With the smash there is a couple of key features the you need to remember. The first one is to get your bat up nice and high to start
off with and the swing is to come forward and through. One common mistake is to drag
the ball down too much. That is okay when it is up a little bit higher, but off the medium
height ball it is best to start quite high and come through nice and flat and forward.
The contact with the bat on the ball needs to be very flat. If you brush the ball on
contact the ball does not go as fast, so with the smash you want a nice flat and fast contact.
And the key element for the smash for a lot of people when they are starting to learn how
to smash is your feet. The most important thing is as the balls going up in the air
you need to get your feet into position straight away. Use that time when the balls in the
air to move into position. A lot of players when they start to smash as the balls up in
the air they will move their body and try to look where the balls going and end up in
a really bad position. As the balls in the air make sure you are moving into position and then you are right to smash. The feet are a real key feature of smashing. Make sure
you get yourself into position right from the start. As soon as you see that ball going
up into the air get your feet moving so that you can make a good strong smash from a good
balanced position. You need to get your feet side on to the table
so you can generate power coming forwards. In table tennis a lot of the time we are very
square on. With the smash you have got time to turn your feet side on. So as the ball
is in the air you have got time to turn and then get your power coming forwards to generate
more speed and more power with your smash.

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100 thoughts on “Forehand Smash – Table Tennis”

  1. I have played table tennis for a long time but I'm facing my problems with the offensive part of my game. I am afraid to hit hard, I am afraid to put the ball in the corner, I only rely on the opponent's unforced errors. Can you help me?

  2. @TheYu87 This might be better suited to the "Ask the Coach" section on our website as we can provide a more detailed answer. It really depends on if you have the technique right to hit the ball harder and are just worried about missing or whether you need to improve your technique.

  3. Although my ping days are over, I really appreciate these coaching lessons. They are not just for players; they help spectators appreciate the subtlety of the game.

  4. Do you have something for short people? Like me…… I'm around 130 cm tall . Lol
    Anyway , do you move your wrist? And do you have a video for returning really really really really spinny serves?And people at my school can smash harder than that , BTW my school have Table Tennis tables set up around the foyer , so we can play every school day! 🙂 Except when they take them away 🙁

  5. @UltraUploads It's great you play so much Table Tennis. If you're short it can be quite difficult if the ball is bouncing high. The key is still to get into a good position to make the smash. For returning really spinny serves, we sell a DVD on our website called Receiving Secrets Revealed!

  6. Speaking of smashing – I'm not an experienced player or anything, but I was always wondering why the players in all those crazy videos where the opponent returns the ball from a few meters behind the table just keep smashing the ball with such power that it seems almost comfortable for the blocker to play. Is it impossible to play a drop shot or some shorter ball off the bocked balls or why is it that they keep bashing the ball like there was no tomorrow?


  7. @ravaneli55 I'm currently using a PingSkills Touch blade with Vega Pro rubbers. We sell this combination on our website.

  8. @FifaLinkuz If the ball comes back lower, the you are better off playing a topspin stroke. If you visit the PingSkills website you can see a lesson we have on this.

  9. @lub094 It makes sense if the ball is really high to let it drop to a comfortable height for you to make the smash. If that is working well for you I would stick with it.

  10. @mariofan529 As long as it works, it's OK! If the ball is above head height I prefer to wait for it to drop down to around shoulder height and then make the smash.

  11. Hey! It's very useful but im only 8 years old and im small and if i try that, it wont get over the net or will go out. What do i do?

  12. @Joseph4457 OK. Then you will have to wait until the ball drops to around your shoulder height and then try and play the shot. Hopefully you'll grow some more in the next few years to make it easier 🙂

  13. @dranzers619 Your hand needs to be in the normal position. You can see our video on the correct grip to see how to hold the bat correctly. You should be aiming to hit the ball in the middle of your racket for the smash.

  14. @ToSiratulMustaqim I generally feel more comfortable topspinning this ball rather than hitting it with a flat smash. If you are hitting it into the net then the topspin will provide you with a better margin over the net.

    You can also go to our website and search in our Ask the Coach section for "shoulder height", you'll find a lot of discussion there about this sort of ball.

  15. I often smash the ball with a tennis-like forehand, swinging across my chest. Is that bad technique? I can hit almost all low-medium height balls smashing like this. I don't think my reaction time is effected really I use a very light blade.

  16. @AceofDlamonds It's not the ideal technique that a coach would teach but if it works for you then great. Not everything has to be done exactly per the book!

  17. It is the best shot to use in this situation. You are on the attack and they are on the defense. If you keep playing the smash well you should win the point.

  18. Table Tennis balls are standard sizes so you should be using the same ball. If you did have a larger or heavier ball I think it would make a difference. In fact after 2000 they increased the size of the ball from 38mm to 40mm in an attempt to slow down the rallies.

  19. We do have a video on that. If you go to the Ask the Coach section of our website and search for Ma Lin serve, you'll see the video!

  20. Great! I'm glad we've been able to help you. Make sure you checkout our website as we have heaps of videos there.

  21. wahahaha ive seen someone smash a pingpong ball that broke when hitting the table causing it to slide and not bounce xD i lost the point cuz of that

  22. Hi pingskills, I was wondering if I wanted to join a team and play against other world class players, where would I start because there are no table tennis groups where I live.

  23. It is really a matter of finding a club. Try searching on the Internet for some table tennis clubs. Which country are you from?

  24. OK. It definitely is helpful to play in a club. Maybe you can try going there once a week for a month to see if you like it and find it worth while?

  25. Clubs cater for all levels. It is a really good idea to join a club as you get a lot of experience against all types of players. It can be a bit daunting at first but it is definitely worth while if you really want to improve.

  26. can u get this video with lyrics(i knw its dumb) but i cant hear a single word i switch on another vid and can hear the voice immediately …….why God why cant i hear this!!!

  27. I think you might have a problem with one of your speakers. This is one of our older videos and it only plays through the left speaker.

  28. The backhand smash can be quite awkward. If the ball is high enough to smash, you are better off moving around and playing a forehand.

  29. You've got to stay calm and not swear (even in the comments here :)). The solution really depends on you and your opponent. If you think you are better at the defensive game then you can just be patient and wait for him to make the mistake. If you think he is better at that game then you'll need to improve your attack so you can beat him that way.

    The best way to stay calm is to have a solid game plan. You can also ask a question on our website as we have more room there to answer questions.

  30. Thanks! Keep working on it and you'll get the hang of it. One of the keys is to get into position early. A lot of players simply watch the ball but don't move and end up rushing the shot.

  31. i don't know why but i can't no longer do smash after a lot of practice of spin, can you explain why. now i'm always spin the ball unconsciously, and it troubles me.

  32. That's right. As you are just trying to hit the ball fast and have a good angle onto the table, you don't need the topspin to dip the ball. Just hit it flat and fast with not much topspin.

  33. Hey,when i try to do a forehand smash,the ball just touches my thumbs so i can't do it ….pls help…

  34. thats the best video show its more to learn a video rather than do it in a real i want to observe first all the tecnics but if i have time i try to experience and keeping it perfect youre really great mentor in playing table tennis thanks for this video i want to watch youre premium show but i cant waste time for this i have no credit to watch this video i only watch a free video…i want to complete my watching all of youre video but i cant have time because i only renting in a compshop thanks.

  35. Thanks lefty… i finally learned something from fast because im also a lefty… and most tutorials are by righties

  36. To do this you need to use the forehand topspin. We have videos of this on our website. Just search for PingSkills Forehand Topspin.

  37. By using the lob. We have a video on this too! However the best thing is to keep the ball low so your opponent can't smash the ball in the first place!

  38. Good one.but,most players play low and medium height for the ball.make a video of smash for low/medium height ball.not high.

  39. What shall I do if the ball has backspin and is high but not very not to miss the table and hit it hard. I'm sometimes puzzeled when there is a high ball with backspin, I may send it into the net.:(

  40. The best part of this video is reminding us we need to get our feet in position first. I have a bad habit of moving my arm in position, and then stumbling with my body to meet the ball. Nice job, and thanks!

  41. @PingSkills can u guys make a couple of vids for penholders coz most of the penhold vids are Chinese

  42. i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. One question, you say to hit "Forward" and "Flat".  Do you mean flat towards the playing surface of the table, or flat towards your opponent. Because in the video, it looks like you are driving forward, but angling your blade downward slightly.  I ask this because I tend to hit smashes off the table or in to the net…if I angle a bit I have a slight arc which helps me land the smash on the table, but then it's not a "True" smash at that point but rather a drive.  Thanks.

  44. Hi Ian Dominguez,

    It really means flat towards the playing surface but a lot of people tend to drag the ball down too much and into the net so the saying forward and flat seems to help a lot of people. Putting some topspin on the ball is not a bad thing if it makes your shot more consistent. As you mention it does take some speed of the ball. If you are a little bit inconsistent and you hit some balls off the end and some balls into the net, it often means you are not in the best position and have to make some compromises with your stroke. If you can get into really good position early you can control that even more. I hope that helps.

  45. i have a question, why dont you over headsmash in table tennis, like you do in tennis. if your opponent is lobbing to you, wouldnt it be good to take the ball high above the net. 

  46. why is it when i try to hit my smashes it doesnt go pass the net? almost everytime its either i hit it too low(ball doesnt pass the net) or i hit it too flat(ball is like a meteor going straight to god knows where) :/

  47. Hey! nice Video.
    but I have one problem with the smash. Its a lot easier to smash from forehand side to the forehand side of my opponent . But when I Do it, he often makes a spinny counter loop…
    So i try to smash in the backhand side ( parallel).
    this is very difficult for Me ( slight backhand Grip) because the most of the Balls go over the table….

    Do you have any Tips?

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