( music playing )Hey, guys,
Rhett and Link here. In honor of the big game, we’re out here kicking some
insane field goals. Hope you get a… out of it. Whoo! Yeah, boy! That’s what I’m talkin’
about! Yeah! ( giddy laughter ) Only two things are concrete
in this world. That football is awesome
and concrete. We call this one
the “Cinder-Ella Story.” Ow! That’s how the Egyptians built
the pyramids, y’all! In order to perform,
you gotta have a complete
breakfast. I’m talking
about eggs, orange juice, and, of course, Pop-Tarts. – You ready?
– Yeah! Let’s go! Whoo!
( cackling ) ( cackling )
Whoo-hoo! ( garbling ) Whoo! ( gagging ) Rhett?
Rhetty, you okay? Does anybody know
the Heimlich? Stay with me, buddy. I call this one
the Heisman Heimlich. Whoo!
( cackles ) Dang it, Link.
I coulda gotten that down. This morning I found
this magic amulet and put it around my neck. When the magic amulet
touch upon my heart, it opened a portal
to another world. Through that portal
came this leprechaun that granted me three wishes. My first wish
is to play fantasy football. ( cackling ) Whoo! I still got two wishes! Rhett:Up next we’ll be putting
animal balls in our mouths.
Chill out, dude.Get our GMM beverage coolerand your drinks
will stay chill,
just like you.Available at mythical.store.

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Dennis Veasley

99 thoughts on “Football Field Goal Trick Shots”

  1. I'm not big on sports, but I really enjoy the Super Bowl because most of the football fans are so deliriously happy that I can't help but be happy with them! Rhett and Link get so deliriously happy that they loose whatever sanity they possessed in the first place. I love it!

  2. I save up gmm episodes for when Im really down so I'm simultaneously crying my eyes out and laughing at the same time I live a very strange life…

  3. Next dude perfect ( and to those haters out there calling me out for copying people I thought of this before I read the comments and it just so happens that someone else thought of this too )

  4. Has Dude Perfect seen this? Lol Rhett and Link should have Dude Perfect host a Good Mythical Summer episode!

  5. I can only dream that I'll be that old but still have that much fun with my friends, these guys are ageless through the power of fun

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