is incomplete over the head there is no
flag on the play good defense by number four for Forest
Hills it’s Carter Vitesse harder v10 some nice coverage there in the end zone
they did take a shot look I know it’s 41 nothing and we want you know the Bishop
Carroll’s the Hut team is trying hard listen there’s a bunch of new guys
playing for Forest Hills too and like we said before the score doesn’t matter
it’s the next snap that matters when you get a chance to get out there and prove
to yourself your coaches just have some fun plates of football under the Friday
Night Lights the score doesn’t matter so for these guys that are just getting out
there it’s still a big deal I promise you absolutely
and Forest Hills took the snap took a knee and we will go into the halftime
festivities with Forest Hills leading 41 nothing over the Bishop Carroll Huskies likely
you recognize many Rangers Marcee Evan Coon rods down here warming up yeah
that’s a good call Kim here as we get ready to start the second half of play
with the Rangers out to a huge 41 to nothing lead kind of expected to see
some changes made in the lineup give some guys look some reps and talked
about Evan Coonrod his abilities as a backup quarterback we’ll see who takes
the first snaps here starts under center C Adam or Evan and with a 41 nothing
lead in the second half we will go by the running block rule which actually is
a little bit of a misnomer because the clock doesn’t run for the full 12
minutes it’ll only stop for different situations and you can reiterate some of
those as as we go but right now ready for the second half kickoff with Josh
Jones sending the ball from the 40 received by Bishop Carroll takes it around the end just rung it out
number three Jericho want to return nice return takes it a bot down to the 33
yard line now whenever we have a first down the clock will stop to set the
sticks when the ball is ready for play the clock should begin to run and that
normally is it the case in a situation after a like exchange of possession the
clock would wait until the snap but right now the clock is running clock
will stop on a referees timeout which could be for a penalty for a an injured
player and of course if a team calls timeout of the stop Bishop Carroll goes
to the air in the first play stop by three Rangers number 23 is a first spin
on the hit there that’s Blaine Smith making the stop joined by two other
Rangers play longtime ranger fan Bob Cooper antlers is in the house tonight
and he was praising your knowledge as a commentator when it comes to the rules
and regulations and explaining things like this running clock rule and now
with your your history as an official no it doesn’t it doesn’t go unnoticed thank
you again run up the middle short gain won’t
break up a third down third in about seven Hudson and bit coke Zach fitco is number 51
Jarnell get as many names mentioned as we can hear guys getting their shot yep option again option left our first down
run nice run by number 32 for Bishop Carroll Trevor hug the quarter picks up
necessary yardage now clock stops do we set the stage that
the sticks and it’ll start even if the ball carrier ran out of bounds I don’t
think he did it this point right if he had the clock would run after these
dicks are set okay and it is okay so I have a question for you if Bishop
Carroll would happen to score does that does this the clock of active normal
know any time that thirty five point hold on King Oh batted around by post
number 13s they’re battling for the ball it’s really for Bishop Carroll and that
is don’t fire off before still almost had the interception but about your
point once the thirty five point differential is reached it won’t change
let’s just say the miracle happened and Bishop Carroll scored six touchdowns and
got a 40 to 41 lead the clock is still going to be the same as the running
clock is going to occur so yeah it’ll stay that way the rest of the game that stolz I believe with the keeper for
a gain of four or five off the left side coach Don Babel hooked us before the
game and you know we questioned about the strengths of his team and one of the
things that impressed me his response to that was I think one of the biggest
strengths our team has is its cohesiveness he said the kids like each
other they play well together we have good leaders and good followers and he
said our leaders don’t lead by voice and by talk they show by example and they
tell kids to do something and they see that they’re doing it doing it and it
happens it just spreads boy does that make for a not easy but a saloon or
coaching job when your team gets along they like coming to practice every day
they enjoy the grind and the work that is a football or athletic season of any
kind and when he spoke to senior leadership across the board all seniors
he plays for leading by that example rainbow cup he mentioned a lot of the
kids by name and you know he went down a list and said what great leaders they
are quarterback sneak for the first down for Richard Carrol puts the ball now at
the Rangers 45 yard line tackled by Nelly another Bishop Carroll husky first
down have been picking up chunks and moving the sticks an unusual situation
here a little bit back to the timing thing is that the 25 second clock is not
operating for the quarterbacks to see that is being kept by the officials
request on the field by the officials by the officials request yeah it’s a little
unusual but that’s what we were told oh there’s a nice play in the back till
there’s Mason Rogers coming off that right end and wrapping up the running
back for a nice stop a couple yard loss there for progress was given otherwise
hehe or owed him a commission or five yards but as the whistle blew as he
should he didn’t let him go because a play is done Mason a nice play second
down and about a long 12 maybe 13 to go they air it out here you’ve Beeson the
defensive backfield a test here hmm Paul sailed a little high intended
for Reuben League number four Carter v tez on the defense of the past Carters
of six 275 175 pound wide receiver and safety Carter’s been fighting some
injuries this year but went on the field had a real nice season so far had a huge
catch against Somerset in week 2 that was a highlight reel material third and
13 bar we’ll keep it minimal game maybe yours who you to yard loss fourth down
and 14 maybe a yard loss maybe we see the old run kick option coming up here
deep for the Rangers we have two different deep men now ranked number
five and number 13 is Dylan file actually five is Jake show that’s a
different that’s a different roster it is okay thank you
he gave you the dummy roster well a nice trick balls on the ground he’s not gonna
be able to punt this one tries to get what he can met by a host
of Rangers up day for the Maverick well then would you kindly give me one of the
good rosters I can’t amusing it dare share with you
but all I want to share about my own I prepared diligently for this so now I
am gone program program says 1986 I don’t know why I try can’t win
alright if for stills can they’ve got a forty one nothing lead with 444 left to
go in the third quarter I’m kiddin rod at quarterback handoff to Dillon thigh-highs he can
scoot to like to see that definitely that this is Ranger he possesses here is
they continue to flow in player after player find a 25-yard gain they’re on a
sweep by Phi lock tell you what we talked about Evan Coonrod and he was put
to the test like you said in week 1 against a questoin after Adams knee
injury and you know he comes in a backup quarterback still early in the game
first game of the season and I thought all right coach Bailey is going to go
power I and run Elgin and run John long and the way he just turned Evan Coonrod
loose another nice run there from fire to finish up the point on Evan coach
Bailey praised his improvement as a senior this year and credited his work
ethic in the offseason mentioned Adamson serie playing a lot of baseball so at
all the seven on seven cans and and all the summer workouts
it was Evan Coonrod taking the snaps with the ones and he is comfortable with
that playbook from cover to cover and as you mentioned he did not put the wraps
on their offense that first game he Evon throw the ball right we have
whistles and flags clock stops for three minutes and 31 seconds to go
we have a dead ball foul illegal procedure on horse to all start evan
Coonrod as you mentioned is a six foot 150 pound senior Forest Hills spreads to
wide receivers each side of the field the lone back is number 13 Dylan fie
lock and fake the fire and Coonrod keeps it looks like we have a little bit of a
mix-up in the backfill in there yeah that’s gonna bring up a fourth down for
Forest Hills confusion and that’s bound to happen when you get different players
maybe different positions you just don’t have the reps I’m sorry it is third down
third and 12 okay third 12 oh nice wave number five for Bishop
Carroll on that stop with some Christian kenick and he’s not Carter Vitas from
kept in for making the first down he had a little room a few to the table shaker
break left a stack will look like he might have had it first down and then
some perhaps now we’ve got a fourth in the long six we said the the quarterback
is comfortable with any play call in this situation and listen by no means is
it running up a score or anything like that to throw in this spot I understand
all your backups in the game they deserve a chance to run the plays that
they’ve been practicing and it’s still two football teams playing against each
other Coonrod rolls to his left
looks like he’s tucking it in trying to keep it I’d have the corner ice open
field tackle there by hug tackled at the 20 yard line Bishop Carroll will take
over first and 10 from the 20 clock stops now as we set the sticks 1 minute
41 seconds to go in the third for stills up 41 number bishop carroll comes out with receivers
two wide receivers left one right Snap is a handoff up the middle number 21 on
the carry for Bishop Carroll that’s Christian Stoltz nice eating up the
middle picks up let’s see you let’s give’em seven yards on that second and
three one minute to go in the third quarter the time really does fly by with
that running clock on quarters seem to is it by no time hope with the run he drags a couple
Rangers with him down to the 45 yard line at Bishop Carroll for a BC first
down Trevor ho good football player he’s been
all over field Hawk mentally and offensively tonight no quit no let-up
than that guy this is probably going to be the final play of the third quarter
right barring up no the running clock Dean Stokes nice hit that plate does end
a third warrior Hudson even come up and lands from wood tonight – nice day score
41 nothing Forest Hills will just turn around a little bit here go from the
8 yard line that means we have to blue ball long before
turn it around and it’ll be Bishop Carroll’s ball again play welcome to
game well in hand you see some of the regulars down on the sidelines you just
wondered are they are they thinking about purp won gold already and well in
on a week but eight days that game was played next Saturday night in Altoona
against the Marauders who have basically a dynasty in progress bro now how many
wins if you alright if you call fifty in a row at dynasty yes so that includes
state championships along the way that means they you haven’t lost in playoffs
right bro in those years as 15 wins in a row right right now the Cleveland
Indians is this one their 22nd in a row in baseball that’s amazing also
better to the Ranger games like this but sometimes sometimes be known as a trap
game come off the emotional seesaw victory against Johnstown looking ahead
to a huge matchup against the the powerhouse Marauders but they came
focused they came ready and did what they were supposed to do tonight against
Bishop Carroll short bathroom molar takes the ball down
to the midfield just over her midfield and of course Hills territory third and
reuse man in motion and off the trevor hope another bishop
carroll husky first down you know you mentioned before about running up the
score scott and i know some coaches do that some coaches let their starters go
for a long time and you know i think it’s an act of sportsmanship to just
make sure that your your kids all get a chance to play they go through camp they
go through the summer they go through trainings all year long let everyone in
there and something I can always say about mr. Baily is the class he showed
towards his opponents and his own game there you know an interesting thing also
think about what ifs but I mentioned earlier that the series is fourth in the
area in passing and receiving had they played the second
half full throttle those statistics could be padded but and you know that
you can also say that for other teams and who may pull right there are dogs or
you could say that for other teams you don’t pull off their dogs and they may
have some some players who are the top and statistical categories and they’ve
won a game 63 nothing yeah but you don’t play the game for individuals
no you don’t and that’s that’s a credit to that coach coaching staff great
coaching staff here at Forest Hills and of course it all stems from head coach
Donnell Bailey right when you put these other guys in like you were alluding to
you can’t ask them not to play hard they put all the time and work and energy
into they want to go out there like it is a 0-0 game sure hey no harm in that
they wonder they’re ready to prove themselves a step in if an injury does
occur to a starter or and perhaps build on hey look at me coach I’m ready to
play next year – all right all right we’re gonna play high school football
for a short period of time of your life don’t you ask for short it’s a great
period of time yeah you got to make the most of every synapse there’s like
Trevor how just doing there’s no you and that young man
milkman finally broke one and then honestly good for Trevor hope he has
just been a workhorse tonight don’t know the number carry so you have I’m sorry
but uh he has been fed the ball lot made a ton
of nice tackles on defense he is finally rewarded with the Huskies first
touchdown of the night big run nice run Brook shed a couple of tacklers on the
way right now the scores 41 to 6 with the extra point pending 921 on the clock
now of course the clock is stopped it won’t start again until the kick office
is touched and the kick is good 21 seconds to go in the fourth quarter
scores 41 for for still seventh one as we said there is no quit in that team
area they are showing themselves up and be very well coached very well prepared
for this they are outnumbered and I think their speak to outnumbered I think
it’s actually to be specific I think it’s about forty eight to thirty on the
Rosses give or take one or two there if I double-check but I think it’s forty
eight to thirty that’s a lot of kids 18 flat-looking to last year’s Bishop
apparel team they had maybe 20 right the numbers are increasing that’s the first
thing you look for they’re more interest playing in the world Highlands
we’re playing in a very tough competitive conference and looks as
though this year that big dog so to speak at a conference our
Bishop kill kill flail and our own force those Rangers the Johnson Trojans are
with the teams right there that that game we could have gone either way in a
ring I prevailed some other you know strong schools reported all right not on
our schedule this year we won’t play Bishop important regular season we
scrimmaged them before the season for snow scrimmage bright McCourt before the
season started in an interesting matchup right there Trevor Hogue to kick off the
do everything back for Bishop Carroll is he gonna kick a deep yes he is number 44 on the return for
the Rangers Gavin Gavin coaster booster getting active made a nice tackle during
the last Drive as well didn’t get to mention his name and here he’s one of
the up men but builds the kick brings it out to around 33 3333
okay we got a new quarterback in the game and
he comes out thrown that’s number 16 Zach Myers completes his pass to number
3 Seth Richardson is the son of assistant coach Justin Meyers now in
your game second and one Seth Richardson has made some big plays so far they
share also nice catches here you got a freshman quarterback coming in now
hoping to be a future the future of this range of program under center ball
squirts out there and there’s a scramble for him there’s a 45 yard line covered it and not the first and yardage
like this sac is only 5 foot 4 inches tall yeah 20
pounds fuck 20 but I’ll tell you what he’s gone an arm I was out on the field
during pregame warmups and he was he was dropped with the fade
patterns in the bucket he was sipping little dog patterns or outs to his
receivers which was the first bass he completed here tonight and there let him
throw again that was sailed on step 3 ended for number 30 Cory Colburn the
three step drop and ball was sailed a little high as you said brings up a
second down and 10 here’s a point to look speaking from the official
standpoint of the game all right so there’s probably no one in
the stadium except the kids on the field right now who want this game to go
longer and so they throw an incomplete pass takes a little extra time for the
ball to get back and get spotted and the clock is running during that time right
so you’re saying as an official you’ve milked that it could have been picked my
number three Jared Rose but that yeah he had a beat on that you know they’re
there they’re squatting on those short routes if you will they’re sitting on
ready to jump it testing the young quarterback saying there
throw it over our heads throw it let’s see if you have that arm because so far
the play calling seems to have bent for Zach short quick short quick right and
as you said they’re not afraid to let him throw the ball let’s see what you’ve
got young man yeah and he drops back again Oh nobody home and ball was tipped
by number 60 was but some miscommunication I believe with separate
year to two he kind of took off on a fly of fly release type of pattern and Zach
to her about last not sure if they were on the same page well number 66 Dan
McDermott tipped the ball and it went out that way know whether or not it was
going that because we’re looking that way that’s true he was
in the flats and a receiver went deep I think it’s a miscommunication button and
we have a timeout for four still five minutes at 57 seconds 41 to seven the
score in favor of the green and gold last year’s contest actually ended a
fifty three to six favor of Forest Hills so similar similar type the ballgames
here mentioned earlier we are honored and pleased to have Paul berry a from
the Chubin Democrat hot standing writer news reporter for the trip with us today
I imagine will be able to read his story tomorrow in the Tribune Democrat no
Nepal for many years always ran a clock and not took care of everything down at
Carla Valley whenever we went down there to officiate a basketball game snap back
Oh a nice punt there’s a John long sighting fair catch called for by number
three Grove and John lon lifts went down to the 21 yard line it’s a good kick by John nurse from
their own auto law he can’t do on a football field yeah you wouldn’t call him a running
back or you wouldn’t call him a receiver or punter I think you call him and
athlete yeah he’s a football player yep okay so I can get a good shot of his
shoes right now yeah check them out big dishes are under they
are they look fast still think I could I could use a pair of those most of
Rangers make the stop there for a minimal game Jake Delic was the leading
no charge on that play I don’t think the shoes would make me any slower I still
think there’s a little bit of magic in there yeah anything with Sparkle has
magic unbelievable you see what I have to work with your Holy Smoke the mental
thing if you think your vast that you’re fast do you see the bunt those shoes can
putt too third down eight yards to go for a first
down for Bishop Carroll four minutes and 20 seconds on a turning fourth quarter
clock got number 86 Riley GUP three in the game at corner we got number ninety
like line in the game run around the right side
number six for bishop carroll on a carry maverick Farabaugh by jake telecare
number 22 almost first down yardage brings down a fourth down brings up
fourth down and about one one and a half to go interesting calm coming up here
now fourth down Bishop Carroll’s coach may say you know
what do we have to lose right now let’s go for it
fourth and one fourth and two where we’ve been moving the ball right they
are buggy they’re going to punt Dogen at least run around with it see what
happened yeah I didn’t think they were and they had an up snap nope they did
they got it off but we didn’t have anybody back right those Bailey
believing that they were going to go ahead and attempt to get the first down I hope the official bounces now to send
a 34 yard line first and 10 from Forest Hills 3 minutes and 14 seconds score
remains for stills 41 Bishop Carroll 7 look at these Ranger fans right here ah
look at that we got former cheerleaders future cheerleaders pitching to backfill
oh oh come up woods do it people I think that was David Smith on the carry there
number 20 yeah David is a 5/8 140 pound ninth grader
freshman getting some action Zach Myers back into the huddle as the quarterback
again if he throws the ball I have no problem with it whatsoever especially
with the running clock it’s not like the clock stops the game keeps going
you could you could take a knee and run out the clock that’s not what these kids
sweat and work for over the summer they deserve their chance to play ball yeah please to carry kids on a couple
tough yards third down seven yards to go from Ranger first down one minute 55
seconds Zach throwing a deep fall down a
sideline just on about corporate goes up he’s number nine makes a great catch
possessed the ball with his hands foot team down out of bounds got one of those
jump balls I’m gonna throw it up to an athlete and let him go up and make him
play wanna try to high point the ball almost did it feel Judge Frank Garrett a
no on that so immediately and call the ball out of bounds Forest Hills in punt
formation back with John long punt one minute to go in the game Wow their fair catch is called for and I
a line hang time right off that Gold Toe Garrett Jared clove with these meerkats while we’re under a minute to go here
the Rangers get along the victory and look forward to excuse me that huge
Laurel Highlands battle again that is next Saturday night in Altoona but a
great contest and a great festive atmosphere here tonight in Sidman with
the community involved and it culminates with a ranger victory I can’t think of a
better way to start a weekend another tough run by the never-say-die I should
kill kids and the Rangers are freely substituting five new kids go into the
game if comes Ryan Horner here comes Cody John’s I’m sorry if I miss it I’m
gonna try to see him they’re gonna get at least a snap here you never know you
could make the play they are gonna throw look at that it’s
number 66 Grady Wilson in on the tackle to end tonight’s contest I am getting it
on that final score from Forest Hills eh
Norville the Forest Hills Rangers 41 and the Bishop Carroll Huskies 7 it’s been
my pleasure to work this game with Scott Liske we’ve had a good time and the
Rangers have shown themselves ready for next week’s big battle at mansion mark
good luck for sillas Scott thank you very much great job you did give a shout
out to shout out to our manager here Jay Elias who runs all the productions of
Forest Hills of course Kim hosts LR on the field and cameraman great job thank
you all very much but after doing no Rangers you

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