Hi I’m Jeff Plumb from PingSkills.com and
Bennett has asked us “what footwork you should use to get to the short ball and then be ready
for the next ball?” So Bennett the real key for the right hander is
your right leg. For the short ball you want to move your right
leg right in under the table, that allows you to get close to the net and be able to
make your short push. Then you come back and you are ready for the next ball, you are in
a good balanced position, if they go short again, you do the same thing bring your right
leg in. And even if it goes to your backhand, you still bring your right leg in. Then you
are ready again and if it comes long, you are ready for the topspin. So it is all about the balance you get your
right foot right in and then you come back to a balanced position and you are ready for
anything. So if we concentrate on the feet here we can
see that the right foot comes in if I am playing a forehand and still the right foot again
comes in if I am playing a backhand. So you always use the right foot that allows
you to get in close and then you can get back and be balanced and be ready for the
next ball. So now you know the movement it is important
that you stay on your toes and you jump in and jump out, that will allow you get in quickly,
and remember you use your right foot for both the forehand and the backhand. So as we mentioned it is really important
to jump back so you are ready for the long ball.

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. Then unfortunately you don't have a lot of options. You could try moving down the side of the table and playing a lot of longer balls that make it harder for your opponent to keep the ball that short.

  2. We will be. Make sure you subscribe to our channel. Also visit our website as we have lots of great videos there too!

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