on Saturday.  The actress,56, was seen walking outside to greet her husband William H Macy and daughter Sophia, 19,who were coming to visit her as she reaches nearly half-way through her 14-day sentence  The photos show the star dressed in a dark green all in one romper with an elasticated waist and a white cap atop of her blonde locks  She walked along the forecourt of the minimum security jail in black trainers and smiled as she spoke to a prison warden   The Desperate Housewives star was sentenced to time behind bars after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud    The telly star turned herself in for her part in the recent college admissions scandal   which is reportedly over a hundred miles from her lavish LA home.  According to new reports, the FCI Dublin’s schedule includes a strict timing plan where inmates are woken up at 5am and have to be back in their housing units by 9pm   People.com  reported that Felicity will be expected to eat breakfast from 5:30am, lunch from 10:45am, and dinner after 4pm    Elsewhere, the star can listen to music on a ‘pre-approved device’ or work on a variety of craft projects A series of sporting activities are also available including basketball, volleyball, softball and tennis  During her time behind bars, Felicity will conform to the strict FCI Dublin’s handbook and will wear the typical inmate uniform of matching khaki trousers and a blouse with a brown t-shirt underneath  A source told ABC News that while Huffman is in the general population, she will share a cell with one to three roommates with a communal toilet  Felicity’s charges stemmed from accusations she paid a $15,000 bribe to boost her daughter’s SAT score to get her into an elite college Read More Showbiz editor’s picks  .  Back in April, the actress confirmed she would be admitting the charges  She is among 12 other parents and a coach who pleaded guilty to charges in what has been dubbed Operation Varsity Blues  Prosecutors reportedly recommended she spend up to a year in prison, but the sentence was eventually reduced to just two weeks

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