Hey guys Gaston here, welcome to another video today I want to start to follow all the the requests and the comments
and the messages of the people that are asking for, for more creative or more new
ways of training different things, like spin on the forehand, spin on the backhand how to start to loose the hand for a better spin how to hit flatter, how to hit a
better kick, so instead of doing more videos on grips and techniques and how the racquet follows through I’m gonna start to show you a little more of
actual drills that you use in the everyday training and I use, for you know
my entire life to improve the spin to improve a flat shot, to improve the kick
so today I’m gonna give you a couple on the spin for the forehand and this is
actually good because it’s not only gonna improve the spin on your forehand
but it is gonna help you to learn how to loose your hand to hit different types of
spins if you want more short angles if you want more higher ball, if you want a
heavy ball okay with a high bounce where you can actually close a little
more the head and just this brush more and you probably can see in the
clay court players that the finish of their forehand most of them it’s a
little bit different of the ones that grew up, maybe American players that grew up on hard courts and you know they don’t have so much that spinny shot
trained that if you start to pay attention to that you’re gonna see actually these
when I when I was changing to play you know to get used to playing indoor my
forehand became a little more follow-through and then when I came back to play to play core my forehand kind of like brush and I use much more this and
you can see that my racket finishes here and not so much here. So I’m gonna show
you today three progressions on how you can yourself, you don’t need a coach for any of this, you just need balls and then you’re gonna toss the ball for yourself and then start to practice of
course with a lot of repetitions and more and more how you can improve so
let’s check it out. For the first one, with six balls that I have here on each one so what you’re gonna do is just step three steps from the net, maybe two so you make it a little harder
you’re gonna get low okay here just if you were hitting and just from the
racket back what you’re gonna is to try to hit the ball, of course under
the level of the net, if not it wouldn’t be any spin
on it and brush so much that the ball is gonna go up and down really quick. if you
can make it on the court that’d be ideal, if there are little
long don’t worry, but the best the best thing it’d be that they brush so fast
okay they get a lot of revolution that they go up and down fast so you can
start to get to feel of the hand..so it would be something like this.. you see there that I’m not using all my
body I’m not turning I’m just working on this ok this fast movement you’re not
gonna put any power in this if not there’s no chance it’s gonna get
down ok so just working on this movement here..don’t hit behind always of
course keep a good point of impact and from here just working on this, on this
movement..giving some freedom to a hand, to spin fast and brush the ball, you don’t want to hit forward just brush up so you can start
to get the feeling of the hands so now we’re gonna go to a second one.. you go a little more behind starting to get close to the
baseline..if you have a higher bench it would be ideal.. I couldn’t find any higher one.. But it doesn’t matter actually because what you want here is from a little lower start to hit a little harder on the ball so you can actually get spin because from the baseline you are not just brush up if not
you are gonna be short you’re gonna get attacked all the time
we start to hit a little faster pay attention, what you want to hear in every single ball is the sound of the ball a brush you don’t want any impact you
just want the brushing on the ball really accelerating and starting to turn your hand if you are a little more stiff more a flat player it’s gonna take some
time but you know practice practice now we’re gonna go to finish okay to the
baseline for the last one..so again from the base and the last one, of course guys
there’s much more into these if you just we’re gonna talk about the
entire forehand with it spin you’re gonna talk about legs you’re gonna talk
about going down you’re gonna talk rotating but now I’m just focusing on how you can
free and loosen your hand I did this my entire life, even when I
was playing ITF futures when I was playing juniors, everything…
every Monday I would get to the Academy my coach would put
me with hand drills just to practice this to get the feeling of the ball because probably I wasn’t playing for
Saturday on Sunday so again now from here if you have a line or rope or anything
that you can put over the net just maybe one racket over the net it would be
great if not you can imagine and forced yourself to hit the ball one racket or
higher over the net again you can stay here
work on that..work that.. oh but Gaston I’m gonna hit the ball like
this, like the lob when I play.. well maybe not all the time but again don’t
focus on what you’re gonna do when you play, just focus in here on practicing the
freedom on the hand..this, which working on the on the brushing of the ball..
you see how the ball goes really high and then goes down..that ball is so
annoying that ball is so heavy okay if you’re playing play court, hard
court, whatever you play that ball is gonna bounce close to the baseline, is gonna push you two or three or four steps behind the line it’s gonna be really hard ball
that your opponent is gonna be hitting over the shoulder all time which is, which
Nadal makes all the opponents do so if you guys liked this video I hope you
enjoyed it please subscribe to channel if you didn’t, leave your comments of
what drills or to improve what you’d like to see all right and I see in the
next one thank you guys!!

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Forehand Drill – Improve Spin In 3 Steps | Connecting Tennis”

  1. superb video! but its hard to follow what exactly you are doing here. are you concentrated on rotating the wrist or you are rotating whole hand. would be cool if you can do slow motion next time or just explain it 🙂 are you lose when it rotates or you are putting an effort to do this rotation. asking this to clarify how exactly this drill should feel. thanks again!

  2. Thanks, this is a very helpful video to improve my spin on my tennis balls. All my tennis friends tell me that I need to put more spin on my balls.

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