Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Gameplay Beach Volleyball Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball video game PS4 Xbox One PC oh great day Oh Kalvin welcome back to yes guy came in
we’re back playing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 beach volleyball I’ve had some fun
playing through this game and I have figured a few things out just by fooling
around by experimenting with some things by just pressing inputs on the
controller and random things happening I ended up changing partner so Momiji is
no more I’ve got a note gun she’s my partner now and not sure why but now
I’ve got this hard and normal matchup waiting for me so it’s gonna be intense
we get some more of these matchups or it has some tough matches so if you haven’t
checked at the last episode yeah things were getting weird check it out link in
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if you haven’t already we really really appreciate that anyways i’m hype for
this game looks dull okay this chick is on hard she is on medium what is she
doing that’s that’s me I’m just sue me I got Anoka we got the gripe written ball
baby that’s wrong that’s Australian the Union Jack whatever my let’s go it’s
this serving yes jeez I got a dude oh oh oh she ducked me I’m gonna block yeah
come on let’s go get shit out of there on hardmode oh yeah don’t piss alright
here we go that’s a nice serve why am i serving her
she’s not worried oh so when you’re off the net should I stay down is that to
think like is that the plate maybe me
come on Anoka down the line yes come on it’s a fight I also had a wardrobe
change Oh Maj she’s often that I will stay down
otherwise I’m up Anoka get on that I know
stop that celebrating I owe she might be my arrival oh shit I’m on that what’s
open that way she dug me I send a negative
block and I play some D underhand lame there you going that’s a pound nice here
we go really there’s my partner partner way to put it
away and keep us in it nice I like Honoka did you block Honoka
get up there block block it I got the dig yeah come on I was pressing the
total opposite direction of where she did it but still we scored you block it
okay ratios yes they’re screwing up completely
that’s old temper tantrum serving at her on okay she’s folding up yes she’s immediately turning around I just
put her partner on to dang here we go I got it put me on the net
for the win oh she got me yeah yes big block for the
win what she like yeah come on I know God with the big win yes is this
actually like what the hell is this for that guy up there is hilarious look at
this guy okay I cook on something I don’t know
what I’m doing doing some sort of race against this girl like I don’t know what
is happening what do i press I’m gonna press all the buttons go this is the
blood come on go go Oh was I doing the right thing od I think you gonna okay okay now we’re
wrong climbing for some reason not really sure why we’re doing this
Kasumi but you can do it I guess I don’t know what’s what’s the point
do I press my ass I got it I am nervous I did not want to fall just react and
press the buttons yes I’m on a roll stay focused I’m here for the volleyball
stay focused don’t lose focus I’m watching at the buttons no I almost
missed that one Oh get that yeah
stay focused do not lose focus pay attention to the buttons watching the
buttons ha we are very high up now you’ll be bad if you fell yikes
yeah is that it what way to go you made it up the
mountain we just climbed a Mallee she’s all fired
up about it what all right let’s play some beach
volleyball that’s why we’re here at bathing suits the Union Jack Mike yeah
that’s right got the bowl all right let’s go let’s go
do I win last game no I didn’t I’m looking for revenge that’s up bow
fyounka well John let’s go I got purple hair who’s red hair there’s all sorts of
hairs found it get a rock yes we’re pulling these up great Sally found this
nice sir get a block yep wow she’s be stood on that what I don’t step where
was I damn it I’ll pass pass this oh my bad
partner that is definitely getting censored Wow I’m here for the volleyball
yikes I’m all set that drama found it this chair are you guys score Tony yes
all right you blocking the Roca get their block but oh gosh where the hell
was I gosh she done me good Jake I know Oh
Oh two minutes off the tape I know a good day what am I thinking what is that
is that me yeah yeah here for the volleyball put me on
the net oh she dug it free ball though nice shit
good dig great step I mean yes come on yep all right here we go
four three thinking it’s all about timing great day there you go
that’s a bouncing okay let’s go I’m gonna move all over here why nice oh no come here in the face but she
dug it nice dig get up and hit it oh come on you block it Anoka are you gonna make a play on
defense or what like get it right out you make a play nice
that’s a bounce I don’t go way to make up for that yeah for the wind that was a great play
by them dammit I pounded that free ball me come on one pass one side out for the
match I’ll play it on the net timing is everything
oh great day holy shit yeah put me on the net yes come on back in business
baby all right here we go one play for the
win and oka week served by me I’ll get a block though you know get it off your
face for the win yes you went to sweat off because I was carrying you wow she yeah alright alright guys that’s gonna
do for this episode of Dead Alive Xtreme 3 fortune Oh things were changing this
game that was harder that was actually really fun playing on that difficulty
it’s all about the timing on the buttons which i think is what volleyball should
be about this chair anyways if you guys haven’t already hit that subscribe
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showing you this series this channel everything I appreciate it so much
and I’m very thankful that’s all I gotta say anyways now to do it for this
episode thank you guys again so much for watching hope to see you next time on
yes guy gaming Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Gameplay Beach Volleyball Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball video game PS4 Xbox One PC

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