Hi guys! Ean here. The tip of the day: Forehand Volley So once you’ve established your grip and a good ready position, The key thing becomes structure! So many people that I work with, they don’t understand the basic concept of presenting structure to the ball! So they become very slappy. What you want to do is think about this part of your hand, the heel of your hand. So after you make the turn to the side, focus on the heel of the hand. So when you lead with the heel of the hand you’ll see the structure stays intact. Another way to do that is of course to bring this left hand across under your elbow to keep that structure intact! So there’s two quick tips for you here. keeping your elbow in front of your body and leading with the heel of the hand to keep the structure in tact. If you lead with the head of the racket, it becomes very slappy and out-of-control! Let me just show you here! I’m going to block a couple just so that you can see this. Watch how the heel of my hand leads. I make a short turn and the heel of the hand! Heel of the hand! You see I’m just trying to keep the structure as it is. You don’t have to mess around with it at all and then of course later once you feel you can do more!

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Dennis Veasley

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