I’m Alois Rosario and I’m Jeff Plumb and we’re
from PingSkills and today we’re going to teach you how to play the forehand counterhit. Let’s have
a look at the forehand counterhit now. You’ll notice that Jeff’s starting position is always
down beside him with his bat facing towards where he wants the ball to go. From there he comes forward, he hits the ball and then he finishes up near his right eyebrow each time. So there’s three critical factors that you need to consider when you’re learning
the forehand counterhit. The first one is your feet position, the second is your start
position and the third is your finish position. So your feet need to be square on or slightly
side on to the table. Your start position needs to be at hip height next to you with
the whole face of the bat facing towards where you want the ball to go. This is really important
to develop a good counterhit stroke. The third thing is to make sure when you hit the ball
that you come up and finish near your right eyebrow. So three factors for a great forehand counterhit. Feet position, start position, finish position. After years
of practice Jeff’s forehand counterhit is really always the same. You’ll notice that it
always starts in the same position and finishes in the same position. To play the ball faster all Jeff needs to now is to speed up the stroke, get the bat going faster from the start to the finish. And if he wants to play it slower he moves his bat through slower. By having this basic stroke you’ll be able to play the ball at any speed that you want to. There are a couple of things that I often see players do when they are learning the
forehand counterhit, one common error is that they swing too low. The second error is that
they swing across the middle line of their body so if you imagine a line right down
the middle of your body your bat doesn’t need to go past that middle line at any stage when
you are playing the forehand so it can finish here. It might even be able to finish
here but definitely you don’t want to finish right across there because then you’ve got
to come all the way back to your ready position. So think about a mid line and don’t go past
it. Now you’ve learnt the forehand counterhit go to PingSkills.com learn the backhand counterhit and a whole lot of other strokes.

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100 thoughts on “Forehand Counterhit Lesson | Table Tennis | PingSkills”

  1. That is great. It's nice to hear that you are helping your students with our videos. If you have any questions about teaching Table Tennis you can ask them on our website under the "ask the coach" section.

  2. I've thoroughly enjoyed all your videos, great job! Could you guys do a video on how to return heavy spin serves?

  3. I wonder too, we can see in the vid the ball contact early in the arm swing, so it's not a power thing. The only reason I can think of is accuracy/repeatability of the stroke movement.

  4. The topspin is like an extension of the counterhit but you start lower and have a more brushing contact to generate more spin. Learning the counterhit this way makes it easy to progress to the forehand topspin.

  5. If you swing too low, the shot is more inconsistent. Finishing up near your eyebrow really helps to make the stroke very consistent. And as I mentioned below, if you learn the stroke this way, it is easy to progress to the forehand topspin.

  6. Thanks, by the way – do you have tricks or method to keep the angle of my back consistent ? I often change it without paying attention, and then I end up loosing the "feeling" and consistency

  7. Interestingly, many people in the country use these guides. You are doing a very good job and greet you warmly.

    Co ciekawe wiele osób z kraju korzysta z tych poradników. Robicie bardzo dobrą pracę i serdecznie pozdrawiam.

  8. Dzięki bardzo. To miło słyszeć, że ludzie w Polsce są za pomocą naszych lekcji.

    Thanks very much. It nice to hear that people in Poland are using our lessons.

  9. I think that by focusing on the start position, making sure your bat is fairly flat and open, and then focusing on the finish position, you can really work on improving this. You can even practice your forehand without a ball when you are at home. Even in front of the mirror is good. Just practice your swing over and over, it's a great way to get the swing exactly as you would like.

  10. a question like I give a direction parallel to that for the video display diagonal single shots. thank you very much

  11. I'm not quite sure what you mean. To hit the ball down the line you can actually hit the ball slightly later.

  12. The counterhit imparts less topspin on the ball. The topspin (also known as a loop) puts more topspin on the ball which causes the ball to dip and hence allows you to hit the ball harder but still get it on the table.

  13. I love playing Table Tennis and since no coach is available near my area, It is because of u guys that I am doinf fine. Thank you.
    One other thing, what's the music at the end?
    I play guitar too..Would like to try it out.. 😛

  14. You're welcome. I'm glad you're benefiting from the videos. The music at the end is from the iMovie program and the tune is called "Torn Jeans".

  15. The forehand counterhit only has a little bit of topspin. If you want to generate more topspin look at our video on the forehand topspin. You can find it on our website.

  16. these r d best tutorials out in utube.. thank u sooo much.. ive come up so much from being a loser to a winner and dat all thanks to ur videos…

  17. Hi, first of all I want to say you guys doing great work. I've been following your video instruction for a couple of weeks and they are very helpful and well explained. I am not a beginner, but as a non-professional one encounters often how do counter this or that shot. I often play the forehand counterhit with a partner to warm up and get prepared for a match. But sometimes I struggle hitting the ball constantly in the same area of my partners forehand corner. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  18. 2.48 I am a tennis player but am starting to learn table tennis. Being a tennis player means that my follow through should come around my left shoulder I am trying to do it your way but does it matter if I use my tennis followthrough. Thanks 🙂

  19. I'd recommend not using the tennis follow through. It usually ends up being a less consistent shot. With tennis you have more time to play the stroke that way.

  20. It's really a combination of all of these. The main points to focus on are the start and finish positions. If you get this right, the rest will fall into place.

  21. the hit is very long in my opinion. the professional table tennis player dont finish the hit around the head, normally lower than head. But the other things are very good. Regards

  22. I noticed that he is holding the paddle at an angle more often than keeping it flat. Is this because it is speeding up?

  23. You can keep the bat quite flat to start with. As you start to impart more topspin on the ball, you can close the angle of the bat more, When you do this it becomes a forehand topspin rather than a counterhit.

  24. at school i have to face an amazing player really soon, and i can take his amazing smash and serve, but never seem to be able to return with any strength, what should i do?

  25. Hi Jeff and Alios, would like to thank you on ur great videos,also i would like to ask a couple of questions
    1)when we try to do a forehand counterhit should I aim the ball to get hit on the center of my bat OR a bit lower than the center of the bat.I attempt to get hit a bit lower than the center of the bat then I try to brush the ball for topspin.
    2)Also i have gone thru ur shuffle footwork on another video but my leg strength is on lower sideplease suggest me ways of improving the legstrength

  26. Hi Jeff and Alios,more basic question1)My friend suggested me that when i do forehand counterhit it used to sidespin somewhat and there was not much topspin,so he suggested me to hit in the same direction it was coming -if it is coming diagonally then hit it diagonally with brushing and if it is coming straing then hit it straight back brushing(do not attempt corner of table as it loses topspin and becomes a mild sidespin)-I found this useful for topspin but how can i aim at diff parts of table

  27. damn youtube. now I have to watch thirty second ads with no skip. I miss the good old days when there was no ads at all.

    any way ty pingskills on another helpful vid

  28. if this is the basic warm up that you always do then it's not good. You can't start at the point thatayou are going to hit the ball, you have to have a power source. So lean back your arm and body a little bit more. Just watch this /watch?v=Z42CD-a3lOg

  29. Hi ping skills I was just wondering about this because when I seem to do this I always end up hitting the ball upwards so it sets my opponent up for a smash, it doesn't go straight like Jeff's, I'm not sure if I am doing it wrong doing a bad habit or if it's just because I am using it to return the wrong shot

  30. Amazing what you can get to perform with practice. Jeff always hits it on the center of the racket. He has such much control.

  31. I seem to have trouble using my forehand. I keep using my backhand for every hit and when I do use my forehand, it normally goes wrong.

  32. Hello PingSkills, I usually have the problem that one day my forehand counterhit is perfect, and the next day I will always fail and not even able to have 4 consistent counterhits or hit it too high ALWAYS, I've been having this problem since a week , I always try to be relaxed when I start to play. Please help me :/

  33. Guys am going to buy a new bat am goint to buy timo boll spirit do you recommend T05 or T05 fx .. what will match the blade more ??

  34. hi, first i wanted to say thank you so much i it's was very helpful for me ^^
    i wanted to ask if i need to do some specific movement with my wrist at the begining of the movement?

  35. im trying the forehand counterhit but i cant play it well can you tell me how to improve it ?
    i learned the backhand counterhit from our videos and i can play it pretty good !

  36. Thanks a lot sir…
    I am only 14 yrs old but i learn forehand counter well without going any stadium…

    +Thanks for the vidieo sir…..

  37. Hi Alois and Jeff… Love your videos and tips… A small suggestion, hope you don't mind. Please add short clip in the end of videos saying" Please like, subscribe and share the video". I think this can grab larger people attention. Thanks

  38. hey..ty for posting such useful videos..can you please post a video of some drills or exercises i can do to master this stroke..i've been struggling to play this shot cuz i've been playing it all wrong till now

  39. Hey Alois and Jeff, i am a huge fan of your work, your instructions are clear and straight forward, you're helping me a ton, one question tho, i was practicing the forehand and backhand counterhits today, i nailed my backhands but when i tried to do any forehands i just felt trapped with my feet, it just didn't feel natural, what could i be doing with my feet.. i do backhands and the moment i switch to forehands something just doesn't feel right, i think my feet are straight forward and i am only rotating my upper body, could that be the issue? Thanks.

  40. what is the point of contact on the racket, is it right at the center or a little bit below the center closer towards the edge of the racket, where is it exactly because i find it difficult to control especially when i see u guys hitting as if no matter how hard you hit the ball it will always land on the table on the other hand i keep thinking of the racket angle, power, point of contact and which is why a lot of time is wasted on just thinking all this thing to make sure ball lands on the other side of the table. Please clearify my doubt if possible!!

  41. Hello Alois and Jeff
    Is the forehand counterhit same as the forehand drive?
    If yes, why is it that when I am watching a professional game they do warm-up drills to feel the ball and what they do seems like a forehand counterhit but doesn't seem like they are really completing the footwork
    Thank you for helping the table tennis community

  42. hi there, i have this tendency to hit the ball at its right side because of which all my forehand shots generate top spin sidespin but the problem is i cannot hit the ball down the line or in any other direction except diagonally. And the way i hold my bat, the hand position is like it will always contact the side of the ball and not its face. How can i improve on this as its predictable everytime my forhand shots land at same place.

  43. I don't understand why all these videos try to teach you you're footing when you're obviously learning a technique that uses a shit load of top spin. Yes footing is important but this isn't a video about the very basics, it's a video about forehand drives.

  44. Help ive been playing table tennis for 3 months and still cant hit the ball with forehand

  45. Sir i play forehand counterhit very good but when the ball bounces on my forehand counter to such a position that it bounces 2 times on my counter i.e., on a flick position and when it is going mostly parallel to net i.e., most upto 30 or 60° when considering the crossover point as 90° at this point when i take my hand closer to the ball my positions change i.e., finish position…Plz help !

  46. #ask Should I use combinitions of rubbers on both side like donic coppa and donic sonex or both sides same like donic coppa and donic coppa??

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