like Lady Diane here welcome back to fly ladies 31 baby steps it’s day two first of all how did you get on with baby step one shining your sink for the first time did you do it if you didn’t do it go back and watch the video because we’ve got plenty of time and the idea here is that we go through every single step we’re not we’re not jumping and trying to go too fast if you haven’t changed your sink for the very first time go back and look at yesterday’s video if you have and good for you well done that was the very first step and the great thing is once you’ve strained your sink it’s really easy to maintain it and I’ve got a few things in my sink today let’s tickle you look there we go and because once you have checked your sink then all you’re going to do is once you’re done kitchen cleanup in the evening you’re going to take everything out of the sink do the dishes and then all you have to do plan baby just move you’re over there so you’re not getting wet it’s just what I do is take my old cloth you know my towel or my dish towel and I get a quick spray if you’ve got any gun G stuff in the sink you know feel free to use a piece of kitchen roll and but all I need to do is give it a quick stir or even you know just wipe it down it doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t need anything special here we go sink it’s done and I just like to put up a new towel for neck see any back to today which is b2 and your second step of the fly leading 31 steps is to get dressed to shoes as soon as you get out of bed in the morning now it doesn’t matter if you get out of bed at 5:30 in the morning and nine o’clock in the morning or two o’clock in the afternoon the idea is that we get dressed shoes and bye-bye getting dressed to shoes what we mean is you know brush your hair have a shower whatever you need to do get your clothes on and you know and also if you know put on your life savings put on a nice necklace whatever you have don’t keep it for a special occasion because today is a special occasion okay every day but the main thing is that you’re going to get dressed and can you sit down here oh there we go you’re going to get tries to shoes now we’re not meaning high heels we’re not meaning flip-flops just some kind of comfy shoes with laces on preferably or elasticated so they don’t fall off your feet because that is going to be a signal to your brain that you mean business and you’re ready to to get to work now the fly lady main tears of my lady premier we’ve all we’ve made all the mistakes you know we’ve all gone bear fruit have you ever stepped on a lego not fun so just keep your shoes on because at the end of the day you get to take them off and it gives you good conscience everything is done and you can relax so your baby step for day two is to get dressed to shoes as soon as you get up in the morning so you know here face you know put a bit of lipstick on even if you don’t wear makeup just do something that’s nice for you okay main point is get those shoes on and we will be flying before you know it so to recap day two you’re going to shine your sink after you’ve done kitchen cleanup at night before you go to bed and the next morning you’re going to get dressed to shoes that’s it let us know how you’re getting on if you’ve got any problems tell us in the comments and we are rooting for you listen we’re doing it together this is the great thing about fly ladies we are doing these baby steps together and trust me you will get there because we got there all right have a great day I shall see you on III tomorrow fly lady Diane signing off from rather dark Copenhagen where is also the home of Lego by the way a little fun fact for you and just make sure that you keep your time art near you because what we’ll be using that soon ok bye for now and see you tomorrow

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Dennis Veasley

83 thoughts on “Flylady’s 31 Babysteps – Day 2 (Dressing to shoes)”

  1. Hi Diane from Copenhagen!!! I'm Alice from Alabama, a 63 yr old widow living by myself with a very cluttered 3,100 sq ft home that is the very definition of CHAOS. I started FlyLady yesterday, 5/1/2017 and shined my sink. While I normally go to bed with the sink brimming with dirty dishes from at least a day or two, this made me stop and pause, in a good way. As I am now about to go to bed the next day its with a shiny clean sink and I have my clothes ready for tomorrow. Thank goodness for you and your wonderful videos & for FlyLady. Wish me luck to get rid of the CHAOS in my home & my life!!! 👒👗👠💕🦄🌈

  2. Hello Flylady Diane, it's Salma from California. Thank you for wonderful series. Today is my second day, shined my sink but I might have a problem with step 2 as I don't allow shoes in the house ( hardwood floors). Do you have any advice for me? Thank you .

  3. My tennis shoes come untied all the time.  So I wear my other shoes just as comfortable, and no shoe laces.

  4. Getting dressed to shoes was easy today because I have to be at work. But tomorrow is Saturday and it will be tougher. I usually sit around in my pjs on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

  5. Thank you for your videos they are really helping me get organised. I had an interview this morning and had to get my two children ready for school and it all happened without any stress as I had shined my sink and got my clothes ready for today. loving your outfits and your home too Sarah

  6. My biggest problem is that I cannot stand having shoes on. It makes me feel almost nauseous. I've always gotten caught up on this one.

  7. I will never dress to shoes. I hate enclosed shoes unless I'm working out. I live in a warm climate. I do my best work in bare feet. Today is the first day in June. We are all shivering and think it is cold at 16 degrees. Today I wore my non slip socks, perfect for in the house. I don't why you would wear sneakers inside the home.

  8. hi Diane. the "rule" that one gets dressed for the day disturbed my success!! it has taken me time to reconcile the fact that i could get dressed to shoes for my cleaning days in my cloths suitable for cleaning and then dress AGAIN (dress up or down) for any other activity!! simple but i was stuck.

  9. It is very healthy to go bare feet, so I will continue to do so. But I will hang out clothes for tomorrow and get dressed properly first thing (after pray) in the morning! 🙂

  10. Hi Diane.
    A new flybaby here.
    I was doing the zone cleaning some years back, but between a pregnancy, new motherhood and the loss of my mother everything was put on hold.

    SO when I found your videos, I thought it must be a sign. You in Copenhagen. Me in Copenhagen. I am ready to start again.

    Yesterday I did shine my sink. And today I got dressed to shoes.
    Now off to cuddle with my son and then shine the sink for the night ☺️

  11. Thank you Diane for your down to earth videos! It really does feel like you are here taking me through these steps! Here in New Zealand I have been trying flylady on and off for about two years and found that I couldn't always read the emails (kids r so distracting haha) but your videos helped make something click for me so I have been a bit more committed this time so Baby steps for me to get me where I want to be!

  12. Oh oh, I can 't wear shoes all day because of rheumatism, my feet and back will than hurt me. But other than that, getting out of bed and get dressed right away is already a big change! No more delay, Yay!

  13. I'm watching this while I let my sink soak. I really think it's pointless, but I NEED to start somewhere.

  14. Ok sink shines shoes and makeup on what do I do with my day? I'm sorry I'm confused what about thoese zone and stuff ?? I must have missed something !! Debra in California

  15. OK All…. I'm having a problem…. Namely MY HUSBAND! I know that Diane says to make adjustments to the Routines according to your own circumstances, but I keep being roadblocked by this person that I live with. Case in point…Today… I get up an hour to an hour and a half earlier than DH. I have my tea, read my emails, let dogs out and in several times and if he isn't down by 7:30, they are also fed. This morning I had done all this, and I decided to go back upstairs and "dress to shoes" before he got up, so I would be ready to rumble as soon as I had fed him breakfast. To my chagrin, he was just walking out his bedroom door as I got up the steps… but I proceeded with my plan as he walked in to MY bathroom…. No you have to understand, that my husband and I sleep in different rooms because of our sleep issues, and to top that off, my DH plays Goldilocks and will sleep in sometimes 3 beds in one night.So, he was not in the master bedroom where he belonged, with his own master bath… he was coming from the extra bedroom and stopped in to the hall bathroom, which is MINE. Nevermind, I thought, I will go collect my clothes while he makes a quick stop and not fuss about it. So I collected my clothes (I still keep my clothes in the master bedroom closet), went back to the bathroom, but it was still not available…. so I dressed in my bedroom… bath still not available. I ended up waiting over 10 minutes just to get into my bathroom to finish my morning toilet routine! ARRRRggghhhh! But my sinks shave been shining for almost a week now!

  16. I was not quiet trustworthy cause I ate first breakfast and started to cook and meanwhile the meal cooked,
    I dressed to shoes and made my bed.
    After lunch I washed our dishes and
    now the sink is dried up again.
    I have not yet found the right product
    to get it shiny.
    I bought Soda it smells good but there rest stripes on the surface. Our window cleaner has a very harsh smell which my DH doesn't love. I am so sad that
    I have lost my timer somewhere within the clutter
    but I use now the mecanical egg hour glass bit when I get my salary in approx. one week, I will push my DH to buy me a new digital timer for 3 Euro on amazon.

  17. So stupid question, but I don't want to wear shoes around the house. We never do. I have slippers though. Just put those one? But then, I wear them everyday indoors.

  18. I do now prepare for several days my outfit. This was good for last week and I did it every time late in the evening but my DH said this is too late and I did it in a haste for this new week but my outfits are not so nice at the moment. I always need much time to prepare the clothing. So probably I will wear my outfits this week which I prepared in a haste the weekend : (

  19. WAIT! I have 3 months — not exaggerating — of dishes and no dishwasher! Polish my sink after my NIGHTLY KITCHEN CLEAN UP?! That's why I'm here! I don't do that in the first place!

  20. I haved dressed to shoes right after eating cause my DH was sleeping before and I could not make noises in the bathroom

  21. H Diane! I love you and your videos. Thankyou!! I have a question about dressing to shoes…I see that the Flylady program is rather adverse to thongs, (Flip Flops,) however, I live in hot, tropical Nth Queensland, Australia – do I get a pass as sandshoes are too hot to wear here? lol! Thankyou. 🙂 Karina

  22. Hi Dianne
    From Melbourne Australia! It's 40 degrees here today …. So it will only be thongs (flip flops) or at the very most sandals here!
    Unfortunately this heat wave in a house without air conditioning means I'm a bit derailed already. How do you push through times like this? Suggestions to prevent losing it in challenging times please – I don't want to give up on a system this time!! Regards Debby

  23. I dressed to shoes today. I put a nice top on and jewelry and figured out which shoes to use for inside the house! Thank you Diane!!!

  24. as my DH was sleeping and hears the noises in the bathroom, I put on a skirt over my night dress (looks like a blouse) and I reserved a vest in case sb would ring the bell, I put on my lace-up sandals and I combed my hair. I intend to do the washing in the bathroom the next time in the evening e.g. this evening, so in the morning, tomorrow morning it will be more quickly and I may dress immediately

  25. I have just got out of bed at 23.30hrs and cleaned my sink. Looking forward to dressing to shoes in the morning

  26. I am on day 14 now but I just wanted to come back to day 2 to say how helpful I have found these morning and evening routines. They are what I needed to get me going and begin to get organised. It has made a huge improvement in my home and in my head. I am growing in confidence in my ability and beginning to fall in love with my home again. Thank you so much, I am loving the course and your videos and can’t wait for each new step. 🧚🏻‍♀️💃

  27. Hi Diane. I started the babysteps a few months back. But after 15 days I kind of gave up. I started again last month but gave up after 3 days. November was far too busy. So now it's 3 december and I just shined my sink. It doesn't matter when I start. 31 days are 31 days. Wether I start on the first or on the 12th. The shoes are a thing though. I don't like working with shoes on.

  28. Dear Diane, Thank you so much for putting my life to the next level, yay! You're so inspiring and supporting to me and you're a nice person! Finally, I'm flying, really! This sytem works for me! Go me!

  29. Nice to meet you FlyLady Diane!
    I love your accent and your excellent videos 👌😍.
    Cheers from Canada 😁

  30. Starting the 31 days for the third time. Started the flylady system 2 years ago. This time I've got my lace up shoes ready. Haven't actually tried that one before. Thanks Diane, I always enjoy your videos.

  31. Being German, I don't wear shoes in my house during the day but I will put them on for when I go outside.  Keeps my house cleaner when there is a "no shoes" policy for family. Even my neighbors have come onboard whenever they come to visit and take their shoes off at the door. (no small children nor legos live at my house which helps)

  32. is it ok to have indoor shoes, not slippers but something to protect your toes but I really can't bare the thought od wearing outdoor shoes inside!

  33. Love your advice to get dressed for the day. However, we don't where shoes indoors, the house stays much cleaner this way, especially with babies crawling around. I will modify by selecting my shoes for the day and setting them by the door, ready to go. Just found your channel. I will subscribe. Thank you!

  34. As soon as it's warm outside, I walk barefoot outside (in the house the whole year). It's also not common in our family to wear shoes in the house, so the house and the carpets remain clean. I think about to skip this step because I don't want to completely change my normal routines.

  35. I like this idea with shoe's. …All get my self home shoe's. ..I have nice sleep on, but this is wise. ..
    Thank you

  36. I find the dressing to shoes the hardest to get used to. I have started wearing my nice earrings everyday and I like it.

  37. I am a first timer and just heard about this. I do, ironically, clean outside the home, I have to say that I have tried cleaning in sandals and unsupported shoes, but when I clean wearing runners I do it in half the time and it feels more like I just worked out, my energy is way higher.
    When I saw this step I knew she was onto something.

  38. My household routine went downhill quickly the moment my work schedule changed so much that my main workload alters now between 1 pm – 9 pm for 5/7 and 8 am to 2 pm on saturday. I sleep late to be fit for giving classes and my whole schedule works against those of my family and friends. I sacrificed my concept of a smooth running household for spending quality time in the evenings. I am happy with my work but still not happy with how my house looks in daylight 🙈

  39. I honestly do not like this step. As I have to get myself a new pair of indoors shoes anyway, I decided to go for a pair of canvas shoes with laces instead of slippers. Lets see how it works.

  40. Hello from Perth Australia! Diane, you are just heaven and a total inspiration to me!! Please tell me where can I get a fly lady doll? I would love her a a visual reminder..

  41. Not sure how I feel about wearing shoes around the house considering I only own one pair that meets these requirements (I'm a minimalist) and they're as dirty as shoes should be. BUT all in all, I'm liking this so far 🙂

  42. I live in finland and we don’t wear shoes inside the house at home. Everyone has to take off their shoes in the entrance. What would you suggest? Should I start wearing shoes at home when it’s not in my culture or do something else?

  43. I do this every day- for a lazy reason: I don’t want to climb the stairs! Well, arthritic knee doesn’t help. 😎

  44. I have stepped on many a Lego and matchbox car with 4 boys! I have always enjoyed getting my shoes on as soon as possible! 🙂

  45. Hi, with full respect. My mum told me how to clean kitchen when I was 13 years old. She as well told me that shoes are for outdoor and not indoor. As there is no reason to bring the dirt of outside to your home. Appreciate, your intention is good. Funny enough, our sink is not having anything left in it. All has to go to dishwasher immediately. Well best of luck.

  46. Just getting back on track- but my sink is shined – one question: travailing around my house with shoes – and the dust – I have allergies- how does that work?

  47. I am new to the Flylady system and have a question regarding the dress to shoes. I live in an apartment and have tenants living underneath me. My question is what do I do about wearing shoes in the apt and possibly irritating my neighbours (my shoes making noise) due to not having carpeting throughout the apt (hallways, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) I know this is an older video so hopefully you see it and can answer my question. Thanks

  48. I have a dog that I always walk first thing, so I have to get dressed according to the weather and then when I get home I have to get dressed again into my day clothes. From England.

  49. If I wore my shoes inside the house, not only would I be breaking the rules, but I would constantly be tracking in dirt, mud, and animal poop! While the concept is sound, it doesn't work in every situation. If I were to wear shoes inside, I would constantly be changing my shoes. Not practical.

  50. Are you ready to get organized? You can do this! Day 2 – we are shining our sinks and dressing to shoes. Indoor shoes, not outdoor shoes! I wear an old pair of light mesh gym shoes which I have cleaned up and keep for inside use only. In Scandinavia, we don't wear outdoor shoes inside the house.

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