Today, we come back to the 10 basic table
tennis skills for beginners. With the permission of Zhao Yiyi, I will translate
and add some technical notes for the forehand topspin close to the table technique. This is lesson number 7 in the 10 basic lessons
in table tennis. The forehand loop close to the table is the
common way to initiate the topspin attack in table tennis. In general, the ball is bounced close to the
white line. So you don’t have much space to perform full
forehand stroke. To perform the forehand topspin the semi-long
ball, you need to stay close to the table, at your left-hand corner. This corner in table tennis is called the
“pivot point”. 1) Standing sideways to the table at the “pivot
point”. Stay close to the table. 2) Left foot forward, right foot after. 3) Slightly bend your knee, and lean your
body forward. 4) “Yin pai” – prepare for the stroke. The elbow is close to the body. 5) The waist is low. And the waist will move the elbow and the
forearm toward the ball. 6) The center of gravity is on the right foot. Your eye looks at the ball. Your face toward the ball. 7) Do the weight transfer during the stroke. The weight is transferred from the right foot
to the left foot. In this shot, you don’t have much space, so
most of the force is generated by the waist. (Search for the concept “Power From The Ground”
on my channel). 8) For the bat angle. Open more the bat angle when you hit the ball. This action will lift the ball more (for a
secure shot). And then close the racket angle at the end
of the shot. 9) Where to hit the ball? Hit the ball at the middle position, around
3-4 o’clock on the ball (at the middle, or the low middle part). 3 Tips to perform this technique correctly. 1) Reduce the amplitude of the gesture. Shorten the gesture before hitting the ball. This action will add more spin (acceleration),
and increase the consistency of the shot. Make your swing upward and forward, hit into
the ball for a power stroke. 2) During the stroke, use the sudden acceleration
of the wrist. Hold your racket loosely. Using the wrist at the forehand side is an
advanced technique, and a difficult technique. Search “Using the wrist pingsunday” to study
more. Using the wrist for this forehand attack will
give you an “explosive shot”, or “quality shot” in the Chinese philosophy. 3) Use more the waist to generate the force. The force is transferred to the forearm, and
then to the wrist, and the ball. In Chinese, they say that to have the “ball
stability”. Focus the feeling on your waist. Use the explosive force. This is called “micro-adjustment”. Search “micro-adjustment” if you don’t know
what it is. I hope you enjoy this free tutorial in table
tennis. If you have any question, feel free to email
me at: [email protected] When I have time, I will defintely answer
all of your questions. Please comment and share the video to your
table tennis friends. Have a good day, EmRatThich.

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14 thoughts on “Forehand topspin tutorial: Attack semi-long ball”

  1. Hi EmRatThich ! It’s 4:30 am here in Mauritius and I’m watching your coaches lol ! I just want to get some more advices about how to successfully spin the ball at (3,3) {From your previous video !} Thanks for all your advice ! I’m improving so fast ! Grace à toi !

  2. Can you comment on her grip? Specifically the thumb. It looks like her thumb is on the rubber. Shouldn't the thumb be on the bevel of the handle?

  3. The thumb of the girl is on the wrong position. The thumb should be bent or otherwise the muscle which stretches the thumb will shorten and the stroke looks cramped.

    Dont believe me, try it yourself! Make a forehand topspin stroke once with stretched thumb (like the girl in the video) and then do the same stroke with the thumb being bent. See for yourself, when the stroke feels better.

  4. Sorry Emratthich, but that's an awefull video. That girl's grip is not for a forehand attack. The angle of his bat is soooooooo open for a loop. Stop using that "coach" for your videos.

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