Hi there, it’s Donna-Marie here. And in this video I’d like to talk to you
about tennis balls. I’m sure you’ve all seen one of these … lots
of fun. If I was to throw this tennis ball at you
right now – which I won’t do – but if I did, and you were here with me, do you think you
could catch it? I’m sure most people watching this – if not
everyone – would say ‘yes’. I’m sure you’d be able to catch a tennis ball. What if I was to throw a whole bucket full
of tennis balls at you? How many do you reckon you’d catch? One? Maybe two? Maybe even none at all because
they’re all coming to you at once. You’d probably be taken a little bit by surprise. Now a good friend of mine and my mentor, Brett
McFall, he does a demonstration with tennis balls and if you’ve seen him speak live you
may well have seen him do this demonstration. What he does is he actually gets someone up
on stage and he throws a tennis ball at them – actually he asks them first if they can
catch a tennis ball and when they say yes he throws it to them. And most of the time, they catch it. He then throws them a dozen tennis balls at
once and I’m sure you can guess what happens. Most of them are dropped. They go all over
the place and, if anything, they might catch one… I think I’ve seen two – actually, maybe
three. I vaguely remember one person caught three at once, which is a record really. The thing is, what I’m demonstrating with
this is that what you focus on is just the same. If you focus on one thing at a time there’s
a good chance that you’ll achieve that task. That you’ll get it completed. If you’re trying to do 10 things at once or
a dozen things or 100 things at once, like some of us try to do, chances are you’re not
going to get any of them done. So it’s all about focus. When you can focus
on less things there’s more chance that you’ll get them done. So when you’re planning what
you’re doing in your work each day – if you have a to-do list or something like that – when
you’ve got projects that you’re working on, I really would encourage you to limit the
number of things you’re doing at any one time. Now there used to be a time, I remember back
in the ’90s I think it was – late ’80s or early ’90s – multi-tasking became a real thing
and I know a lot of organizations, government organizations as well, they started trying
to multi-task. A lot of staff members were being trained
in multiple roles and they’d even be rotated on a 3-monthly or 6-monthly basis, from one
position to another to another. The idea being that a number of people in
any organization would be able to do any job. Now this sounds great in theory but what happened
is that people didn’t know … they knew half a dozen jobs or 10 jobs a little bit. None
of them REALLY knew one job exceptionally well. Or sometimes they might be just starting to
get to know the job and then they’re rotated to another area and it actually didn’t work
that well in practise. The same goes in your organization. If you’re
working on 10 projects at once you’ll be finding that you’re doing a little bit on this, a
little bit on that, a little bit on this… … and you’re never really getting anywhere. So… what I encourage you to do is to take
a look at what you’re doing in your business and have a look at where you can narrow your
focus. In what areas are you trying to do too much
at once and can you narrow it down a bit? Maybe it’s with the services you’re offering
or the products. Maybe you’re offering too many. Now if it doesn’t take you’re time – if you’ve
got other people managing them – it might not be such a problem. But if you are finding that things are a little
bit messy or you’re not quite achieving the goals you want, do take a look at whether
you’ve got too much going on and you need to narrow that focus. So … 1 tennis ball at a time, capice? I’m sure that you’ll find that there’ll be
a huge improvement – not just in the results that you’re seeing but also in the way that
you’re feeling and the way that you’re able to handle the situation and the way that you’re
managing your business. Now if you like this video remember to go
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