Welcome to FMTV, my name is Joe Thomlinson
and today we’re talking about sports science. In Football Manager 2018 your medical team
take on a bigger role than ever before, providing you with more information about your club’s
current injury situation as well as advising you about how to avoid injuries occurring
in training. Sports Scientists made their debut in Football
Manager last season and they return this year with a more visible presence as they report
directly to you with regards to the physical condition of your squad, freeing up your physios
to focus on treating injured players. There’s also a new dedicated ‘Sports Science’
attribute for medical staff. You can view the feedback from your Sports
Scientists on the new ‘Medical Centre’ section which is your one-stop shop for everything
related to the fitness of your squad. There are five panels within the section offering
the most detailed insight and analysis of your team’s condition in the series’ history. The first of these, the ‘Overview’ panel,
shows you who in the squad is currently injured, which players have recently returned from
injury and any players that are at increased risk of picking up an injury. At the top of the screen you’ll also be
see an assessment from your Sports Science team about your current training workload,
your injury record compared to the rest of the league and any changes you can make to
your training methods to avoid injuries ahead of upcoming fixtures. What if we want to see how we can reduce the
likelihood of injuries occurring on the training pitch? You’ll want to go to the ‘Risk Assessment’
panel. This shows you your upcoming fixtures and
current team training workload, allowing you to easily match the intensity of your training
sessions to your upcoming matches. Your Sports Scientists will point out when
it would be best to lighten the players’ workload and when they need to put the hours
in on the training pitch; keeping your players injury-free for longer and potentially proving
to be the difference between defeat and victory. The ‘Risk Assessment’ screen also gives
you information on each player in your squad’s susceptibility to injury, overall injury risk,
current workload in both training and matches and their general condition. From here you can delve into a player’s
individual medical report to see their injury history and injury status as well as any parts
of the body that are currently affected by injury, treatment they’re receiving and
the time until they can return to training. Let’s move on to the ‘Injuries’ panel. This screen lists details on every injury
that your squad picked up over this season and last including: severity, the treatment
option that was used on the player and how long the player was sidelined for. At the top of the screen you’ll be able
to see a comparison of your current injury situation compared to the league average as
well as a graph showing a year-on-year comparison of the number of injuries your squad have
sustained. In the top right, there’s also a snapshot
of which player have missed the most action over the past 12 months. For a more detailed view of that snapshot,
you’ll want to head to the ‘Season Summary’ panel. This breaks down the number of injuries each
squad member has suffered this season compared to the previous campaign and the time and
percentage of action that they’ve missed during the season. There’s also a panel for currently injured
players. Finally, all five panels can be filtered to
show your senior squad or youth teams or all three, should you desire. You’ll also be sent emails from your physios
and sports scientists that help you see how you compare to other clubs in your division
injury wise. By regularly visiting the ‘Medical Centre’
tab and making use of the information and advice contained within it and the feedback
from your sports science team, you’ll be able to better prepare your squad for the
rigours of the modern football season keep your key players in top condition for those
local derbies, relegation six-pointers and title deciders that define a season. Thanks so much for watching. Keep an eye out for more episodes of FMTV
and for more information on Football Manager 2018 visit footballmanager.com

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Dennis Veasley

34 thoughts on “Football Manager 2018 | Sports Science Overhaul | FM18”

  1. Stop fucking shouting mate you're wearing mic. And your saying every other word like your stuck on caps lock…. blah BLAH BLAH blah blah BLAHHHH fs lol

  2. So im guessing injuries are going to be many and actually more real life etc…..seem to be bigging up this sports science, training, physio etc……looks like it could be good if you are a top club but horrible for grass roots, lower league teams boohoo

  3. Also can the presenter of the new features, try not to shout so loud, seriously excitement is one thing but he needs to tone down the loudness

  4. Well this is great for a lot of players. Personally I'll still will be relegating all of my off-shoot responsibilities to my staff than being hands on with it myself like past games.

  5. i have football manager 2016 what a stupid game hitting the post all the time im done with your games they have no logic at all

  6. Good addiction. Now gave sense to have a sport ciencist. The data analyst will have any special attribute too?

  7. Another great addition guys, looking forward to getting my hands on the game now. Some really good improvements to previous versions based on what we've seen so far. Hope it plays out that way! 👍

  8. You know what you should change? 10 injuries in the first team in the first month of the season. its way too much. i use a download to change that, that cant be a good thing?

  9. subscribe to football manager: https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UC-_XY6qEb5t87U1bpN16mag? disable_polymer = true
    for the fun videos about football manager! with videos or one of the best upcoming football manager channel !!!!!!

  10. "Sports Science Overhaul"? They didnt had any "active role" before. Is this going towards a president role, rather than a manager role?

  11. I'd love to have more control over the finances in clubs and the stadium/training complex. For example I'd like to have some say in design and size of stadiums, new and expansions including the name. I'd also like to be able to "visit" my stadium and just look at it, same with the dressing room and training facilities. This would offer a deeper immersion in your club, I love FM as it is but I feel like I'm just running a machine- I rarely feel connected to the club because you just sit and read through "e mails", reports of different kinds and then do interviews- there's nothing that brings you into the clubs belly. For example it would be good to have regular meetings with supporter groups and get opinions from them, it would also be fun if you had to attend a "end of season" or "ahead of season" talk shows or interviews where you can build relationships with other managers (computer) to easier make transfers realistic.

    Basically FM is an amazing Football Manager simulation, however if they want to bring it more to the real life and go into the details then adding aspects which deals with media and fans would be my wish.

  12. It just feels like more uncessary fluff which will make the game more of a chore to play… I'd rather you sorted out the match engine, tactics, contracts, scouting and transfers. All this just seems too much and I don't get how it makes the game more fun, there are too many factors to consider and I don't have the time or desire to delve in, all these videos have actually put me off buying the game. Do players really want this? Maybe they do… Maybe my 20 years of playing CM/FM are coming to an end.

  13. Great to see they are really improving such an iconic franchise, Theme Hospital. My dream of managing a football team and take care of players with swollen genitalia can finally come true. facepalm … so much stuff needed in the game and this is one of the highlights? sighs in disappointment Why spend time with this? Really, I'm curious.

  14. this guy sounds surprised at everything he says, like he can't quite believe he's getting to present this – and i understand why.

  15. The real question is…Will the SC's be able to predict, or perhaps even deter, the infamous injury pattern of FM? We all know that injuries are a blight in this game. You know, when your team is all well and fit and then after that one particular Sunday training session one of your players gets injured out of the blue, out for 6 weeks…and then another one the next day out for 4 weeks…and then another one the next day, out for 6 days and then another one the same day out for 3 months? And then 2 goalkeepers get injured within the same week and both out for 2 months? and so on until you realize this BS has nothing to do with real life and reload the game to hopefully avoid triggering the pattern. And guess what? Nobody gets injured this time! Does it always have to be either 0 or 5-6 casualties?!

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