What bell?
We’re here. [ School Bell Rings ] Aloha. My name is Mr. Hand. l have but one question
foryou. Can you attend my class? lt is foryourown good.
And ifyou can’t make it,
l can make you. [ Mr. Hand ]
We have a 20 question quiz
evey friday. Your grade is the average
ofall your quizzes, plus the midterm and final
which counts for one-third. Got it? Also–
[ Grum bles ] There will be no eating.
E-A-T-l-N-G. No eating in this class!
[ Knocking ] You get used to doing
your own business
on your own time. That’s one demand l make. [ Knocking Continues ] and discuss U.S. Histoy
on your time, understand? [ Knocking Continues ] This guy’s been stoned
since the third grade. Yes? What class?
This is U.S. Histoy. l see the globe
right there. Hey.
May l come in? Oh, please! l get so lonely
when l hear that third
attendance bell ring… and all my kids
are not here. Sory, l’m late.
It’sjust like this new
schedule’s totally confusing. l know that dude! Mr. Spicoli. That’s the name
they gave me. You’re ripping my card!
Yes. Hey, bud,
what’s your problem? No problem at all. l thinkyou know
where the front office is. You dick! l have taken the time to
print up a complete schedule… ofclass quizzes
and the chapters they cover. Please pass them
to the desk behind you. Back, back, back. [ Eveyone Sniffing ]

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Fast Times at Ridgemont High (2/10) Movie CLIP – Spicoli Meets Mr. Hand (1982) HD”

  1. Jeff Spicoli would NEVER be make it at any school in The Philippines, Japan, China, and Korea. They don't tolerate or allow this hippie crap. They have standards and the students there look academic.

  2. This is a teen high school classic movie that NEVER NEEDS TO BE TOUCHED OR REMADE!!!!
    The same with The Last American Virgin!!!!!
    Both are classics from the 80s…

  3. A lot of us "dudes" had to stay stoned throughout High School just to tolerate how BORING it was!!!!!😎😎😎😎 RICKY PARKER Class of 1984 Baby!!!!!!!!

  4. "Just like you wouldn't want me to come to your house some evening and discuss U.S. history on YOUR time."

    Little did they know that that was an actual threat.

  5. I was like 11 yo when the movie came out and I remember watching on cable, Spicoli and Mr. Hands are the best. RIP Ray Walston.

  6. Lol for the younger people we should all agree that spicolli was really rocking the checkered vans before all of us it's crazy 😂

  7. Mr Hand should of grabed spacoli by the hair and draged him to his desk and told him to sit down when you speck to me have some respect

  8. I went to high school about a day and a half a week my junior year, passed all my classes with a B average. No real attendance rules then. Then my senior year they had a new policy on attendance because of me. What they didn't count on is I was a emancipated youth. Therefore able to excuse myself for any reason. Graduated with 3.7 GPA.. Missed a 110 days my senior year. By the way I lived on my own and worked 40+ hours a week.

  9. In 1982 high school, this was the remaining year of the Baby Boomer generation and/or the beginning of Generation X, the generations that raised the coddled Millennials so many love to hate.

  10. Hotboxing in the school lot. Now school cops be like, “did you look me? wtf did you look at me?! stop resisting!”

  11. Came here after watching the TV version, where he says to Mr. Hand, "You… FUUHHHHH"

  12. Roger Ebert called FTARH a "scuz pit of a film" and he was right. Came out in '82 but with a 70's slant. Irresponsible teen behavior promoted as "cool" by good old sick Hollywood. America looks like a wasteland now.

  13. @00:55 Mr. Hand's hands ain't no butterfingers. He snatched that Butterfingers candy like an interception from Charles Jefferson.

  14. @2:10 These two smart girls don't want their Admission Cards shredded by Mr. Hand. They're walking straight away to The Front Office!

  15. Ray Walston used a tv character as his base. Mr. Hand loves tv show Hawaii Five-O and fancied himself as a detective, like Detective Steve McGarrett. To me Mr. Hand looks impressed by Spicoli calling him a DICK (detective) @2:16.

  16. 00:04, one of the greatest character entrances in movie history, right up there with Harry Lime and Darth Vader. Everything you need to know about the guy right there.

  17. Before I got to high school this movie was hilarious. Afterwards, it was kind of sad. I couldn't remember anything from it except being drunk/stoned everyday, being in detention everyday, having terrible grades, being late to every class, cleaning up trash from the football stadium on Saturdays, getting suspended, and every teacher hating me. It was not exactly a memorable high school experience. Conveniently I don't remember much of it.

  18. The smell of those mimeographed papers as I remember had the sweet scent of lavender and grape juice… Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

  19. I came here from a Facebook meme that said “What you see” and it shows weed and “What Your Weed Sees” and it shows Spicoli. I didn’t know the reference but in one of the comments somebody asked what the movie was and someone replied “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.

  20. Snuck in the theater for this one. I was 15 and the R rating only allowed people over 17. I fell in love with Phoebe Cates!

  21. So this is what Uncle Martin got up to in the time between living with Tim and finally getting his ride back to Mars with his '90s counterpart.

    After Mr. Hand sends Jeff Spicoli to the office for being late he passes out a printed itinerary outlining the semester's schedule. WHY did every student smell the paper?

    Just watched this movie again and it never gets old.

  23. FACT: Cameron Crowe went undercover @ Clairemont H.S.
    The name Ridgemont is pretty damn close to the name Clairemont.

  24. I remember high school when i went back in the 80's. We used to be late to class a lot but you could text your friend to let you in if the door got locked.

  25. Who else wishes for a teacher or principal like him cuz he is so clever and a great one to have as a teacher since he is played by Ray Walston

  26. Nearly 40 years ago and the kids in that class look like they could be highschool students in 2019. Spicolli types are rare these days but there are some here n there.

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