I still remember we played with the U19’s versus the Dutch women national team and I was the one who got to mark you Marking with hockey you mean I’ve never marked somebody so neatly Yeah we had some arguments on who got to mark you before the game I obviously won the discussion Fat, I know you as a hockey player we’re not really on a hockey field I haven’t touched a hockey stick in 10 years I was totally done with it after I retired I started playing tennis So I thought why not play some tennis today Unbelievable, I invite a hockey a player and look where we’ve ended up It is sand though, it’s “smash court” it’s horrible I’m curious, let’s play some tennis? I don’t fancy walking too much though I’m a very lazy player Who’d have thought that? And you thought I could only play hockey Are you still fanatic? Very much That’s just who I am The only thing you can think about all day is winning? No, I just want to do everything as good as I can It’s not just about winning It’s more about thriving as much as possible That’s why I don’t play hockey anymore, I could only be getting worse than I was I thought: you never get the ball with hockey With tennis I get the ball every time Every time my own decision what I get to do with it I just like that Happy & healthy? I hope I’m healthy I’m happy most of the time yeah but obviously my friend is Raemon Sluiter, a tennis coach He is travelling 30 weeks a year I like it but I’m alone a lot of nights a year That’s not really cozy After I stopped playing hockey I played Pokerstars An online poker provider How do you get into that? Via a sport marketing bureau They couple famous sports persons to brands We played some poker every friday night after training with some friends So you played decent already? Well, I thought so I barely knew the rules when I started playing for real I understood how difficult it actually is and how much you can learn about it and how much you can improve yourself What’s the biggest difference between a team sport and an individual sport? Your own responsibilities Yep, you feel them way more when you’re playing an individual sport You’ve got no one you can blame Are individual sports players stronger mentally? No, they just take more responsibilities You can hire 10 coaches if you’d like to you can train 6 times a day but you can also just go and train once a day With hockey and football, the team process is very important as well Your coach, who has is the responsible person It’s so different Can you read my mind if we’ll play some poker? Yep, it’s something I have to train for my job How do you do that? Physical features for instance your cartoid might start pulsing more when you’re excited or nervous the timing of that might be important Or you tend to do this with your cheeks Then you’re thinking It’s all about separating normal behavior from weird behavior I’ve seen a boy who every time he was bluffing got a red spot here For instance I’ve got a 10 and a jack and you’ve got an ace and jack What are the chances of you winning? about 70 percent that I win Have you already seen what my weaknesses are? obviously, I do it directly I already start looking for them with the warming-up Really? Yep, directly. I’ll try a slice and see how you cope with that So the mental war starts with the warming-up? Yep, it’s part of tactics I just try to look for weaknesses Smart! Timewasting! With the frame F*cker, with his annoying head πŸ™‚ Fat, you don’t play any hockey anymore? You haven’t touched a stick for 10 years Well, like two times for example with the farewell game of Kim Lammers I really thought a bomb had exploded in my head I need to run so much to even touch a ball! I’ve done this my whole life And now I get the ball every time I just want to have the ball Good! WHAT A BALL! Hi, I am Fatima Moreira de Melo and you’re watching HertzbergerTV And because of poker I became more analytic in life as well I think I would have been a different player if I started playing poker earlier Nadal is doing exactly the same He won’t start hitting crazy shots those aren’t percentage shots He will hit a good high top spin shot with his forehand and he hopes his opponent will hit a bad shot so that he can hit his winner at that moment I like that Raemon is busy with topsport all the time I go to tennis tournaments a lot But also with other players I will go and watch their games from the stands What is the difference between men and women in sports? I think with women the level in the training is high in comparison to the level in matches when the pressure becomes bigger And with men this is exactly the other way around This is because of the way we cope with pressure maybe some part of it is hormonal and culture I think I’d deal better with men and Raemon with women He is very tactical and thinks good about his moves I won’t have the patience I’d say comone just do this or that He deepens himself into the person he’s working with He knows Kiki so well They are travelling together for 30 weeks a year Obviously poker involves a lot of money Do you see this in that way as well? Everybody pays 5000 euros to participate in the tournament of Barcelona or $3500 And everybody gets 30.000 points Those points are points, not money Just as with Monopoly you play with points In the films you see these “cash games” and you even see watches they are playing with What is the most you’ve won with a poker game? I was at the final table So out of 500 people i got to the final 9 And I had some kings, and the other one had an ace and a queen I had like 80 percent chance to win the hand And I lost that one I became ninth I won 32.000 euros But the winner got 650.000 The value I lost there was like 100.000 Has money got a different value after you started playing poker? If I play a tournament that costs 10.000 to enter in Las Vegas those are called the World Series I think owh I’ll play a “small” tournament after that that costs like 1000 or 2000$ to enter For many people that means a Chanel handbag or something like that I’ll never buy that No it’s a waste of money If something has a lot of material worth but not in poker, then I see it as an investment for me it’s the same as ínvesting For you it’s a job so you’re a form of saving What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought (except for houses and cars) I’ve just invested in a small house in Rotterdam! I don’t count that one haha I think a good winter coat 500 euros I think That’s not much at all Don’t you own a Chanel handbag? Nope, I usually buy my bags at Zara Vacations are things we like to spend a lot on as well Then we’ll be in our own house but in a resort with our own swimming pool I always tell my wife when she wants to buy a bag I’d rather spend that on a vacation! Well, we’re not here just to talk about life Obviously I’m going to challenge you as well and we’re going to mix hockey and tennis You’re going to do this for 30 seconds and you’re going to tell me as much hockey clubs as you possibly can How much clubs do you think you’ll get? 20 let’s start, you’ll get 30 seconds 19, not bad Thought so too! “HC Limburg is correct?” Probably, yeah Everybody at HC Limburg, we’re sorry I don’t even think it’s a club, but eeeuh… Then it’s founded from now on! We’re going to play a tie-break But with hockey sticks fun! The loser gets “bumfire” Alright, from the baseline to the net Just like this Good luck Would you like to receive or to serve? I’ll receive This is a strategic move I suppose? Yep! Firstly you had a thought about the percentages Serve or receive? you thought Owh, so bad! Nope, have a look! that’s out!! Yas, I got it! Yas, he misses! we have to swap the side we’re on Faster Fat! You’d be a very good coach Do you know what the fun part even is When somebody is such a boaster and he tries to intimidate you he’s even more screwed when he misses Good Jeroen! Such a shame! What would Roger [Federer] do Oh my god, that’s in! Owh, what a beautiful shot! Well played congrats, 7-2 I’m so happy we’re at a tennis court I would have never won a challenge on a hockey field I think I’m going to stand there This side of the net please No! You’re not allowed to look It should be complete surprise Don’t have a look! Cheater! Nice from you! πŸ™‚ Haven’t done this for a while as well What do I wanna do? Completely useless in hockey but it’s fun I don’t feel like I have control of the ball at all! I’ve got to say it looks pretty decent It feels so stiff! Maybe you should start playing at the veterans again! Okay Jeroen, now I’ve got a challenge for you You do keepie uppies for 30 seconds And you have to name as many tennis pros as you can think of How much do you think you’ll get 15? Who have we got?! I haven’t counted how many you’ve got You only name old players! Old ones but yeah All ex-players! At least I had Kiki Bertens Shoutout to Kiki Bertens Saver or spender? saver Nadal or Federer? For purity, Federer Real Madrid or Barca? Barcelona, I like the city Favorite meal? Asian, Thai Favourite film? I haven’t got one actually Comone Fat No really! I only watch series Best country for vacations Stupid questions! Jesus Christ, you travel all over the world Yep, that’s exactly why I like everything I’ve become a lot more nuanced in my life I can choose between two things You were so directly on the hockey field! You can’t even name your favorite land for vacations! I can’t pick one Bahama’s or something like that?! No it’s not that Rotterdam? Nope, I just don’t know I’ve always thought (I’m 40 years old now) that between 30 and 40 years old I’d be commercially attractive So I’ve got to earn my money then And be a little bit more relaxed after that So I can’t spend whatever I want now I’m not spending it in Gucci shops for example πŸ™‚

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