and 3 2 1 they’re calling him the Tony Stark of kitchener ontario So full disclosure this is a very unsafe
idea. Do not try this at home i am a trained
professional idiot…so…enjoy yeah I’m the HackSmith and this is jackass [loud exhale] 5 4 3 2 1 ignition [loud hissing] It worked! [Pop…pop] [loud hissing] [hissing] It worked It f**king worked alright so i can’t believe that actually
almost worked with two rockets putting out about 50 pounds of thrust it was a lot easier than I thought it
would be to hold them and to be honest we were thinking this will be the last
test because it would be too unsafe to do any more rockets but after that I need to do more rockets so stay tuned the next video now
remember that legal mumbo-jumbo from episode one? well as it turns out if we strap any more
rockets to my body technically we’re breaking some laws and
unfortunately i’m not actually are a man and I’m not above the law so in the interest of keeping this
project going we’ve decided to do something a lot better hobbyking has joined us and they’re
sponsoring the project with electric ducted fans these are basically mini electric jet
turbines now I know you guys were excited to see
multiple Rockets going up so was I but we never figured out that
simultaneous ignition problem and it could have been really catastrophic if I
had three rockets per hand and only one hand went off so these electric ducted fans are
actually far superior the biggest problem of the Rockets
beyond the simultaneous ignition was it only worked for 1.7 seconds it was never going to be a sustained
flight more of a rocket jump rocket boost whereas these electric ducted fans while
using just two of these lithium polymer batteries from hobbyking will last for a
whole two and a half minutes. which means we’re actually going to have a flight
runtime of a couple minutes which is awesome now one of these turbines puts out about
eight kilograms of thrust which is pretty similar to a rocket but again
this can keep going and we actually have throttle control it’s not on or off so we built this
really simple juryrigged mount to hold to my arm to show
you just how powerful this is let’s take a look … test number one so we’re gonna hit the drawing board and
start designing the entire iron man flight system mark two. you want more
information on these turbines you can click the link in the description and don’t
forget to follow us on Instagram Twitter and Facebook we post pictures and other
short videos on those platforms in between our main YouTube releases so
don’t forget to follow us thanks for watching Did that work? It felt like it worked.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Flying Like Iron Man, Part 7: First test with rockets!”

  1. Watching your videos and especially this project makes me wish I could be an engineer. Unfortunately me and school don't get along due to a bit of a list of my learning difficulties

  2. Someone should get four of those electric jet engines and replace car wheels with them but of coarse much bigger ones

  3. What you made wasn’t primarily made for flight alone but if you can get flight going from feet you could use the gauntlet for steering 🔥. Keep up the awesome content I enjoy watching your videos ‼️

  4. Use propellers like in air planesTry different types of lengths and widths and collect the most effective ones, and even try bending propellers.

  5. Hmmm.. probably put the thruster in boots and back.. many many years ago phone was very big, now. we. have smartphone. This project of. yours, i hope. gov can recognize. it and fund you. I believe in human ability to improvise and evolution of technology. This one begins with you …

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  7. Hi, I'm your fan, could you give me a hint? How do I make a propeller to give me just a little force at the time of the jump? Call of duty style.

  8. Hi, I'm your fan, could you give me a hint? How do I make a propeller to give me just a little force at the time of the jump? Call of duty style.

  9. Hi, I'm your fan, could you give me a hint? How do I make a propeller to give me just a little force at the time of the jump? Call of duty style.

  10. Can I please have the "recipes" you had used to make the thrusters? That would be soooooooo great.

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