Today I’m going to be explaining
how to hit flat balls. This lesson is for those of you who
are swinging hard but you can’t hit fast shots, or you’re arm is getting too stiff
and you feel pain in your arm, or you became able to hit topspin,
but now you can’t hit flat balls anymore. The goal of this lesson is to be able to
get maximum power from an easy swing, and be able to hit a nice flat shot
with a proper stroke form. For many of you, a reason that you can’t hit a strong
flat shot is that you’re wrist isn’t relaxed. You take your racket back,
and then rotate your body, but your wrist is stiff,
preventing the energy from your body to get to your racket,
and instead letting it escape away. By breaking at your wrist and escaping,
the power that you built from rotation can’t reach the ball you’re hitting. Try to pay attention especially to how
your racket head moves after impact. If the head of your racket doesn’t end up
in front of this line here, you’re probably having a hard time
hitting flat shots. The key point here is that you shouldn’t
push out your racket with your wrist, but with the energy of your body rotating,
letting the racket go out in front on its own.

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Dennis Veasley

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