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to talk Bulldog tennis and with us head coach Daniel Hangstefer and coach first
of all welcome to the show. Thank you good to be here.
Certainly your first year here with the Bulldogs as well and off to a great
start here on the men’s tennis side here the spring 14 and 2 could you have
scripted maybe a better start for your team? I actually didn’t know our record
until you just mentioned it so we’re just focusing on getting better every
day and just taking one day at a time right now. Obviously you got off to a
strong start played some tough competition down in South Carolina over
the spring break period how did that help prepare you for the start of
conference play I think it it put us in situations that we were not used to
seeing I think what we learned down there is that teams no fair state and
they want to beat us and I think that prepared us for coughers because I think
teams are in coughers really want to beat us as well so I think it kind of
mentally prepared us for the challenges ahead obviously you came in taking over
a program with a with a rich history a program that has had a lot of success as
a blade would have been some of the keys to being able to continue that here in
the early part of the season I think it just continued to challenge in the
challenge the guys every day and you know push them to a high standard each
day they’ve achieved high like great things in the past but we want to keep
achieving great things so just continue to set the bar high it’s important for
these guys right now so I think when you set the bar high then they they they
work harder and they try to achieve great they continue to try to achieve
great things so that’s what we’re trying to shoot at port right now
this past this past weekend a couple big matches for your team in conference play
you know you went on the road Thursday to take on the Northwood Timberwolves
your first experience here on the men’s side in the rivalry talk about what that
was like taking on North it was a good match actually we it was competitive we
had three or four really close the three Center matches and I think we started
off strong in the doubles we went up to one and the doubles stew and Dimmie
had a learner Dean we call him Demi they had a close match at one but and they
lost but I think that it’s still setting the tone going in singles that we
weren’t gonna back away Northwood came out hungry but I think we
kind of put her stamp down early and told them no no this is were the big dog
here so so I think they responded well in that environment and we just competed
hard and at the very end it went our way so obviously you got the seven to two
win and then you turn right back around on Saturday over the Easter holiday and
taking on Grand Valley State and another rival and another program that’s been
very strong here in the recent years yeah so that was a good win as well
getting another good match in Grand Valley this it sounds like there’s a big
rivalry between us and them but again we went up in that match we went up 3-0
after the doubles and I think that really set the tone going in the singles
that that we’re gonna continue to be a tough team to beat and you know teams
want to beat us but we’re gonna continue to put the work in every day to make
sure we come out on the right side of it so obviously both of those matches you
really got some some big wins in the middle part of the lineup the two
through five spots talk about how important that middle part of that
lineup is to your team so I think right now we have five or six guys they’re
very interchangeable at every spot in the lineup the Neal Tarantino if he’s
been playing primarily three spots sometimes two sometimes three sometimes
four but he he hadn’t lost the match that’s a very first match this season
which was back on February 3rd so he’s been very solid for us
Pablo munis baraja he’s been he’s been winning being very solid for us winning
a lot of matches and straight sets he’s been playing anywhere between four
five and six him and I lost so I like to point out in Devils that him in his
doubles partner Matisse they haven’t lost a doubles match all year so they’re
undefeated right now so have a lot of guys that are just very deep they’re
very solid now they they compete very hard and I
think that’s that’s the strength of this team we have six guys that can play
anywhere in the lineup and don’t after you’re out ways to win in those spots
stuff obviously a number of guys that you mentioned right there guys that are
returning from years past how does that experience that they’ve had in the
postseason maybe and winning conference championships go into effect as you take
on some of the tough opponents here in the conference I think it plays a big
role I think they’re content to win at a high level you also have to kind of
experience what it’s like to be in those situations and we obviously have a lot
of guys that have been in situations where they went to the Final Four to the
Elite Eight or they’ve won conference for the last three years in a row so I
think that’s just going to continue to enhance our program and it’s going to
just continue to build confidence for the guys and especially for the freshmen
knowing that they’re coming into a great program obviously here are some big
matches I still left here on the schedule talked about what’s ahead
coming up this weekend as you you hit the road for some big matches and then
obviously only a couple weeks away is the GLIAC Championships yep so this
weekend we have them tiffen on Saturday and then we have Wayne State on Sunday
in both those matches going to be very tough conference matches I know how
badly both those teams want to beat us and and I’ve gotten some text messages
from alumni telling me how badly they want to beat us and but that’s a good
thing I think it just motivates our guys to go out and compete at a high level
and I think sometimes when you have a target on your back it it can motivate
you the right way so both teams are be tough the court surface a little bit
different inside so we’re going to do some things to prepare this week for
that but the main thing is just make sure we’re in the right mindset and we
go out and we execute obviously you mentioned that alumni support a fan
support at the fair state racket and fitness center how has that helped you
as a first year coach transition into taking over this program it’s um it’s
definitely nice I think a lot of don’t see the support and the kind of
support that we have here and I think that’s definitely a big advantage for us
you know when teams come and visit us and we’ve got a bunch of fans out there
cheering for us and being loud and stuff yeah that’s a that’s a big deal and it’s
definitely a big home court advantage for us so we definitely appreciate all
the support of our fans finally here goals moving forward in here for the the
rest of the season as your team continues on and what’s been a great run
this for yep so I think we’re just gonna continue to take one day at a time once
one day at a time but our goal is definitely to go all the way conference
and our goal is to try to see how far we can go on post season after that so well
coach thanks for being with us congratulations on what’s been a
fantastic start and best of luck this weekend as you hit the road thank you
that’ll do it for Farris sports update and reminder you can follow all the
action and get all the results online Ferris State Bulldogs calm have a great
week you

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