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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Foo Fighters – “Rope” Video (+ Lyrics)”

  1. Awesome video yet again =]
    Also, couldn't help but notice the Close Up shirt…I went last May, such an amazing program!

  2. @CandleLitCrotch Uuuuh, Haha thats a good one. Ignorance is awesome. Actually I'm the drummer for this video, and the bass player and the lead guitar/vocalist are actual musicians and we have a band with 2 albums. Look up 'The Smoking Mirrors' if you care about listening to the insanely awesome music that we DO write and play. This is just a fan video we did for fun, so dont be so quick to criticize. 😉 thx for the compliment tho lol, much love and respect CandleLitCrotch

  3. 1:11 that girl just kicked that guy's ass
    2:10 looks like "my hero" video, final part in the house, when the guy is saving the photo

  4. uhh…..got that. In that case, you need to put "fan made video" in the title if you want to get specific about it. People see the title and think "hey wow foo fighters new video". I guarantee you have so many views due to the misleading title. It's well done and all , but in this day and age of copyrights and lawsuits, you really want to go there? I know their managers, and trust me, they are animals who would eat their young!

  5. it also doesn't say "fan video" does it? This banter has been fun, but I really must be moving on with my priorities. Just thought I would offer a bit of warning.

  6. @machine1376 Thanks for the headsup man and the constructive criticism on the video, the first thing in the description is "fan video" and we even have the link in there to buy the album, so it ends up being free promotion for the band, and we make no profit or anything off this, just wanted to show appreciation for my favorite band by doing what we do best. From one Foo fan to another, thanks for checking it out, hope to see you around!

  7. great job!:D the storyline was cool too:D and I loved the mask bit, heh maybe the foo's should use your vid as the official :O

  8. @theplanet1985 we're working on that…Youtube search our band "The Smoking Mirrors Satisfied" if this stuff isn't your kind of thing. thanks for checking us out though

  9. Hey dudes! Don't listen to the negative peeps on here. I thinks its awesome you made this in tribute to the Foo's… and who cares, it's got over 25,000 hits! Nice!

  10. As gay as this is…it's still really good for a bunch of guys that aren't pros at video. Very good job. Keep it up. You have the skills.

  11. @theplanet1985 ….How about YOU do what you wanna do, and let these guys do what they wanna do! I think you guys are GREAT! I'm so excited about this new album, been following all of the promo stuff they've been doing, and your video was an awesome tribute to the Foos:) I subscribed to you. It's nice to see someone as excited about this new stuff as I am! Great vid, great filming! I was definitely impressed!

  12. @caddielook yugodrummer5, i'll look for ya! i usually hang out in General Foo, i don't post a whole lot, just look for new info haha

  13. @evana1t hahaha poor Ashlee will never live that down lol…me and a couple buddies (from the video too) have a band called The Smoking Mirrors, you can check out our youtube channel and we got new music coming soon that sounds a lot better…but yea check out "the smoking mirrors satisfied", thanks for watching!

  14. @bullsfan93 why are you commenting if you don't have any common sense! these guys OBVIOUSLY like foo fighters and wanted to make a fan video, so who cares if they can't play? it doesn't make any difference as they've made it so they didn't actually have any shots of them playing (appart from the solo which is in different lighting so it doesn't matter).

  15. I love it you guys did a great job on this video. Do you have business card? You guys continue doing these. Very nice! Foo's rule!

  16. There's three things now guaranteed in life; death, taxes and moronic YouTube comments. Ignore the haters this is a superb video showing tremendous effort, editing and cinematography. You've captured the vibe of the song and the Foos brilliantly. Was it filmed on a dslr? Looks pretty impressive.

  17. @smithofwaves Nope, we're "The Smoking Mirrors." new album coming out in April, check out our Youtube channel

  18. Great job on this guys, looks like you had fun making this and just ignore the idiots on here that say you should not lip sink, sing your own songs, blah blah blah. This is YouTube, not the AMA. You did this for fun and did a great job!

  19. I love Foo Fighters and imitation is the greatest form of flattery. This is a clever clip, I enjoyed it. I usually hate fan clips but this ones good.

  20. @TheFillmoreJive What's your problem? Did you not read that some of those guys in the video are in a band together? Besides, they were just having fun and they did a pretty good job? What have you done lately?

  21. I love this video guys! I know that Michael can play the guitar, but the other guys… do the know to play instruments or just did the mime? haha still like it 🙂

  22. Great effort. looks really professional

    But for heavens sake, why did you still not pick up the sunglasses you left at 0:49 when you returned to the bench?

  23. That was a LOT of fun to watch, I think because it looked like a LOT of fun to make. Really good direction on the B&W stuff, and while the band footage was kind of "there", I really enjoyed everyone's quirkyness.

    Seriously, nice job all around!

  24. Wow I like this wish FF would of thought of this instead of showing them play but I like there original still just to see how they look now but u guys did an awesome job and this song kicks major ass. Rock on!

  25. Click the subtitles, press the interactive transcript, read the ALL-CAPS description, any of those 3 will prove you wrong. Please, no name-calling over something as trivial as lyrics.

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