what does that very very welcome back to
the channel today we’ve got the Randall twins Jenna bandy and if you’ve been
following for a while you know about off the record that’s a series where we set
out some challenges for you guys to try and you can win awesome prizes let’s
play the montage from last month thank you to everyone who submitted
their videos and Titus and Tyler will be winning the nerf and Super Soaker prize
pack this month you can win $100 to juggling warehouse.com $100 and an
action camera so you can get awesome gelatin stuff and you can have something
to film yourself with it so if you want to win those prizes here’s the four
challenges you’ll need to try for today you will need some grapes some animal
crackers some marshmallows toothpicks and a cup and some friends and me
challenge number one you will be holding a cup you’ll have a handful of grapes
and this is the most 360 great catches you can do in 30 seconds we’re all gonna
try it and whoever has the highest score is the number you guys have to beat here
we go Pete you’re up first are you ready three two one go three no no don’t step on the ground
face four eight eight those are legitimate hole spins but okay so eight
is the number to beat Mandy you got that next yeah I think I
get to do one eight okay three two one go Oh one Oh we’re gonna cost six will count it a
cheater on the channel watch the grape watch the grape you’re gonna make
someone I might smash this Wow spin move almost fell yes wouldn’t it put one on
yes I’m going to do that they did they were are we ready 3 2 1 go oh my god I
can’t tell me joking you’re not too five four three two one zero wait is it I can’t I couldn’t tell if
you were being funny for the video ever you’re actually this terrible at this
I feel sick I’m not gonna lie alright go sit down
ready three two one begin one two they’re like three forties but it’s okay
three the twins time be your own people you
don’t have to do the same thing every time okay guys so the number for you
guys to round Hey okay here’s challenge number two all right guys our second
challenge is marshmallow toss we’re gonna see who can get the most
consecutive tosses and catches in your mouth between two teammates ten feet
away who can do it okay twins up first guys
Chris is here so both teammates need to throw a marshmallow and catch their
teammates marshmallow and its most consecutive Mia the whole squad is here
everyone drop a comment right now what do we call our Youtube squad just let
let’s let the fans comb over their ideas first and at some point we’ll have a
formal poll but if you have any had great ideas for our squad it’s not
Caleb’s crew maybe Josh and Friends or something like that but yeah let it let
us know in the comments okay twins let’s see it
off the bat we’re done correct Oh Oh miss and miss okay you guys failed three
two one go um well I would I guess the throw is from 10 feet away okay
well she caught it look four feet three two one go good catch so so far the
number to beat is one Caleb you ready team cash okay we only try it once you
guys can try as many times as you want and again if you beat us you’re entered
to win the hundred dollar giveaway and the action camera challenge number three
okay guys the last competition is stacking animal crackers so it’s who can
do that Caleb oh no we’re not doing most in your mouth that’s not the challenge
okay so you have to stack them we’re gonna put five minutes on the clock that
is not a rule that is just for us and whoever can have the highest stack of
animals wins yes okay everyone ready set go we have seven Christ I’ll pick up a time me too me and Chris will have nine I
currently have ten no you do not five stacks of two which is time okay so
Chris Mia and Jenna all achieved nine so nine is number to beat here’s the last
competition the last and final challenge is the fastest time to eat ten grapes
with a chopstick disclaimer please do not stab yourself in the mouth or face
with said toothpick and we’ll have this we’ll have all everyone going at once
and the time to be will be on screen after me the winner is one by one the
time stops no cheating your time’s up with your mouth is totally clear don’t
get hurt great too we also apparently caleb was speeding
through that entire race welcome back here you big cheater thank you so much
watching one he’s not cheating it’s finding the loopholes or wins you guys
can submit your videos with hash tag cash off the record on Instagram or
Twitter we prefer those ways if you don’t have Instagram or Twitter email us
world record Wednesdays at gmail.com we will feature you on the channel and
every record you break is one submission to win the 100 dollar giveaway and the
action camera follow everyone here on everything links in description we’ve
got a whole bunch of people here so I’m not going to let him to do it
individually no I got it I’m here I can’t talk here
we have videos every Monday Wednesday and Saturday make sure you like to
subscribe follow everybody here Lakes will be in the description thank you so
much for watching purse we do in scripts every single video here they are follow
us all on Instagram spree chance wooden stem ciao love you guys see you later
bye these are not getting dizzy Josh like

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “FOOD TRICK SHOT CHALLENGE! *$100 GIVEAWAY*”

  1. RULES FOR HOW TO ENTER IN THE DESCRIPTION! Drop a like and a comment for your chance to win juggling balls from www.jugglingwarehouse.com like HockeyStorm27 did! This was a different style video but I hope you guys like it! Links to all these people’s channels in the description! 🙂

  2. How about "Trick Shot Nation" ? or "The Witnesses to Feemster's Many Follies"? or "Bandy's Band featuring Josh Horton"? or "Horton Gives a Squad" or "Horton's Californicated Crew" or just "Horton's Heroes"

  3. Your squad should be called:
    Trickshot homies
    Idk Im bad with names 😅😅
    Sorry for being late I was asleep 😡😢

  4. great to see all the submissions!!!
    all the challenges were too hard for me last month.
    I'll try again this month 🙂

  5. The squad should be called the
    1. The fantastic 7
    2. The juggling 7
    3. Josh's amazing juggling group
    What do u think about these josh

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