This is the guide
for the people who are not sure the sense
of handling the head of the racket The practice method is
very simple. First of all,
grab a racket and
hold on vertically as standing straight.
Try this without any tension in the wrist.
Then the wrist falls down naturally
from the weight of the racket. Let’s do this again.
Holding the racket then drop the head of the racket
naturally. At this point
you will feel the sense a little bit that the head of the racket
is falling down. Next,
let’s try this as hitting a ball.
Wait at this position and let the ball go.
When the ball is bouncing back then drop the racket.
Do not intent to hit it. If you intent to hit the ball then
the wrist likely becomes tense and the movement will be like this.
Let the ball bounce then drop the racket
naturally, that’s it.
Make sure using only the weight of the racket. Relax and
let the racket go, please try
this movement. Try first to bounce the ball once
and hit it once then catch.
Make a gap between each step one by one to make sure
you have the sense of it. When you get used to it,
please try to check if your wrist has
no tense in the simultaneous movement of
striking down the ball and that is
from the weight of the racket.

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “[Forehand] How to accelerate the head of the racket [tennis answers]”

  1. ….. if the wrist is not firm, how can you feel like you're pushing a wall as you described in previous videos on contact and grips?

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