Well good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to UCN Sports, this is Beaver Football. And we’re glad to have you tuned in, we’re live from J. Leslie Rollins Stadium. my name is Tanner Hoops and I’m alongside Kyle Wiebers. Miller will get set, he’s back to pass. Blitz coming, picked up He’s going to try and run with it across the 5 he is down to the goal line, and touchdown Buena Vista! Three receivers to the near side of the field, turn, give, that one is going to be Miller. He’s going to keep it himself, across the 15, 10, 5 and dragged down near the four yard line and Buena Vista with a little trickery and were able to make it work everybody was sold on the Luther sideline. Three out wide on this play Miller will turn, dials Mowery’s number again, fights for the end zone, is he in? Is he in? He’s in! Touchdown Beavers. And Buena Vista’s going to take a two score lead, a two yard touchdown run Letney will look, he’s going to go back to pass again, he’ll look, fire right side Tipped and intercepted, Nick Novotny! Novotny still on his feet, across the 35, 40, 45, midfield and down to the Luther 45. They tried to go to to the slant pass across the field, Kyle Wiebers, and Nick Novotny read it like a menu! He’s able to tip it in the air, tap it to himself and make something work with his feet, gains about 20 yards on the interception return. Henningsen will get set, make that Miller, back to pass, fires there’s Henningsen, across the 30, 25, shakes contact, 20, and down to the 15 yard line Jalen Henningsen with a gain of 23 yards on that hookup. Will get ourselves set and the hold is down the kick is up and the kick from 42 yards out is good. Five man front defensively, it’ll be a turn, fake and the give keeping himself and that time Buena Vista had it sniffed out. Those two had the Hampton-Dumont connection working last week. Miller back to pass he’ll look, fire deep ball, that’s Henningsen, bobbles, and he’s across midfield and into the end zone Jalen Henningsen hooks up and Buena Vista into the end zone, it’s a three possession game. So Wirth will get himself set to do the punting. High snap, he’s going to go Aussie style, and he’s gonna send it away but… that’s going to be a terrible punt. Really, the wind wasn’t even blowing very much on that one, he just got that one off the side of his foot And getting set will be Miller, he’s back to pass on first down steps up in the pocket he’ll look, deep ball downfield, got a man caught! Inside the five, and that’s a touchdown to TJ Lint! Another great pass there for Miller, stayed composed, stepped up in the pocket, felt the pressure coming from behind him, stepped up in the pocket, made a great throw. Letney’s going to keep it himself and Letney will get a little bit of space in the open field across the 40, down at the 45, ball came loose, picked up by Buena Vista. We’re going to cross the 45, down to the the 40, down to the 35, the 30, and that’s Nick Amundson, the ball carrier and we’re inside the 20 and things go from bad to worse for Luther. And Miller will get himself set, he’s back to pass he will look, he’ll step, fire back shoulder shoulder fade in the zone, catch made. Is he in bounds? He is! Touchdown Buena Vista! That one’s a little back shoulder play to to Flickinger, was able to make the catch and it is a 40-point first half. Four seconds remain here in the first half. Miller will get himself set, he’s going to turn and give to Mowery. Shakes off one tackler he’s got a first down, and he’s across the Luther 30 yard line and dragged down just shy of the 25. But Miller will work under center, make that out of the pistol he’s going to going to turn, give to Cody Morris he’s got a carry, inside the 10, the 5, touchdown Cody Morris! number 27 rumbles 27 yards into the end zone, and Buena Vista has put up 47 points. Back to pass will be Letney. He’s going to look, he’s he’s going to air it across the middle of the field, picked off! And coming over to make that interception, it’s Justin Kahl the senior safety out of Denison That is going to do it for Homecoming 2016. That’s a winner, ladies and gentlemen, final score Buena Vista 48, Luther 24.

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