Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. In
this lesson we’re going to talk to you about the forehand block. The forehand block is just a smaller version
of the forehand counterhit. So the forehand counterhit you’re starting here and coming
all the way up. With the block it’s just a smaller version of that same stroke with the
bat following the same path. With your feet make sure that you’re nice
and square to the table because when you’re blocking the ball’s coming at you quite fast
so you need to be prepared to play with either the backhand or the forehand. If you’re standing
just for your forehand block and the ball came to your backhand side you’d be in a lot
of trouble. So square yourself up so that you’re ready for both sides. Then it’s a matter of executing the stroke
with a nice small action. Why do we have a small action? Because they’re already generating
enough speed for you to get that ball back on the table. You don’t need a big swing to
get the ball on to their side of the table and you don’t need a big swing to get a lot
of speed on the ball because again they’ve generated the speed for you. The other thing
is that you don’t have enough time so you haven’t got time to play a big swing at it
and a big backswing because the ball’s coming at you fast. So think about a nice short swing and all
it needs to be is just a small forehand counterhit from here to there. Once you have the basic stroke then you can
start to think about the angle of your bat and how much spin that they’re generating
with their topspin. So if they’re playing with a lot of topspin
on the ball then you need to cover that ball over. Turn your bat forward so that the ball
goes on to the table. If you have a flat open angle and they have a lot of topspin then
the ball is going to go up really high and it’s either going to go off the end of the
table or go up so high that they’re going to make a smash on the next ball. If there’s less spin then you can open the
angle up but if there’s more spin you need to cover the angle over. The stroke still
remains the same so a nice small forehand counterhit just now your adjusting the angle
depending on the amount of topspin on the ball

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Dennis Veasley

18 thoughts on “Forehand Block | Table Tennis | PingSkills”

  1. I'm absolutely adoring the new equipment! The slomo, different camera angles and everything else, you guys have stepped it up!! 😀 amazing guys, great lesson as always and at the right time..some topspins were flying off my bat so this will help lol xD..THANKYOU!

  2. hello pingskills!i i have a problem! i am a left defender but i dont see much defenders anymore! is it because being a attacker is better? Do i need to change to being a attacker?

  3. Excellent, you guys just have promised this and already delivered. Looks like you're working relentlessly around the clock. It also looks so easy when you demonstrate it. Thanks again for sharing.

  4. My friend isn't really a polished player but he hits the ball very hard and with authority so this should help.  Question: should I be keeping my on the ball the entire time, or also monitoring my friends movement?

  5. Hey, in my club the better players and coaches say that u must not move your arm while blocking and i see many of the pros doing it as well? Im confused :d

  6. pingskills i cant do this because my brother smashes too fast i cant do a forehand and a backhand block because i havent got enough time

  7. even if they generated enough speed isn't it better to use a full stroke to put more spin on the ball?

    i'm wondering when i should be blocking instead of using a full swing. to me it just feels like a lazier version of a forehand topspin stroke

  8. I lost to a really good player in the semi finals.He was using top spon in every shot and I was not able to defend it.After that I started watching pingskills.Thank you

  9. when I am heading forhand stopsin the ball picks the grip it wasn't spin it just have the grip goes forwarded stright or cross but wasn't spin

  10. How do I change the position of my body or my hand position when I intend to do forehand smash but actually I wanted to do back hand smash? please guide

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