I’m not really even in the mood to speak
if I’m being honest because that was just absolutely s*** I can’t! I can’t! I can’t… I’m absolutely gobsmacked at him I’m fed up with this! It’s a scandal! I don’t think I can take much more… He’s a coward! We just can’t keep playing like this way… What kind of sh*t, again and again!! Titanic FC… They’re going down, bruv! We’ve got nothing… That’s his Plan B…wasting time! We are so bad. Play the youngsters already! When he gets sold to someone sh*t in the summer I’m going to make sure I like it lots on Instagram! Do we have a right back? NO!!!! Because we didn’t f****** sign one did we?

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “#FM20 | Announce Trailer | Football Manager 2020”

  1. 12부터 15까지 복돌이로 했던게 미안해서 16부터 19까지 스팀에 쭉 구매중인데 점점 로스터패치 사는 수준이여ㅅㅂ fm 12할땐 20년쯤되면 피파 그래픽이겠지? 그랬는데 개뿔.. 잔디 텍스쳐 더 구려지고 점토인형이 움직이는거 보고있자면 키고 1시간만에 현타다 ㅆㅂ 일좀해라 인터렉티브 개놈들아 이번에도 또 사게될테지만 이렇게 딱 5년만 더 봐준다….쒸익쒸익

  2. so the fans and pundits will moan about are tactics on social media as well as everything we do. cool but let's hope this is not this years big feature.

  3. Since time, this game became just a HUGE bussiness.. Every year little to no real improves, just actualization of database and minor improves in little things. (some add to training, Var, etc, and this in several YEARS).
    I think people is finally understanding it and tired of buy same game every year.

    3d match is UGLY and BORING. You cant see any quality in your good and expensive players. No real drible, no real driving the ball. No passing. They just run with the ball until they loose the ball against a defense. No matter if your player cost 1 million or 100.
    Players are "SO FAT", i mean, no spaces for give pass inside area. If you put old versions, like 2011 you can see much more spaces and passing action. Now all times just defend with 10 players and the engine is not capable of make players give accurate passings to let players alone against goalkeeper.
    Its like you are spending your money in a expensive game for get SO BORING.

    Come on guy, do something BEAUTIFUL!! Do a 3d engine where you can see quality in players. You can see them driving the ball NOT loosing the ball everytime. Or great players maintaining the posesion because they have great thecnique and defenders cant steal the ball. Make strikers capable oof drible goalkeeper. Make again vaseline goals. Make wingers capable of 1 agains 1 for real..

    We have wingers trying to cross pass, and the ball get stuck against defender 90% of the times..

    Its just absurd game.. And of course almost no tactic options and players dont mind what you say in tactics. They do what they want always…

    Definitely, this year i will not buy.. Until they bring something decent.

    I play those games since 90`s (pc futbol). And they was bringing a NEW game every year with lots of improvements in 3d or even a new 3d almost every year.. With much less money and much less technology compared to what we have today for today….

  4. Расскажите подробнее о новой игре, что это за бессмысленные крики людей?

  5. How about adding some form of stadium building and interaction, to lay out plans for your ground and training pitches etc…….Cant remember which old game from about 20 years ago,,,think it was Football Manager,,,but that had 3 d building…….. and lets have some appeals on VAR, some that the ball has crossed the line or not

  6. WTF? some frustrated angry faces? About what? Whats the point? Oh, btw, how about fixing the ultimate an legendary 30:1 shot ratio and loosing the game 0-2. That would be awesome? No? Ok then, give me more angry faces and social media. Cheers

  7. I rather play fm19 until 2099..its still the same btw..same match engine..same..same …same….only the the title of 2019 is change to 2020😂

  8. this game is so disgustingly biased in favor to British clubs that it sucks. When they fix this and the match engine maybe it will be playable.

  9. My wishlist for this game is that they will have a story mode where you start of as a recently retired football player , and hired to managed your beloved club who is having financial difficulty. In this mode you will have long term objectives and short term objectives. Long term objectives such as avoiding relegation , trying to keep the club afloat and winning silver ware. While short term objectives such as winning your first derby or improve the morale of players. This mode can also serve as a tutorial where new players can learn the basics of the game in an interactive manner.

  10. Fix match engine and "Potential – Ability" system. So tired of getting reports of players excelling in training only to click on them an you se red arrows all over the place

  11. The game has ZERO SECOND in game footage and yet you sell pre-orders. Can you get any lower? And I don't mean the game's price.

  12. F*** improving the match engine. F*** improving the repetative press conferences and team talks. F*** making more than 3 of in match shouts actually ever have a positive effect, etc etc.
    Just don`t take the picnic tables, burger vans and giant footballs in the stadium corners away from us. They are ace! They are what make the match day experience so realistic!

  13. Que baita trailer! Espero que em novembro vocês venham com boas novidades! Estarei colado na pré-compra do jogo e que vocês possam me surpreender a cada temporada deste jogo!

    #FM2020 #TMJSportsInteractive

  14. Not buying this game again until there is a new match engine. Its just to unrealistic and un-enjoyable in game (which is kind of what it is all about no?). Rest of the game is pretty amazing, but I've donated enough cash last few versions and not interested in doing it again without new engine.

  15. You've gotta be a chump to believe anything this developer says about their game and even more of a chump to continue throwing money at them.

  16. More unnecessary social media bs, players becoming faster unsatisfied with ridiculous demands like wanting a salary raise 6 months after having signed contract for 4 years…. But same crappy 3D game engine. I already see it coming…

  17. It would feel more engaging if the stats in this game fluctuated higher numbers more frequently. So you could easily see players who were in the form of their lives and those who weren't. Their main stats would stay the same, but the incrementation or subtraction from their characteristic stats happened much more dynamically based on their performance, confidence and happiness ect. It would allow for real life scenarios where a player can experience hitting a wall in his career, and another being unveiled as the world class star he actually is. It would also give scouting and looking for talent more engaging since how their core stats would be higher, and they would probably have more of them in general, experiencing a youth player having their breakout season feel more impactful. As of right now not enough is happening on the stats side of the game, you will only see noticeable changed after 1-2 season and on a lot of player, no change at all. Kick it up a notch! Also please bring back a Linux port. Support platform neutrality for the same reasons you support net neutrality!

  18. Самая жадная и бедная компания не могут сделать новую физику в игре позорники.Я с 14 года больше не покупаю.Да и она была первой.

  19. still no game engine change/improvement, really nice, same shit since 2011 just with cooler graphics and more immersive interactions, 3d still getting piss on

  20. Sport Interactive have shown 5☆ skills in the area of cutting out parts of youtube interviews and mould them together to make it as a trailer of a virtual football manager game….Bravo! By far the stupidest thing I've ever come across in 27 years of my life. I'd like to be given the opportunity to make the trailer for the next game (2021) SWEAR I will reproduce this! (or better) Cant belive this can be a trailer! 😂😂😂😂

  21. This is actually a great trailer!! Matches perfectly with the feeling of the game.
    If you misread announcement as gameplay, perhaps you should blame yourself for not finishing school.

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