– Football, marriage. Two forces that have been in opposition since the beginning of time. Today we have a man,
Ned, and his wife, Ariel. And we’re going to find out do
you know your favorite thing more than you know your wife? (thunder)
I hope he does or else he’ll be in
trouble and I’ll laugh. (playfully dramatic music) Alright Ned, we’re gonna talk football, we’re gonna talk your
wife, you ready for this? – Yeah, baby, let’s do this. – Do you know football? – Yes. – Do you know your wife?
– [Ned] More. – Ariel, how are you feeling today? He’s gonna get more
questions right about me than he is about football. – One, two, three are you feeling ready? – [Ned] Yes!
– Oh yeah, yeah baby! Yeah, psych me up.
– [Ned] Yeah, what’s up? – Alright, question number one, Ned, name five offensive
positions in the NFL. – Quarterback, running
back, wide receiver, offensive tackle, tight end. – Ned, name five of
Ariel’s favorite foods. – Um, uh let’s see. – So olives, breakfast burritos, – [Host] Not on my list
but I’ll let it slide. – pasta, salad, – You need one more Ned. – [Ned] Uh,
– Remember this is the easiest question that
we have in this stack, so take your time. – How ’bout, how ’bout like a dessert? – Oh Tiramisu. – Alright. How many minutes are in a football game? – Uh, 60 minutes. – How long does it take Ariel
to get ready in the morning? – About 45 minutes. – 20 minutes max. – That is not true,
(laughing) that is not true! – Sorry, we’re gonna have to give you a big red X on that one. Alright Ned you’ve got 20 seconds, name as many starting quarter
backs in the NFL as possible. Ready, set, go! Blake Bortles, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Phillip Rivers, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Cam
Newton, Matthew Stafford. – Alright, now you have 10 seconds, name as many as Ariel’s
bridal party as you can. Ready, set, go! Oh, Danielle, Carol, Becca, Annelise, Grace. Five for five. Oh, you can’t phase me, Zack. I’m cold as ice. Ned, name the last two players featured on the Madden NFL cover. This past year was Odell Beckham Jr. and the year before that
it was Richard Sherman, but more accurately the
entire Seattle Seahawks. – Describe Ariel’s last
profile picture on Facebook. I remember the one when
we first met really well. It was her and a giant dog named George. – Not the question. – Not the question, okay. (laughing) I think it was one from our wedding when she was like looking at me. – You’re sweating man. – You guys totally
debowed my emotional story about our first meeting. (laughing)
– I’m sorry. – How many Super Bowl
rings does Tom Brady have? – [Ned] Two.
– Four. – Four?
– [Host] Yes. – (groans) I hate Tom Brady. Four Super Bowl rings? – Four. How many rings
does Ariel normally wear? – Uh two, she wears her engagement ring and her wedding ring. – How many times have the
Jaguars made the playoffs? – (sighs) That’s hard. 1996. (voice in fast forward) – [Host] So your answer? – I’m gonna go with six. – That is (censor beep) impressive. Not only do you have, you got the number, you got the years! – How many times has Ariel
been to a black tie event? – Uh, that’s pretty tough. We went to one wedding this year. (voice in fast forward) I’ll say seven. – What did I say? – (censor beep) this. That is correct. – What year did the Jaguars join the NFL? – I’m gonna go with 1995 ’cause that’s when the
official announcement was. – What year did Ariel
get her first computer? – I will say, 2000 and three. – That is correct. – Oh my God, yes! Ned, I’m frustrated to report that you do know your wife
as well as you know football. So there you go, turns
out Ned knows as much about his wife as he does the NFL. Pretty adorable, also
a little frustrating. Thanks for watching “Do you know your partner better
than your favorite thing?” I’m Zack, see ya next time. (playfully dramatic music)

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Football Vs. Wife: Which Do You Know Better?”

  1. I’d rather have a good wife who is close to my age (1987-1991 born; I was born in 1989) who hates football and wants to hug me!

  2. There’s no way in hell he didn’t know how many rings Brady had haha. He sabotaged himself on that answer hahaha

  3. I I think it's cute that Ned remembers so much about Ariel but also really impressed about his football knowledge

  4. This was a genius idea. Ned's annoyed the other so much by how much he talks about Ariel. Talking about football? Not so much.

  5. He’s not in loved, he’s obsessed. The love he has for his wife doesn’t seem genuine and cute. He’s just creepy.

  6. My own father, who’s been married to and been with my Mom over 20 years, doesn’t even know this much about his wife 😂😂😂😂 Highly impressed

  7. Those questions about his wife were so much harder than the football questions they trying to set our boy Ned up for failure

  8. legend has it, hes is still using the "see.. i know you like my fav thing" -CARD still to this day in 2019.

  9. I love football and basketball ball more sorry
    Anything out my girls mouth is annoying like you don’t have to recap everything that happens or the tone I said things or constantly have to remind her I love her like nah I’m only not single cause I don’t wanna just jack off 😂😂😂 49er faithful

  10. Super Bowl rings for a qb is so easy. Easier than knowing how many times and what years his team made the playoffs

  11. Took me a full minute of thinking "why does Ned look so weird?" before realizing it was because he doesn't have the beard.

  12. The question was do you know your partner better than your favorite thing. I'm surprised that Buzzfeed thinks that Ned has anything more favourite than his 'my wife'. Ariel is so amazing, and Ned is so in love. This beautiful to watch them together

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