Hello, my name is Brian Currier and I’m here
on behalf of Expert Village. I’m here to talk about football penalties and the hand signals
that the officials give to indicate the penalties. A number of the penalties have different rules
associated with them depending upon the level of football you’re talking about, whether
it’s high school, college, or the NFL. As much as possible we’ll indicate where those
differences are. By rule, the offense must have at least seven players on the line of
scrimmage. In addition, the offensive tackle cannot be left uncovered by a receiver outside
of him. The signal for illegal formation is (video demo, moving arms in circular motion
in front of body). The offense may have two or more players change their position in the
formation as long as each player gets reset for at least a second before the ball is snapped.
The signal for illegal shift is (video demo, arms in front of body, fingertips touching,
arms moving away from body). Illegal motion occurs when the offense has more than one
player in motion at the snap of the ball and/or an offensive player is moving towards the
line of scrimmage at the snap of the ball. The signal for illegal motion is (video demo,
one arm in front of body, moving away from body).

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Football Penalties & Referee Signals : How to Signal Illegal Formation & Illegal Motion in Football”

  1. @Donpatch88 It does not. The german salute in the Third Reich was the roman gladiator salute – i.e. the outstreched arm, 45° from body and horizontal line. The illegal motion signal looks a bit like the variation only Hitler himself used to show at parades, but even this version was vertical (hands top), not horizontal (hands to the side).

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