This article lists the fastest recorded tennis
serves in the men’s and women’s game. This list may not be historically complete. A serve
by Bill Tilden in 1931 was timed at 262.8 km/h, but this is not listed because of questionable
technological accuracy. Though the Association of Tennis Professionals
does not formally recognise service speed records made in Challenger events due to the
variance in radar guns; the serve of 263 km/h recorded by Australian Samuel Groth at an
ATP Challenger event in Busan, South Korea in May 2012 was using approved equipment,
and other data gathered appeared within a normal range. Technically however, Ivo Karlovic
still holds the official record for the fastest serve.
Criteria Men’s serves can be and must be recorded at
or over 225 km/h minimum standard speed. Women’s serves must be recorded at or over
200 km/h minimum standard speed. Only one serve per player is recorded here.
For example, Andy Roddick has many 225 km/h or faster serves on his record but only his
personal best of 249 km/h is included. In cases where more than one serve has been
recorded at the same speed, the oldest recorded serve is listed first. Men Women See also Ace

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