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Dennis Veasley

35 thoughts on “Football & Faith: Being Muslim in MLS”

  1. Where’s the documentary for being a Christian or Jew in MLS? No one cares about your religion, a true sports fan only cares that its teams players are fit and can win a championship.

  2. KNOCK IT OFF!!! We are not going to change The Beautiful Game for your SUPERSTITIONS. All other people play any day necessary. You can too.

  3. Enough with the identity politics. No-one cares where you're from or what your skin color is or what religion you practice, we want good football. MLS is trying to be woke and it's not working.

  4. I use to be ignorant about things I didn't understand. I closed my mind and rejected the idea that was presented to me. I moved into an incredibly diverse community and it opened my eyes that I was wrong on everything I thought I knew. Life is too short to hate, it devours our heart and mind. It's is an unhappy way to live.

  5. What you do is great, you go around learn about different communities and connect their cultures and educate us in the process. While also making very entertaining videos!

  6. Isn't Islam the religion that promotes slavery, child marriage and killing of non-believers? And the prophet of Islam is a warLord. But let's talk about not eating food and celebrate it. Lol.

  7. I love this series. It's a perfect thing to share with friends who aren't interested in soccer and they can be drawn in. Keep it going.

  8. Beautiful storytelling and footage from the historical event.. but I was confused at 7:45 why are we entering Zak Abdel's house when the piece has introduced him and had him speaking at his table earlier..looked out of place, aside from that…great story! #DaleBlackAndGold

  9. As an actual Muslim, I always find it amazing how people that hate my religion can make even pleasant videos about fasting and soccer problematic in the comment section😂

  10. I'm a MLS fans and i'm moslem. I'm indonesian. I always watch every MLS single game. I respect to this soccer league because they're play and respect each others between religion, culture, region and anything which is become happiness without war and racialism. FAIR PLAY for our life and our next generation 😉 #MLS

  11. Glad that Muslim players have more chances in the West to play without hate, in MLS and elsewhere, I know many Premier League clubs have at least 2 or 3 Muslim players now, I think that range of perspectives is great for the game

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