(Keymonkey) – Okay, so the workout
we’re going to do today is skipping, juggling, floor one workout, the body weight workout,
the you kick and boxing. So this workout here, why do you do this? All depends on your
heart rate variability, baseline score. If it’s below, this
workout is perfect for you. Remember, go through your checklist before you enter the gym. You’re checking your
heart rate variability, then you’re gonna go
through your other steps. So, heart rate variability,
you’re setting your intention. How are you gonna do that? Think of a ten that you
would on the flow, boom. Subconscious main, you active
your subconscious main, you’re releasing the same
neurotransmitters and hormones. So you’re walking into
the gym with the intention to put yourself into flow. Okay, the third point is
you’re going to use rate of perceived exertion,
one easy, ten difficult. Flow is set to the seven,
so that seven is your gauge to move from one exercise to the other. So for example, we have the skipping. I’m going to skip, I’ll stay skipping, but the second it gets
too difficult for me and I’m pushing past into an eight, I move on to the next exercise. That exercise will be juggling and then I keep myself at
a seven, that mental seven for the juggling and then I’ll move on to the next exercise. Okay, and then the last thing
that sums everything all up, all the exercises your
mouth taped up, okay? So you tape your mouth up. Why, because it’s gonna put you into flow. Sympathetic nervous system, breathing in, parasympathetic breathing out. Flow sets in that coherence, okay? So check your HRV score, your baseline, if it’s good, this is the
workout you’re gonna do. Watch out. (Keymonkey) (Keymonkey)

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